【2-3year olds】What girls should wear to their kindergarten graduation. 5 Stylish kids clothing that can also be used for daily wear


In the case of graduation ceremonies at small nursery schools, there are many places where the dress code is not strict.
However, there must be a lot of people who worry about what to wear for their children on the day.
"I don't know what to wear..."
"I want to use it for the entrance ceremony of the next kindergarten and casual wear"
"I want fashionable children's clothes that follow the minimum manners"

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, we will tell you 5 points for choosing children's clothes for girls' graduation ceremony.
We will also introduce 5 stylish children's clothes for 2-3 year olds that can be used for graduation ceremonies, kindergarten entrance ceremonies, and everyday wear.

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The standard children's clothing for girls' graduation ceremonies is "dress + cardigan or jacket"


When choosing children's clothing for a girl's graduation day, the first thing to do is decide whether it's a one-piece style or a pants style.
If you don't have any particular preferences and want to create a classic outfit, we recommend the one-piece style.
One-piece style has the following advantages.

  • If you choose a simple design, it is easy to use for everyday wear
  • Various types
  • Coordination is decided stylishly with one piece

Pairing a dress with a cardigan or bolero will make it look cute, while pairing it with a jacket will give a formal impression.

5 points to choose children's clothes for girls to wear at the graduation ceremony


It's a big event like a graduation ceremony, so you want to choose stylish children's clothes that keep the minimum manners in mind.
From here, we will introduce 5 points to choose children's clothes for girls to wear at the graduation ceremony.
This time, I will tell you about the theme of the classic dress style.

Point 1: Subdued colors and patterns

Basically, it's a formal occasion such as a graduation ceremony, so choose dark colors such as black, navy, gray, and brown.
The pattern can be plain, but for a dress, the following patterns are also recommended.

  • Houndstooth lattice
  • check
  • Dot

The overall atmosphere will be neat and clean, and it will add a touch of glamor.
Basically, there is no problem if the clothes are not too flashy and give a neat impression.
Plain white is fine for the shirt worn under the dress, but of course it's okay if it has one point.

Point 2: Chic shoes and socks

Match your shoes and socks with your outfit.
Choose formal shoes or loafers.
The following items are NG.

  • sneakers
  • Character stuff

White socks and tights are recommended. If it has frills, you will get a cute and gorgeous impression.
You can also wear dark colored high socks to match items such as cardigans and jackets.
It is a good idea to consider not only the design, but also the temperature on the day of the graduation ceremony.

Point 3: Accessories add glamor

I think there are some people who think, "Wouldn't it be too plain if I put the whole body together in a dark color?"
In order to bring out the glamor, it is a good idea to add a hair ornament or corsage.
Hair accessories include items such as:

  • Headband
  • Barrette
  • Hair band

If you choose a design with flowers or ribbons, you will get an elegant and gorgeous impression.
Just in case, it's safe to choose something with a rounded tip that doesn't pose a safety problem.

Point ④ Can you mix and match?

Graduation ceremonies are not an event that happens many times, so you want to choose items that you can mix and match as much as possible.
If you choose a dark colored dress, you can wear it to the entrance ceremony as well.
It would be nice to match it with a bright colored cardigan or jacket that looks like a kindergarten entrance ceremony.
If you choose a simple design, you can use it for everyday wear, or if you have a younger sister, you can use it as a hand-me-down.
You won't even notice that it's the same outfit, as the impression will change completely with just one jacket.

Point ⑤Does the child like it?

We have already told you about the basic manners of the graduation ceremony, but in the end, the best thing is to choose clothes that your child likes.
Especially for girls, it's early to start picking on clothes, so let's choose together while listening to the child's opinion.
Since it's a graduation ceremony, it's a good idea to dress up your child a little and dress them in their favorite clothes. It will be a wonderful day not only for the parents but also for the children themselves.

[2 to 3 year olds] Recommended for graduation ceremonies! 5 fashionable children's clothes for girls


This time, we have carefully selected 5 fashionable children's clothes for graduation ceremonies that we would like to recommend to girls aged 2 to 3 years old.

Recommended 1. The one-point note is cute! standard white blouse

girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves

Baby size 100% cotton blouse with musical note embroidery collar

A standard white blouse that goes well with any dress.
The embroidered musical notes on the collar give a cute impression.
The modest frilly decoration on the collar and cuffs is fashionable.
It is easy to use for graduation ceremonies, as well as for going out.
It's wrinkle-resistant and stretchy, so it's easy to move around in.

Recommendation 2: Elegant dark blue dress with ribbon

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Gathered dress with baby size double knit ribbon

A fashionable dress with a line and ribbon on the hem.
You can wear navy elegantly and purple cutely.
Navy is recommended for formal occasions such as graduation ceremonies.
As an inner layer, choose a blouse with a ruffled collar for an easy and stylish look.
Because it uses double knit, it is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.
There is also a larger size with a different part number, so it is cute even if the sisters are matching.

Recommendation ③ Neat checkered dress is also great for going out ◎

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Pleated A-line dress with check pattern ribbon

The gray checkered dress gives a neat and clean impression.
It can be used not only for graduation ceremonies, but also for commuting to kindergarten, school, and outings.
It would be nice to match the inner of the blouse and ribbed turtle inside.
A girly outfit can be completed by putting together the inner and feet in a light color.
If you wear a cardigan in a dark color, the outfit will be tightened at once.
The ribbon and box pleats at the switching part are accents.

Recommendation 4: The ribbon on the hem is cute! Pair with white frilly socks

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Baby size 100% cotton cardigan with line & ribbon

A cardigan with a hemline and ribbon as a point.
It is easy to match with various items, and when you put it on, it will enhance your elegance.
Available in 3 colors: classic navy, heather gray and girly purple.
Navy is recommended for formal occasions such as graduation ceremonies.
The point that is glad that washing machine washing is possible.
Made of 100% cotton, it is soft to the touch.

Recommended 5. Great for mixing and matching outfits! Gorgeous with a ribbon on the neck

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Double knit cardigan with baby size ribbon

A gorgeous cardigan with a ribbon on the neck.
Pair with a blouse with white frills for a cute look.
Navy is recommended for graduation ceremonies.
It can also be used as a skirt style or pants style for going out.
It's soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.
The compatibility with the "baby size double knit ribbon gathered dress" is outstanding

Let's have a wonderful day with children's clothes that are perfect for a girl's graduation ceremony


This time, we introduced fashionable children's clothes for graduation ceremonies for girls aged 2 to 3 years old.
The one-piece dress, which is a standard outfit for graduation ceremonies, is easy to coordinate and is easy to use for everyday wear.
Let's choose items that can be mixed and matched while observing the minimum manners by keeping in mind the points on how to choose children's clothes introduced this time.
It's a good idea to dress your child in clothes that are fashionable and that he or she likes.