9 Cute and stylish clothes for girls size 140cm 【7 fun styling points】


Children's clothes 140 cm girls are at the age when they wake up to fashion in earnest.
There must be many parents and children who want to buy fashionable children's clothes and want to know the points to wear children's clothes stylishly.
This time, we will introduce 9 stylish clothes recommended for girls who are 140 cm tall!
I will also tell you the points to wear clothes stylishly.

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9 recommended children's clothes for fashionable girls


From "moo non non", we introduce 9 recommended children's clothes for girls who wear children's clothes of 140 cm.
There is no doubt that you will become a fashionable girl just by wearing it.

Recommendation ①: Double knit original check pattern ribbon dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Double Knit Original Plaid Ribbon Dress

A cute dress with check pattern fabric.
The checkered pattern with a retro atmosphere and the casually attached ribbon are fashionable!
It's also nice to be able to mix and match by changing the inner layer.

Recommendation 2: Bustier-style small flower pattern pocket docking dress

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Bustier Small Floral Pocket Docking Dress

A docking dress that uses small flower pattern fabric.
It is easy to put on and take off, so it is also recommended for elementary school students.
Just by wearing one piece, your coordination will be perfect!

Recommendation ③: 3-layer chiffon frill T-shirt with ribbon

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

3-tier chiffon frill T-shirt with ribbon

A cute T-shirt with three tiers of frills and a ribbon.
T-shirts that tend to have a casual impression will instantly look neat and stylish when frills are attached.
It goes well with simple and neat bottoms.

Recommendation 4: Volume sleeve plain T-shirt with ribbon

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Volume sleeve plain T-shirt with ribbon

A long-sleeved T-shirt with voluminous sleeves and long ribs.
The ribbon casually attached to the shoulder is cute!
Plain long-sleeved T-shirts are easy to match with anything, so it's convenient to have one.

Recommendation 5: Frill fleece sweatshirt with logo and ribbon

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Frill fleece sweatshirt with logo and ribbon

A fleece sweatshirt with an English logo and frills.
The black and white color scheme is mature and stylish.
The trendy design is sure to appeal to girls who have awakened to fashion.

Recommendation 6: Tulle skirt

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

tulle skirt

Tiered tulle skirt.
It goes well with various tops, from cute to cool, so you can mix and match it.
It is easy to move around in and has pockets, so it can be used as a stylish school uniform.

Recommendation 7: Striped culottes with suspenders

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

Striped culottes with suspenders

Culotte pants with suspenders.
Suspenders are a popular item among fashionable girls.
Just by wearing it, it seems to attract attention!
The suspenders are removable, so you can easily wear it to school.

Recommended ⑧: 8/4 length leggings and spats with ruffled hem

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

Hem frill 8/4 length leggings/spats

8/4 length leggings and spats with ruffled hem.
Leggings and spats are indispensable items for everyday coordination for elementary school girls who wear children's clothes of 140 cm.
The casual frills on the hem add a touch of style.

Recommendation 9: Hood storage round collar zip-up hoodie with ribbon frills

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

Hood storage round collar zip-up hoodie with ribbon frill

A zip-up hoodie that can store a hood.
The ruffled lines are cute, and you can wear it just by putting it on.
The hood can be stored, so elementary school girls who are active outside can wear it with confidence.

7 points for a 140 cm girl to wear children's clothes fashionable


Children's clothing In order for a 140 cm girl to wear clothes stylishly, it is important to keep several points in mind!
Children's clothing We will tell you 7 points for girls with a height of 140 cm to wear clothes stylishly.

  1. Utilize One Piece
  2. Choose clothes that fit
  3. Get advice from the store clerk
  4. Use no more than 3 colors
  5. Incorporate trendy colors
  6. Research in magazines
  7. Stick to hairstyle

I will explain each one.

Point 1: Use One Piece

A one-piece dress completes the outfit, making it suitable for fashion beginners.
If it's a dress with a simple design, you can enjoy coordinating it with patterned tights or spats, or wearing a cardigan with a cute design.
It's also convenient when you overslept and don't have time to coordinate your clothes!

Tip 2: Choose clothes that fit

In order to wear children's clothes stylishly, it is also important to choose clothes that fit properly.
Many people tend to buy oversized clothes just because their children grow up quickly.
However, if the clothes are not the right size, no matter how cute the clothes are, you may look sloppy.
When buying children's clothes, try them on, take measurements, etc., so that you can choose the best fit for your child's body.

Point 3: Get advice from the store clerk

If you are unsure about what kind of clothes to buy, we recommend asking the store staff for advice.
The clerks who work at clothing stores are all fashion-conscious and stylish.
They also know everything about children's clothing in the store, so they should be able to suggest fashionable coordination.

Point 4: Use no more than 3 colors

Many of you may have heard of the basic fashion technique, "Keep the color of your clothes within 3 colors."
If you use no more than two colors to coordinate your clothes, it tends to leave an unsatisfactory impression.
Conversely, if you use more than 4 colors, the image will be cluttered and noisy.
If you use 3 colors, it will be easier for girls who are new to fashion to get a good color balance.

Tip 5: Use trendy colors

Incorporating trendy colors into some of your clothes will instantly make you look more fashionable.
Trendy colors such as pink, green, and blue vary depending on the season.
Nowadays, you can easily search for trendy colors on the internet or in magazines, so please try incorporating trendy colors into your clothes.

Point 6: Research in magazines

It is also recommended to study the points to wear children's clothes stylishly in magazines.
Today, many magazines aimed at elementary school girls are being published.
The magazine has a lot of information that fashion-loving girls want, such as popular brands for elementary school girls and how to coordinate clothes every day.
Buy your favorite magazine and research fashionable clothes.

Point 7: Stick to your hairstyle

If you pay attention not only to your clothes but also your hairstyle, you will be even more fashionable.
It is also recommended to arrange your hair according to the atmosphere of the clothes of the day.
There are many things that are easy to challenge even for those who are not good at arranging hair on the Internet site etc. are introduced.
It's fun to decide which hairstyle to do tomorrow while consulting with your child.

Enjoy fashion by purchasing 140 sizes of stylish girls' children's clothing!


Many girls who wear children's clothes 140 cm are fashion-conscious.
You're at an age where you talk more about fashion with your friends.
By all means, let's buy nice children's clothes and enjoy fashion to the fullest while being aware of the points to wear children's clothes stylishly.