7 Stylish Printed T-shirts for Kids 【Favorite Designs for Girls and Boys】


Children's clothing has designs that include illustrations.
There are many kinds of cool things and cute things, but what kind of design should you choose to make your child like it?
This time, we will introduce stylish items that children will love, as well as illustrations that men and women like.

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7 Recommended Children's Clothing Items with Illustrations


First of all, we will introduce recommended children's clothing items with illustrations from the high-quality children's clothing brand "moononnon".

Recommended item 1: A design filled with boys' "likes"

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

Dinosaur Print & Vehicle Patch Trainer

A cute story-telling illustration of dinosaur fossils being lifted up by a crane!
Dinosaurs and trucks are printed, and the crane part is a patch.
It is also worth noting that the brand logo is casually drawn!
Available in two colors: easy-to-match gray and eye-catching blue.

Recommended item 2: An exciting jacket that makes you want to go on a trip

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

muff pocket vehicle design jacket

This is a jacket with an interesting design, with trains passing through the pocket of the tunnel.
In addition to the trains, there are exciting illustrations such as railroad crossings, cars, and towns.
The brand logo patch casually attached to the sleeve is also stylish!
The fleece material makes it great for spring and autumn.

Recommended item 3: Always with a working car! 100% cotton long T

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton vehicle print T-shirt

Excavators, bulldozers, mixer trucks, and other vehicles that work at construction sites gather here!
Children will surely be delighted to see so many colorful cars lined up.
It also looks great with autumn and winter clothes, which tend to have dark colors.
It goes well with simple pants and patterned pants, so you can wear it a lot.

Recommended item 4: Cute hand-drawn illustrations will heal you♡

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Hand-drawn style illustration print ballet shoes ribbon fleece trainer

A girly sweatshirt with soft hand-drawn illustrations.
Ballet shoes, ribbons, tiaras, and other items that girls long for are scattered about.
There are a wide range of sizes from 80 to 160, so it is recommended for matching sisters!
Available in soft pink and purple colors.

Recommended item 5: You can become a Parisian girl of your dreams ♪ Sweatshirt

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Girl print Eiffel Tower Paris cityscape Fleece sweatshirt with ribbon

A charming sweatshirt with an adult-like illustration depicting the daily life of a fashionable girl in Paris.
The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, stylish cafes and croissants.
If you wear bottoms in the same color as the girl's skirt, you can also coordinate with the illustration.
It's a stretchy and easy-to-wear trainer, so it's recommended for everyday use.

Recommended item 6: A stylish illustration that looks like you're going to a party♡

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Tulle Ribbon Dress Bag Pumps Print T-shirt

A slightly chic design with an eye-catching tulle ribbon dress.
In addition to the three-dimensional black dress, the sparkling bag and high heels represent the closet of a girl going out to a party.
Available in pink, red, and white, all of which are cute and easy to match.
A stylish long T-shirt that is perfect for girls who want to stretch their legs.

Recommended item 7: Cute rabbit makes you feel tight ♡ Short-sleeved T-shirt

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton flower & rabbit print T-shirt

A T-shirt with a gentle illustration of a rabbit playing in the garden.
The flowers are three-dimensional, and there is also a little luxury.
It's a subdued dull color, so it's easy to match with any outfit.

3 popular illustrations for boys


There are various illustrations drawn on children's clothing, but there are popular ones for boys and girls.
First, let's check out the popular illustrations for boys.

  1. Cars and working vehicles
  2. Trains
  3. Dinosaur

Illustration ①: Car / working car

One of the most popular illustrations for boys is the car design.
In addition to passenger cars and racing cars, heavy machinery such as excavators and dump trucks, and emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks are also popular.
Clothes with different types of cars on them are sure to please.
Designs that depict roads or have cool logos are also nice.

Illustration ②: Trains

Illustrations of trains are also popular with boys.
There are many different kinds of train illustrations ,so it will be easy for children to choose a design that they like.
We also recommend children's clothes with train and train characters.

Illustration ③: Dinosaur

Dinosaur illustrations are also one of the things that boys will love.
There are various designs from famous ones such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops to slightly minor dinosaurs.
There are also many children's clothes with all-over patterns with dinosaurs drawn on them.
For younger children, it is better to choose cute illustrations, and for elementary school students and older, choose realistic and cool illustrations.

3 popular illustrations for girls


Next, let's see what kind of illustrations are popular with girls.
Unlike boys who like cool things, they tend to like cute things.

  1. Flowers
  2. Animals
  3. Fashionable items

Illustration ①: Flower

There are many floral-patterned clothes, but flower illustrations are especially popular.
It would be nice to choose a flower illustration that matches the season, such as tulips for spring clothes and sunflowers for summer.
If there is a flower illustration on the top, you can match the bottom with the color of the flower for a coordinated look.

Illustration ②: Animals

Animal illustrations are also popular.
When choosing, we recommend choosing cute animals such as rabbits, bears, and cats.
Depending on the taste of the illustration, you can create a child-like impression or an adult-like impression.

Illustration ③: Fashionable items

There are many clothes with stylish illustrations that girls adore, such as ribbons, dresses, and pumps.
If you choose a three-dimensional design like the recommended items introduced this time, it will create a stylish atmosphere.
An illustration of a beautiful princess in a dress or tiara would be nice too.

Let's elevate the coordination with children's clothes with stylish illustrations!


For some reason, children should be excited when they wear clothes with their favorite illustrations.
How about finding cool and cute illustrations to upgrade your coordination?