The best outer wear for girls 【Tips and hints for buying outer wear】


The season for changing clothes has arrived. Choosing clothes for a growing child can be difficult.
This time, we will introduce how to choose outerwear for each season of children's clothing, points to note, and popular outerwear brands for girls.

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Children's outerwear is a must-have item


Outerwear that covers the cold of winter. This is a must-have item not only for going to kindergarten and school, but also for going out.
But outerwear isn't just for winter.
It is a good idea to check the outerwear that suits the season throughout the season.

Seasonal Outer Wear Scenes and Types


There are various types of outerwear.
Outerwear includes down jackets worn in winter, and haori jackets worn in spring and summer when it's chilly.
I will explain the types of outerwear for each season.

Outer wear in spring and summer

Many people think that outerwear is not necessary during warmer months.
However, cardigans and hoodies are useful in cold mornings and evenings in a cooler room.
If it's made of thin fabric like a shirt, it won't be bulky, so it's convenient to put it in your bag as an outerwear.

About the outerwear to wear in autumn and winter

Coats, down jackets, blousons, etc. are always necessary during the cold season.
There are various types of coats, such as duffle coats, mouton coats, and quilted coats.
If you value warmth, then down jackets and down coats are the way to go.
For kindergarten and school commuting outerwear, you'll want to prepare a light and warm down jacket.
A blouson is a short haori with no collar. There are leather types, MA-1, denim materials, etc., and it is good to match with outings.
In addition, "down vests" and "quilted vests" are surprisingly recommended for winter when the cold is not in full swing or for children who are sensitive to heat.
It's easy to move in and warm, so it's perfect for daytime parks and outdoors.

3 things to keep in mind when buying outerwear


Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing outerwear for children.

  • Note 1: Check the size
  • Note 2: Choose something that is easy to match
  • Note 3: For everyday wear, choose light materials

Note 1: Check the size

As with all children's clothing, sizing is very important.
In the cold season, it is common to wear something thick underneath, so choose a size that is a little looser than what you normally choose.
Furthermore, outerwear tends to be more expensive than regular clothes. It's a waste to go out of size in one season. It is recommended that you purchase a size that you can wear next year.
Depending on the brand or manufacturer, outerwear may be made slightly larger, so be sure to check before purchasing.

Note 2: Choose something that is easy to match

For outerwear that you wear every day, choose something simple and easy to mix and match.
Patterned items look cute on their own, but monotone colors and solid colors are easy to match with any outfit.

Note 3: For casual wear, choose light materials

We do not recommend outerwear that is too heavy. Especially in the winter when you are often dressed up, light and warm materials are best.
Furthermore, although it depends on your age, you will be able to put on and take off on your own when you are around 3 to 4 years old, so choose something that is simple and easy to put on and take off.

Introducing recommended kids outerwear for girls

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In recent years, various brands and manufacturers of children's clothing have appeared. Whether it's a firm grasp of trends, a design that puts adults to shame, or a unique personality...
The price range ranges from pin to pin.
So, I will introduce brands where you can buy kids outerwear recommended for girls.

  1. Affordable price brand
  2. Korean children's clothes
  3. Outdoor brands

Kids Outerwear ①Affordable Brand

Affordable. "Petit Pla Brand" is a mom's ally who doesn't mind if she gets dirty after playing a lot.
The royal road is UNIQLO and GU. The fabric is surprisingly sturdy and reasonably priced. It is a brand loved by both adults and children regardless of age.
If you value design, ZARA and H&M are recommended. You should be able to find a trendy outfit. Coordination is very helpful at the online store, so please check it out.
Many of MUJI's children's clothes, which are characterized by organic materials and natural colors, are simple and highly functional. Very convenient, such as reversible outerwear and washable outerwear.
In addition, there are many affordable and cute brands such as F.O. KIDS with casual American casual style, girly and trendy BRANSHES, and GLOBAL WORK, which is popular with adults.

Kids Outerwear ② Korean Children's Clothing

Popular brands tend to overlap in design and products. You don't want to wear it as much as possible because you wear it every day if you use it as an outerwear.
How about Korean children's clothing for stylish kids who want to stand out from the crowd and are unsatisfied with ordinary designs?
You can purchase designs and colors that Japanese brands do not have at a reasonable price.

Kids Outerwear ③Outdoor Brands

THE NORTH FACE and Patagonia are outdoor brands loved by people of all ages.
It is highly functional and sticks to the fabric, and the design is simple and sophisticated.
It's unisex, so I'm happy that it can be passed down as a hand-me-down between siblings.
In addition, outdoor brands have a wide range of sizes from babies to adults, so the whole family can coordinate with each other. You can enjoy matching outfits with your mom, or if you wear them with the whole family, you will definitely get attention.

Get through the coming season with your favorite outerwear!


I introduced various brands, but there must be many girls who are picky.
Please find your favorite one with your mom.
Get through the coming season with warm and cute outerwear.