9 Cute clothing gifts for girls 【Things to know when choosing a gift 】


Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t decide what to buy for a baby gift?
There are so many designs and types of children's clothing for girls that it can be hard to choose.
In this article, we will introduce 9 pieces of children's clothing that you will want to give as gifts for girls, as well as important points to consider when giving clothes as gifts for baby showers.

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9 Clothing gift choices for girls 


Here are some of the best clothing gift choices for girls.
There are lots of children's clothes with cute designs and children's clothes that are easy to wear and are sure to make the recipient happy.

① Baby size floral pattern layered style docking dress

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Baby size floral layered style docking dress

A docking dress with a cute floral pattern.
A layered style with the shirt and dress connected as one piece.
It's a great item for parents with small children to be able change quickly and for kids who don't like changing clothes.

② Baby size double knitted gathered dress with ribbons

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Baby size double knitted gathered dress with ribbons 

A short-sleeved dress with ribbons around the hem.
This simple but sweet dress makes it a great choice for various occasions such as weddings and dinner parties.
Because of the soft material, children will be able to wear it without stress.
This item is available in baby and toddler size, so you can gift the older sibling with matching outfits. 

③ Long sleeve T-shirt with rabbit and glittery lace and ribbons

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

T-shirt with rabbit print and glitter lace

A long-sleeved T-shirt with a rabbit and glittery lace print.
The ruffles on the shoulders and girly printing are adorable.
It goes well with any bottoms such as skirts, pants, and culottes.

④ Flowery tea cup embroidery T-shirt

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

Flowery tea cup embroidery T-shirt

A short-sleeved T-shirt with a floral tea cup embroidery.
The elastic around the collar makes it easy to change clothes.
Children tend to sweat a lot, and it is not uncommon for them to change their clothes many times a day, especially in the summer.
Short-sleeved T-shirts are a great item no matter how many you have.
It will be appreciated even if you give it as a present.

⑤Baby size gingham plaid culotte pants

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

Baby Size Gingham Plaid Culotte Pants

Gingham pattern culottes.
Gingham is one of the most popular and classic patterns for girls.
A cool material is used, so children who are sensitive to heat can wear it without stress.
Easy-to-move culotte pants will come in handy if you have one.

⑥ Baby size musical note embroidery denim knit pants

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Baby Size Musical Note Embroidery Denim Knit Pants

Denim knit pants with musical note embroidery.
The musical note embroidery on the pocket adds cuteness to this simple denim.
Denim is convenient and easy to match with various tops.
It is stretchy and easy to move around in, so it is recommended for babies who are crawling and children who have just started walking.

⑦ Baby size 3/4 length leggings with tulle skirt

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

Baby size 3/4 length leggings with tulle skirt

3/4 length leggings with a tulle skirt.
A very fluffy and girly leggings.
There must be a lot of people who have seen small children walking in a tulle skirt, and look absolutely adorable!
If you wear it out, you will definitely recieve compliments.

⑧ Baby size 100% cotton cardigan with line & ribbon

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Baby size 100% cotton cardigan with line & ribbon

Cardigan with ribbon.
The watermark pattern and scalloped design on the sleeves and the collar are stylish!
Many people want to wear children's clothes made of materials that are gentle on the skin for babies and small children.
Because it is 100% cotton, it is safe for moms who are concerned about the material of their children's clothes.

⑨Warm microfleece cape with detachable hood

girls-outerwear-coats girls-outerwear-coats

Warm Microfleece Cape with Detachable Hood 

Warm cape with removable hood.
Since the hood can be removed, it is safe for children who move around actively.
This sleeveless item is also great for children using strollers and children's car seats.
It is also easy to get in and out of strollers and children's car seats.

7 points when giving children's clothes to girls as a baby gift


When choosing children's clothes for a girl as a baby gift, it is important to be conscious of several points!
Here are 7 points when giving children's clothes to girls as a baby gift.

  1. Check the material
  2. Avoid sizes that are too small
  3. Consider the season
  4. Is it easy to wear
  5. Base choices on their preferences
  6. GIft Wrapping
  7. Prepare a gift for siblings

Point 1: Check the material

Babies have sensitive skin, so it's important to check the material when giving clothes as a gift.
100% cotton is recommended.
The cotton material is easy to absorb sweat and does not get stuffy, so even babies who sweat easily can wear the clothing comfortably.
Many parents are particular about the material of their baby's clothes.
Check the materials carefully and gift children's clothes that can be worn safely.

Point 2: Avoid sizes that are too small

When gifting children's clothes for a baby shower, try to avoid sizes that are too small.
Baby clothes of size 50-60 are considered perfect for newborn babies, so some people may think of giving a baby gift of size 50-60.
However, since sizes 50-60 will quickly be outgrown, it is recommended to gift a size 80 that can be worn from around 1 year old.
Even when you can't give the baby gift right away, it's always safe to prepare a bigger size.

Point 3: Consider the season

It is also important to pay attention to the season when choosing a gift.
If you give children's clothes size 80 as a gift, they will wear them exactly one year after giving birth.
Therefore, it is a good idea to choose children's clothes that are conscious of the season in which they are born.
Short-sleeved T-shirts and culottes are great in the summer, and outerwear that can be easily worn in the winter.

Point 4: Is it easy to wear

When choosing children's clothing for children, it is important to consider how easy it is to wear.
Children's clothes are easy to put on and convenient because the neckline of the tops is made of elastic and stretchy materials are used.
In addition, children's clothes with separate tops and bottoms are easy to change diapers, so you can wear them casually.
If the clothes are easy to put on, both mothers and children will be happy because they can change clothes without stress.

Point 5: Base choices on their preferences

When choosing children's clothes, don't forget to be considerate of the preferences of the recipient.
There are various types of clothes for girls, from cute ones with lots of lace and frills to simple ones like solid colors and striped patterns.
People have different tastes in children's clothes.
If they don't like the children's clothes they receive as a gift, they may not even wear it.
In order to make the person happy, try choosing children's clothes based on the their preferences, not your own.

Point 6: Gift wrapping

When purchasing children's clothing as a baby gift, it is also important to check whether you can have it wrapped.
Giving a gift that is beautifully wrapped will make the recipient feel even more special and happy.
There are many shops where you can get cute gift wrapping for baby gifts for free, so be sure to check before purchasing.

Point 7: Prepare a gift for siblings

If the child you are gifting have older siblings, it is a good idea to give gifts to them as well. There must be many older children who feel envious when they see babies receiving many birth gifts. The older child will be delighted if you have a present for them as well as for your baby. We recommend matching children's clothes items. Congratulate not only the baby, but also the older child who is becoming a brother or sister.



Children's clothing is a popular gift for girls' baby showers and birthdays.
There must be a lot of people who say, "I'm happy no matter how many children's clothes I get."
Gift girls cute children's clothes and make them happy!