10 Tops& bottoms for size 100cm boys 【Wearing clothes with style】


The 100 sizes of children's clothes are rich in designs of "vehicles" and "dinosaurs" that boys love.
In addition to the design, there are also plenty of cool and cute colors and items that will make you look fashionable.
This time, we will deliver 10 selections of tops and trousers that will instantly decide how to wear them!

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Top 10 recommended children's clothing tops and trousers for 100cm boys


The 100 sizes of children's clothing has a wide variety of tops with vehicle designs and trousers that are simple but functional.
We will introduce tops that are full of playfulness and pants that are easy to match.

Recommendation ①: 100% silk airplane print T-shirt

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100% Silk Airplane Print T-shirt

A T-shirt with a "vehicle motif" that boys love.
Easy-to-use monotone color is attractive.
Recommended for autumn and winter layered outfits with long sleeves.
The plane printed on the cuff is also a piece with outstanding taste.

Recommendation 2: 100% cotton excavator print T-shirt

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100% cotton excavator print T-shirt

A playful short-sleeved T-shirt with a pocket on the left chest.
An excavator and a dump truck are printed on it, which is a must-have for working car lovers.
It is recommended to purchase one size larger.

Recommendation ③: 100% cotton dinosaur flocky print T-shirt

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100% Cotton Dinosaur Flocky Print T-shirt

This is the newest addition to the Dinosaur series.
The point is the camouflage Tyrannosaurus patch.
This year's popular orange and khaki will complete a higher-grade outfit.

Recommendation 4: Train motif & logo print Warm lining trainer vehicle series

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Train Motif & Logo Print Warm Back Brushed Trainer Vehicle Series

"Vehicle Series" This fleece-lined sweatshirt is great for autumn and winter.
Some children hate the change when short sleeves change to long sleeves.
If you prepare a few pieces of clothes with your favorite motif, they may wear it obediently.

Recommended ⑤: 100% cotton embroidered bear fleece sweatshirt with chest pocket

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100% cotton embroidered bear Fleece sweatshirt with chest pocket

A simple yet cute sweatshirt with a single point embroidered on the left chest.
The cotton material makes it easy to wash, so it is sure to be useful for going to kindergarten.

Recommended 6: Baby size knit 10/4 length leggings

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Baby size knit 10/4 length leggings

Cute cable knit leggings.
It is a material that can be used by both boys and girls and can be used in all seasons.

Recommended ⑦: Baby & Kids 100% Cotton Dinosaur Print Animal Series Half Pants

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Baby & Kids 100% Cotton Dinosaur Print Animal Series Half Pants

Fashionable shorts with a dinosaur print that blends well with the fabric.
There are pockets on both sides, so you can store masks and handkerchiefs.

Recommendation ⑧: Denim Knit 10/4 Length Pants

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Denim knit 10/4 length pants

If you prepare one piece for autumn and winter, you won't get lost in coordination with these 10/4 length pants.
The vertical pockets also make your legs look longer, so you will definitely have a cool impression.

Recommendation 9: Stretch baker pants

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stretch baker pants

Baker pants are derived from work clothes.
Therefore, the point is that it is easy to use every day.
It's stylishly arranged, so it looks like it can transform into a cool boy.

Recommendation 10: Baby size plaid knit 10/4 length pants

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Baby Size Plaid Knit 10/4 Length Pants

Plaid pants that are great for moms who are looking for cute pants.
It's gentle on the skin and stretchy, so it's perfect for going to kindergarten.

Children's clothing for 100cm boys is the crossroads between baby and kids


Children's clothing 100 sizes may be available in both baby size and kids size depending on the brand.
Because 100 size is standard.
Even with the same 100 size, there may be differences such as the following.

    【 Changes in design 】
  • With or without shaped snap button
  • Loose feeling around the buttocks when wearing diapers
  • Kids size has a slim design
  • 【 change of size list 】
  • Chest circumference and waist circumference are added to the notation

The size chart varies depending on the manufacturer and brand, so be sure to check it before purchasing.

3 ways to choose 100cm children's clothes


In addition to the difference between the baby period and the kids period, if you remember 3 points, it will be easier to choose children's clothes.

How to choose ①: Is it children's clothing that allows you to move freely?

It's important to be "easy to move", but let's also consider safety.
Strings and hoods can get caught and cause trouble.

How to choose ②: Is it a comfortable children's clothing?

Choose materials that don't irritate your skin and focus on comfort.
Also, you will have to change clothes yourself at the kindergarten, so it is important to choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

How to choose 3: Is it children's clothes that can be washed without hassle?

Children's clothing 100 sizes are increasingly being selected with a view to going to kindergarten.
Since they play actively in the garden, they often come home dirty. Naturally, the number of times of washing also increases.
Clothes that can be washed without much effort are useful.

Children's clothes for 100cm boys should focus on functionality! A boy's shining smile is in ease of movement!


Children's clothing size 100 is for 3-4 year olds.
Boys play a lot and sweat a lot. If you use the tips to choose well and choose a nice design, the burden on children and mothers will be reduced.
Live a stress-free life.