How many clothes do kids really need? 【The Complete guide for ages 0~elementary school 】


As children play around, they sweat a lot and get their clothes dirty.
Have you ever wondered how many clothes you should stock up on because you change clothes many times a day?
This time, we verified the required number of children's clothes for children from 0 years old to elementary school students.
Let's review the number of sheets in the hot season and derive the appropriate number by referring to the points of choosing clothes.

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The number of children's clothes required varies by age.


There are individual differences in the number of children's clothes you need, but it's a good idea to review them for each age.
It changes according to the growth process, such as regurgitating milk or starting to eat on its own.
I put together a change set assuming that 0 to 6 years old go to nursery school or kindergarten, and elementary school students go to school.
Please consider the additional number of sheets according to your lifestyle.

Required number for 0-2 years old

It depends on the kindergarten, but if you need 3 sets.

morning change of clothes set after returning home
Underwear 1 3 -
Tops 1 3 1
pants 1 3 1

I counted the number of clothes to wear in the morning of the day, the set of clothes to bring to the nursery, and the number of clothes to change after returning home.

  • Underwear 4 pieces
  • Tops 5 pieces
  • 5 pairs of trousers

This is the minimum number required per day. If you have worn all the changing clothes, you can either wash it on the day and use it for the next day, or keep an extra 5 extra sets in stock.
If you have nap time, you may wear pajamas. Make sure to check with the nursery about what type and how many cards to bring before preparing.

Required number for 3 to 6 years old

From around the age of 3, many kindergartens reduce the number of clothing sets.

morning change of clothes set after returning home
Underwear 1 2 -
Tops 1 2 1
pants 1 2 1
  • Underwear 3 pieces
  • Tops 4 pieces
  • Pants 4 pieces

As you grow up, you will get more and more dirty to the extent that you don't need to change your clothes.
However, he is still at the age where he spills his drink.
It is a good idea to prepare 2-4 additional sets.

Required number of elementary school students

When you become an elementary school student, the number of times you change your clothes will decrease.
However, if you go to school, you may leave a change of clothes set.

morning schoolchild after returning home
Underwear 1 1 -
Tops 1 1 -
pants 1 1 -

It seems that many children do not change their clothes after returning home, unless they soiled their clothes in calligraphy or arts and crafts classes.

  • Underwear 2 pieces
  • Two tops
  • Two pairs of trousers

Minimum number required per day.
It would be reassuring to prepare an additional 2 to 3 sets considering the washing change.

6 types of children's clothing


Children's clothing includes not only tops and trousers, but also other items.

  • tops
  • pants
  • inner
  • pants
  • socks
  • outer

Adjust the length according to the temperature. As the seasons change, it's a good idea to check to see if there are any oversized items.
Also, it is convenient to prepare about 3 types of outerwear.
You can warm your body in the air conditioner or put it on when you feel cold outside.
We introduce recommended outerwear by type.

Recommended outerwear ①: Cardigan

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Rib knit cardigan with back ribbon

A cardigan with a mature design. The back has a ribbon that girls like.
It is a recommended item that realizes cuteness even though it is simple.
An elegant piece that you'll want to wear even on special occasions.

Recommended outerwear ②: Parker

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

Hood storage round collar zip-up hoodie with ribbon frill

A girly hoodie with a ribbon attached to the waist.
Polyester material can cover a little rain.
The hood can be stored, so it is great for going to kindergarten or school.

Recommended Outerwear ③: Jacket

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

muff pocket vehicle design jacket

A jacket with a unique bullet train passing through the pocket.
A boy who loves vehicles will soon become his favorite outfit.
Please put it on quickly in the cold season.

Recommended Outerwear ④: Coat

girls-outerwear-coats girls-outerwear-coats

Frilled collar with ribbon Zip-up warm batting coat

A cotton coat with a fluffy atmosphere and a cute ribbon on the chest.
The length covers up to the buttocks, so it is sure to keep you warm.
Plenty of frills are also very girly.

Recommended outerwear ⑤: Jacket coat

boys-outerwear-coats boys-outerwear-coats

Hooded zip-up padded jacket coat

It is a batting coat that bicolor draws out fashion.
Child-friendly zipper guard included.
The hood is removable, so it is recommended for going to kindergarten or school.

There is no doubt that the number of children's clothes will increase in summer


In addition to playing outside in the summer, playing in the water is a plus.
Since you will have to change clothes more often, it is safe to add 1-2 sets to the minimum number of clothes for each age group.
In the middle of summer, the laundry dries quickly in the hot sun. You don't have to rush just because you change clothes a lot.
It is also useful to prepare clothes that dry quickly. It has the advantage of being non-sticky even when you sweat, keeping you dry, and drying quickly after washing.
Here are some of our favorite quick-drying items.

Recommended summer clothing item ①: Half pants

boys-bottoms-short-pants boys-bottoms-short-pants

Baby-size water-absorbing, quick-drying pocket shorts with original patch

These half pants are highly breathable and you want to buy them in different colors.
The point is the pocket on the buttocks. It is a recommended gem in midsummer.

Recommended summer clothing item ②: Half pants

boys-bottoms-short-pants boys-bottoms-short-pants

Shorts with stretch twill appliqué

Quick-drying shorts with side panels.
The stretch material makes it easy to move.

The required number of children's clothes is determined by 7 points


The number of children's clothes you need will change depending on how you choose. If you buy more and more just because you don't have enough, it will cost you money and take time to store.
Below, let's try to wear it well with 7 points.

  • Layered coordination with short sleeves and long sleeves
  • Simple and easy to match
  • Elastic
  • Materials suitable for children
  • It is difficult to see dirt
  • With a pocket for a mask or handkerchief
  • Easy to wash
  • Wrinkle and wrinkle resistant

Long-lasting and easy-to-use clothes are good value for money. Please take advantage of the 7 points.

Read and understand the number of children's clothes by pattern! Let's get around well with the appropriate number


Please guide the number of children's clothes by making patterns while looking at age and season. Also pay attention to the material and durability of the clothes, and treat them with care.
It's time to go out of size soon, but you can reduce the expense of the service clothes by wearing it well.
How about enjoying the reduced amount with a different taste than usual?