Nordic style kids clothing for boys! 【3 Points for online shopping 】


Scandinavian fashion along the nature-rich Nordic lifestyle. It's popular with adult women, but it's actually perfect for boys' children's clothes!
We will explain the points you should be aware of when shopping for Scandinavian children's clothing and the Scandinavian taste recommended for boys.

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Three points to check when shopping for Scandinavian children's clothing online


Children's clothes for boys have fewer choices than girls. All the more so if you focus on Scandinavian children's clothing.
If you shop online, you'll have more choices, and you can even buy Nordic children's clothes that aren't available in Japan.
There are three points that you should keep in mind when importing from overseas sites or by yourself.

  1. Check the size chart from the size notation
  2. Check the number of days until delivery
  3. Check the shipping fee

Point ①: Check the size chart

Be sure to check the size chart when shopping for children's clothing overseas.
Check the width, sleeve length, and length of the top, and the waist and total length of the pants.
Also, overseas children's clothing has a different size notation than Japan. In Japan, there are many increments of 10 cm such as "100" and "110", but overseas it is divided into details such as "104-110" and "110-116".
Please keep in mind that they are often slimmer than Japanese children's clothing, and the sleeves and trousers are often longer.

Point 2: Confirm the number of days until delivery

When shopping online from overseas sites, it can take up to a month for the product to arrive at your home. It is very different from Japan, where the next day delivery is possible.
Make sure you have plenty of time to buy so that you don't have to worry about the clothes you're going to wear for an important event, but they didn't arrive.
It is safe to check the Q&A and word of mouth about how long it will take for the product to arrive.

Point 3: Confirm the shipping fee

International orders often have high shipping costs. It can cost as much as 5,000 yen just for shipping!
Shipping may be cheaper or even free if you buy in bulk, but be aware that customs duties may apply.
Depending on the site, there may be free shipping campaigns, so it is recommended to check frequently.

Three reasons why Nordic children's clothes are recommended for boys


The design and functionality are perfect! Nordic children's clothes are recommended for boys.

  1. Even boys can enjoy matching outfits with their moms
  2. Unique design that does not overlap with surroundings
  3. Comfortable to wear because we are particular about the material

Reason 1: You can coordinate with your mom

Scandinavian children's clothing has many unisex designs, and even boys can match their mothers!
This is a great point because many moms of boys give up on matching outfits.
Even if it's a little embarrassing to wear matching clothes, you can easily incorporate a pouch or bag with the same pattern as your child's clothes.
This is a unique way to enjoy Nordic children's clothing, which has a wide variety of designs that even adults can find cute.

Reason 2: Unique and unmatched

Boys tend to wear earth-colored T-shirts, trainers, and trousers.
Scandinavian children's clothing has a lot of unique colors and original textiles that are not often seen in Japan, so it is rare to wear them with others.
It also has the advantage that it is easy to find the child in a large place or in a large number of people because it is eye-catching.
It looks great in photos, so it is also recommended for outings.

Reason 3: It is comfortable to wear because it is particular about the material

A slender design that is often found in children's clothing in Northern Europe. As it fits the body, it uses elastic material so as not to be cramped.
We are very particular about not only the design but also the materials, such as organic cotton that feels good on the skin and stretchy cotton sheeting.
Boys often dislike tight clothes and hard materials, so comfort is an important point.

3 Recommended Scandinavian Children's Clothing Styles for Boys


For those who say, "Nordic children's clothes are cute, but I don't know what to choose for boys," we recommend a Scandinavian taste.

  1. Exquisite color coordination
  2. Retro modern textile
  3. Natural one-tone coordination

Recommendation 1: Bold color coordination

Speaking of Nordic children's clothing, exquisite colors! Unique colors, such as combining navy, orange, beige, and different shades of purple, make you happy just by looking at them.
Boys' clothes often come in calm colors such as black and khaki.

Recommendation 2: Retro-modern textiles

Animal motifs that tend to look childish can be retro-modern with Scandinavian textiles!
With cute patterns such as elephants and penguins, the Scandinavian style gives off a chic and mature atmosphere.
At first glance, it looks like a girl's favorite pattern with lots of hearts, but if the sleeves and collar are trimmed with turquoise blue, even a boy can wear it stylishly.
The appeal of Scandinavian children's clothing is that even adults find it cute based on what children like.

Recommendation 3: Natural color one-tone coordination

Recommended for boys as well as a natural and warm style like an adult Scandinavian outfit.
If you combine it with natural colors such as beige and white, it will be refreshing and have excellent sensitivity.
It is easy to coordinate with adults.
If you use dull pink as the point of one-tone coordination, it will create a natural yet sophisticated atmosphere.
In autumn and winter, you can also enjoy coordinating with the image of Scandinavia, which is full of nature, such as cable knit aran knit.

Let's enjoy fashion that puts adults to shame with Scandinavian children's clothing!


Scandinavian children's clothing has different size notation from Japan, so check the size details carefully!
Scandinavian children's clothing is recommended for boys, as even boys can coordinate with their mothers and enjoy the exquisite colors.
It's comfortable to wear because it's particular about the material!