【Chubby girls】 7 Stylish selections and brands to shop at!


Many people have a hard time finding children's clothes in larger sizes.
It's especially difficult to find bottoms that fit perfectly.
"It's hard to choose clothes because there are only slim clothes in the store..."
"I want stylish bottoms with loose silhouettes"
"Tell me a brand that has a lot of large sizes!"

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, we will introduce 7 selections of children's clothing with loose silhouettes recommended for girls.
We will also tell you about brands with plenty of loose silhouette items, so please use it as a reference when choosing children's clothing.

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It's okay to be chubby! 7 fashionable children's clothes for girls


This time, we have carefully selected stylish children's clothing that we would like to recommend to girls.
I choose items with loose silhouettes.

Recommended ① A-line dress with tightening color

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

A-line dress with houndstooth ribbon

A-line dress without sleeves.
The neck and waist are tightened in black, giving it a clean look.
The houndstooth design gives a mature impression.
It can also be used for events such as outings and presentations.

Recommendation 2: Girly A-line dress with gentle colors

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

100% cotton dress with collar

Long sleeve A-line dress.
We have prepared two colors that give a gentle impression.
The round collar and two-tiered design are cute.
It's 100% cotton, so it's comfortable to wear.

Recommended ③A-line dress with cute flower embroidery

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Floral embroidery A-line double knit dress

Short-sleeved A-line dress.
The voluminous decoration on the sleeves gives a gorgeous impression.
The detailed floral embroidery on the hem is cute.
It is also a great point that you can wash it completely.
The double knit material is perfect for the chilly season.

Recommendation ④ Ribbon is the point! elegant culottes pants

girls-bottoms-short-pants girls-bottoms-short-pants

Culotte pants with double knit ribbon

Culotte pants with an elegant impression are recommended for children who don't like skirts.
It is easy to put on and take off with full rubber specifications.
The point is the two-line hem and ribbon.
When paired with a clean top, it can also be used for events such as recitals.

Recommended 5. Cute checks ♡ Classical culottes pants

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

Plaid Gathered Culotte Pants

Culotte pants with plenty of gathers.
It's perfect for a child who doesn't like skirts but wants a cute outfit.
A classic design with dots in a plaid pattern.
It is easy to put on and take off with full rubber specifications.

Recommended 6. Tulle skirt for a girly look

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

Skirt with polka dot tulle lining

This is a cut-and-sew skirt with dot-patterned tulle layered on it.
Recommended for children who like cute outfits.
It is easy to put on and take off with full rubber specifications.
It would be nice to match it with basic items such as T-shirts and hoodies.

Recommended ⑦ Perfect for autumn and winter coordination! Easy-to-move wrap skirt

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

plaid pleated wrap skirt

A wrap skirt with a red plaid design.
It goes well with tops of various tastes.
You can also wear it with a hoodie for a casual look.
It is easy to put on and take off with full rubber specifications.

3 popular children's clothing brands with items for chubby girls


From here, we will introduce children's clothing brands that have a wide variety of loose-fitting items.
Here are the three brands we will be introducing:

  1. Nissen
  3. Belle Maison

Let's talk about each brand.

Brand ① Nissen

Nissen is a mail-order company that sells a wide range of products such as fashion and miscellaneous goods.
The online shop also has reasonable and natural children's clothes.
There are plenty of basic items such as trainers and pants.
In addition to everyday wear, formal wear, school uniforms, gym clothes, and other neat items are also available.
We are developing items of 130 to 170 sizes.
B body, E body, H body, K body and width of size are wide.


KIDS REPUBLIC is Aeon's mail-order site for baby and kids goods and hobbies.
We have reasonable and natural children's clothes.
Stretchy pants are popular for larger items.
There are loose sizes from 140 to 160.
Pants with loose waist and hip design.

Brand ③ Belle Maison

Belle Maison sells a wide range of products such as fashion and miscellaneous goods.
The online shop also has reasonable and natural children's clothes, and there are plenty of loose-fitting items.
We have items from 70 to 170 sizes.
It is a good idea to search for keywords such as "relaxed" on the site.
From basic items to trendy items.

Let's enjoy fashion with children's clothes that are perfect for chubby girls


This time, I would like to introduce fashionable children's clothing that I would like to recommend to girls.
All of them are items that you can enjoy a relaxed silhouette.
If you check out brands that have a wide range of loose-fitting items, you will have a wider range of clothes to choose from.
Please check out the brands introduced this time.