Which of the 3 girls formal dresses would you choose? 【3 Selection tips】


Many parents who have girls who will be attending the entrance ceremony next spring are wondering what kind of formal clothes they should wear for their children.
I would like to welcome you to the entrance ceremony, which is the beginning of elementary school life, in a nice formal outfit.
In this article, we will introduce the types of clothing, shoes, and socks for girls participating in the entrance ceremony, as well as tips for choosing clothes and the recommended time to purchase them.

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3 Main Types of Formal Clothing for Girls


Many people who are thinking of buying formal clothes don't know what types are available.
There are three main types of clothing:

  • one piece
  • Jacket blouse skirt
  • pants suit

Clothing type ①: Dress

girls-formalwear-formaldresses girls-formalwear-formaldresses

Gathered dress with double knit ribbon

Recently, more and more families are choosing one-piece dresses for entrance ceremonies.
One-piece dresses are convenient because they can be worn for other formal occasions such as piano recitals and weddings.
In addition, it can be worn alone, so it can be worn alone on hot days, and can be worn with a bolero or jacket on chilly days.

Clothing type 2: jacket, blouse, skirt

By wearing a 3-piece set of a jacket, blouse, and skirt, you can create a neat image suitable for the entrance ceremony.
It is also a nice point that each piece can be worn separately.
Since it can be used in situations other than entrance ceremonies, there is no need to worry about wearing it only once and going out of size.
The 3-piece set of jacket, blouse, and skirt looks mature, so it's perfect for the entrance ceremony of elementary school students.

Clothing type 3: Pantsuit

For those who want to express their individuality, we recommend choosing a pantsuit that is both cute and cool.
Since most children wear skirts or dresses to school entrance ceremonies, it is difficult for them to wear pantsuits.
You can also show off your girlishness by wearing socks with laces and wearing cute hair ornaments.

What shoes and socks should girls wear on formal occasions?


In order to decide the style of the entrance ceremony perfectly, it is important not only to choose clothes but also items for your feet.
We will introduce what kind of shoes and socks you should choose for the entrance ceremony.

Shoe type ①: Formal shoes

Many people choose formal shoes that are perfect for formal attire.
Formal shoes include strap shoes and loafers.
If you choose the classic black or white color, you can use it for ceremonial occasions, so it won't be wasted after the entrance ceremony.

Shoe type ②: Sneakers

Many families choose sneakers as the shoes to wear at the entrance ceremony. Sneakers can be worn as everyday shoes even after the entrance ceremony.
Black and white sneakers are especially recommended because they go well with formal wear.
There are many cute designs, such as those with hearts and stones, so you can choose the one that your child likes.

entrance ceremony socks

High socks and ankle-length socks are standard for the socks worn at the entrance ceremony.
Many people wear white tights when it's chilly.
Most people choose white, black or grey. Opt for something with lace or frills for a glamorous look.

3 points when choosing formal children's clothes for girls

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When choosing formal clothes, isn't it a point to be worried about what kind of points you should pay attention to?
There are three points to consider when making your selection:

  1. Can you mix and match?
  2. Is it hard to move?
  3. Do you like it?

Point 1: Can you mix and match?

It is recommended that you choose clothes for the entrance ceremony that you can wear on other occasions even after the entrance ceremony.
If it is a calm color such as black or navy blue or a simple design, you can wear it for various occasions such as ceremonial occasions and recitals.
It's nice to be able to wear a lot of clothes instead of just buying them once.

Point 2: Is it difficult to move?

When purchasing formal clothes for the entrance ceremony, make sure that your child does not have difficulty moving.
At the entrance ceremony, your child has to spend a long time nervously in an unfamiliar place.
Therefore, there is a concern that clothes that are difficult to move in will get tired quickly.
It is recommended that you choose clothes that your child is comfortable in and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Point 3: Do you like it?

It is an important point to choose clothes that the child, who is the main character of the entrance ceremony, likes.
If you are a girl who is about to enter elementary school, there are quite a few girls who have a clear taste in clothes.
By preparing your child's favorite clothes, you can expect your child to look forward to the day of the entrance ceremony.

January to February is the recommended time to buy formal girls' children's clothing


January and February are the best times to buy formal clothes for school entrance ceremonies.
From around January every year, many formal clothes start to line up in stores.
If you buy too early, there is a good chance that the size will not fit by the time of the entrance ceremony.
If you buy too late, you run the risk of the clothes you want being sold out in your size or unable to be ordered.
Therefore, it is safe to purchase in January or February.

Let's prepare early so that we can participate in the entrance ceremony in formal clothes that girls like!


There are various types of clothing and shoes for entrance ceremonies, so parents and children can choose what they like.
Children play a leading role in the entrance ceremony, so it is recommended that you choose clothes and shoes while respecting their opinions.
Please prepare early so that the day of the entrance ceremony can be greeted with formal clothes and shoes that your child likes.