【Girls Blouse Collection】5 Clothing brands and the best items for formal occasions


"Where can I buy formal clothes for children?"
"I want to know which brand sells fashionable blouses!"
“I like the design that can be used for everyday wear because I can’t wear it right away…”

Isn't there some people who think?
This time, we will introduce recommended blouses from children's clothing brand moononnon.
We will also tell you 5 recommended brands selling stylish blouses.
We will introduce brands with various tastes, so please use it as a reference when choosing formal clothes.

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Recommended blouses for children's clothing


First, I would like to introduce a stylish blouse from moononnon children's clothing.
This item can be used for various formal occasions such as recitals, dinner parties, thank-you parties, entrance ceremonies, and weddings.
We have carefully selected blouses with neat and cute designs!

Recommended ① White short-sleeved blouse that can be used for layering in spring and summer [Size 90-130]

girls-tops-blouse-shortsleeves girls-tops-blouse-shortsleeves

100% cotton button open round collar puff sleeve blouse

White short-sleeved blouse that can be used in spring and summer.
A girly design with puff sleeves and a soft silhouette.
You can choose the bottoms to match with dresses, skirts, pants, etc.
It can be used not only for formal wear, but also for going out.
It is comfortable to wear because it uses a cotton material with good water absorption and breathability.

Recommendation 2: Gorgeous x Neat! Gingham check blouse [130-160 size]

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

Gingham check pattern musical note embroidery overblouse

Gingham check short sleeve blouse.
Perfect for dinner parties and outings.
It has a soft silhouette, so when paired with pants ◎
The basic design makes it easy to put down.
You can choose from two colors, pink and purple.
The back neck part has rubber, so it is easy to put on and take off.

Recommended ③ White long-sleeved blouse with note embroidery [100-160 size]

girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves

100% cotton blouse with musical note embroidery collar

A simple white long sleeve blouse.
The musical note embroidery on the round collar is one point.
The cuffed design on the sleeves adds a touch of glamor.
It is sure to be useful in various formal occasions.
The material is 100% cotton, so it is comfortable to wear.
There is also a baby size with a separate part number.

Recommendation 4: Elegant striped long-sleeve blouse [size 100-160]

girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves

Frill sleeve blouse with striped ribbon

Striped long sleeve blouse.
Great compatibility with navy color items!
It is a firm fabric with a neat atmosphere.
The fluffy silhouette and ribbon on the sleeves add a feminine touch.
When you use it as an outing wear, you can wear it as an outerwear for a stylish look.

5 Children's Clothing Brands with Lots of Stylish Blouses


Here are five children's clothing brands that have plenty of fashionable blouses for girls.

  1. ①moononnon
  2. ② Catherine Cottage
  3. ③ Urafune Kids
  4. ④Children's clothing Bee

We have collected everything from brands that specialize in formal wear to brands that develop daily clothes.
Find your favorite brand and find your favorite blouse!

Brand ①moononnon

moononnon has blouses that can be used for formal wear and daily wear.
It features a basic design with a feminine touch.
Recommended for those who like girly fashion such as frills and ribbons.
The online shop also has a time sale.

Brand ② Catherine Cottage

Catherine Cottage has blouses for formal wear.
They range from simple designs to girly designs with frills.
All items have a sense of neatness, so they can be used in any formal occasion.
Recommended for those who are looking for a classic formal wear that will not be removed.

Brand ③ Urafune Kids

Urafune Kids has blouses that can be used for formal wear and daily wear.
From basic designs to trendy designs.
Recommended for those who like cool Korean fashion.
We have a store on Rakuten.

Brand ④ Children's clothing Bee

Children's clothing Bee has blouses that can be used for daily wear.
From basic designs to trendy designs.
Recommended for those who like calm Korean fashion.
It can also be used for formal occasions such as outings and dinner parties.


PAIRMANON has blouses that can be used for daily wear.
The basic and natural design brings out the natural cuteness of children.
Recommended for those who like earth color items.
It can also be used for formal occasions such as outings and dinner parties.

Get a stylish blouse from a children's clothing brand!


This time, we have introduced 5 recommended blouses that can be used for formal occasions and 5 children's clothing brands with plenty of stylish blouses.
For formal occasions, choose a blouse from a brand that suits your taste and a design that matches the mood of the event.
Children grow quickly, so it is recommended to choose items that can be used for everyday wear.
Moononnon has a large selection of stylish children's clothing for girls.
There are also sales and affordable items, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible before it's sold out.