Size guides and 3 hints for international shopping online 【5 Best International Kids Clothing Brands】


Recently, I see many children dressed up in children's clothing from overseas.
There must be a lot of people who want to buy children's clothes from overseas, but are reluctant to do so because the size chart is difficult or they don't know where to buy.
This time, we will introduce the size notation of overseas children's clothing, points to note when purchasing, and 5 recommended overseas children's clothing brands.

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Introducing the size notation of children's clothing by country


The size charts for children's clothing differ from country to country, so there are many people who don't know which size to buy.
If you know the overseas size notation, the hurdles to purchase overseas children's clothing will be lowered.
Introducing size notation for Japan, USA/UK, Europe, and Korea.

Overseas children's clothing size notation (1): Japan

Japanese children's clothing sizes are based on height.


age size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
0-3 months 50 44〜55 3
3 to 6 months 60 55〜65 6
6-12 months 70 65〜75 9
Around 12 months 80 75〜85 11
Around 24 months 90〜95 85〜95 13
3-4 years old 100 95〜105 16


age size Height (cm)
5-6 years old 110 105〜115
7-8 years old 120 115〜125
9-10 years old 130 125〜135
11 years old 140 135〜145
11 years old~ 150 145〜155
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Overseas children's clothing size notation ②: USA / UK

Children's clothes in the US and UK use size designations such as "M" and "T".
Many people are confused by the unfamiliar notation.
"M" stands for Month, and "3M" refers to clothes for 3-month-old babies.
Also, "T" stands for Toddler and means age.
In the case of "2T", it means clothes for 2 years old.

age US/UK size Japanese size
0-3 months 3M 60
3-6 months 6M 60〜70
6-9 months 9M 70
9-12 months 12M 70〜80
18-24 months 18-24M 80
24 months 24M 80〜90
2 years old 2T 90
3 years old 3T 90〜100
4 years old 4T 100〜105
5 years old 5T 105〜110
6 years old 6T 110〜120
7 years old 7T 120〜130
8 years old 8T 130
9 years old 9T 140
10 years old 10T 140

Overseas children's clothing size notation ③: Europe

Children's clothing sizes in Europe are expressed in height (cm), just like in Japan.
European units are finer than Japanese units, so it is an advantage that you can find the perfect size for your child.

- European size Japanese size
0-3 months 52-62㎝ 60
3-6 months 62-68㎝ 60〜70
6-9 months 63-74㎝ 70
9-12 months 74-80㎝ 70〜80
18-24 months 86-92㎝ 80
24 months 92㎝ 80〜90
2 years old 92-98㎝ 90
3 years old 98-104㎝ 90〜100
4 years old 104-110㎝ 100〜105
5 years old 110-116㎝ 105〜110
6 years old 116-122㎝ 110〜120
7 years old 122-128㎝ 120〜130
8 years old 128-134㎝ 130
9 years old 134-140㎝ 140
10 years old 140-146㎝ 140

Overseas children's clothing size notation ④: South Korea

Korean children's clothing sizes are often unique to Korea, with odd numbers such as 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.
Also, Korea counts age in years, so be careful when referring to age.

- Korean size Japanese size
0-6 months 1 60
12-18 months 3 80
18 to 24 months 5 90
3-4 years old 7 100
5 years old 9 110
6-7 years old 11 120
8-9 years old 13 130
10-11 years old 15 140
12-13 years old 17 150

3 Points to Note When Buying Children's Clothing Overseas


Children's clothing has different size notation in each country, but what points should I pay attention to when actually purchasing children's clothing overseas?
Here are three points to consider when buying children's clothing overseas.

  1. Try it on
  2. Check the length and width
  3. Check the material and sewing

Point 1: Try it on

It is always recommended to try on foreign children's clothes.
Overseas products have different characteristics from Japanese products, such as narrow necks and long arms and legs, so it is not uncommon for them to not fit when tried on.
Be sure to try on the clothes you bought to avoid the situation where you can't wear the clothes because they are too big or too small.

Point 2: Check the length and width

If it is difficult to try on, check the length and width.
There are many cases where you can't try clothes on, such as when you don't have a store nearby and buy online, or when your child doesn't like trying on clothes.
In such cases, by checking the length and width of the garment, you can purchase with confidence without having to try it on.
Length is the length from the center of the base of the neck to the hem of the garment, and width is the length of the line connecting the base of the left sleeve (underarm) to the base of the right sleeve (underarm).
It is recommended to measure your child's body size when he is in a good mood.
When you find the clothes you want to buy, you can purchase them smoothly.

Point 3: Check the materials and sewing

Overseas products often have less strict acceptance standards than Japanese products, so it is necessary to carefully check the materials and sewing.
There are cases in which some products are considered defective in Japan, such as misalignment of stitching or loose ends of threads, but are considered to be good products overseas.
However, there are many overseas brands that use high-quality materials and have well-stitched stitches.
I would like to be able to thoroughly check the materials, sewing, and other points of concern so that I can purchase clothes that I like.

5 Recommended Overseas Children's Clothing Brands


With the growing popularity of overseas children's clothing, there are many fashionable overseas children's clothing brands that can be easily purchased.
Among them, we will introduce 5 carefully selected children's clothing brands that we recommend.

Recommended brand ①: NEXT

NEXT is a well-established British brand.
Reasonable price and solid quality are popular points.
We carry a wide range of products, from clothes that can be worn casually to nurseries and kindergartens, to formal clothes that can be worn for weddings and entrance ceremonies.
There are stores in Japan as well, so if you are unsure about the size, it is a good idea to look at the actual product before purchasing.

Recommended brand ②: H&M

H&M is a Swedish brand.
There are many trend-conscious products, perfect for fashionable children who want to enjoy fashion.
There are many products that collaborate with characters that are popular with children, so you should be able to find clothes that your child likes at a glance.
There are Disney character clothes, so it's a good idea to buy clothes for when you go to Disneyland.

Recommended brand ③: Carter's

Carter's is a popular American brand.
The colorful colors and pop designs that are typical of America are attractive.
The price is affordable, but the quality is also solid.
There is no directly managed store, but it is sometimes sold at Costco, so if you want to see the actual product, please check it out.
There is also a Japanese version of the official website, so you can easily order from Japan.

Recommended brand ④: GAP

GAP is an American brand.
Many people must have seen it at shopping malls and outlet malls.
With a full line-up for babies, kids, and adults, you can purchase not only children's clothes but also adult clothes.
It's a great way to enjoy going out with the whole family wearing the same brand of clothes.

Recommended brand ⑤: ZARA

ZARA is a Spanish brand.
Many trendy designs are recommended for children who are sensitive to fashion.
The price is also reasonable, so you can casually enjoy trendy designs.
The online site also offers free shipping and returns.
If you don't have a store near you, try online.

Summary: Buy fashionable children's clothes overseas, paying attention to size and materials!


Children's clothing overseas has different size notation depending on the country.
Knowing the size notation will greatly lower the hurdles when purchasing children's clothing overseas.
It would be nice if you could buy children's clothes that your child can wear comfortably and enjoy, paying attention to size and materials.
Purchase overseas children's clothing that suits your taste and enjoy fashion together with your child.