5 Useful tips on how to choose a hoodie for kids 【Styling idea for girls and boys】


A hoodie is a convenient item that makes you look fashionable just by wearing it.
However, there are so many types that some people may say, "I don't know what to dress my child in."
This time, we will introduce how to choose a hoodie that children like, and how to wear it by gender.

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There are 3 types of parka


A hoodie is a piece of clothing with a hood that covers the head.
First of all, I will introduce what kinds there are.

  1. Zip-up hoodie
  2. Pullover hoodie
  3. Hoodie dress

Type of hoodie ①: Zip-up hoodie

A hoodie that opens and closes with a zipper.
You can wear it as a top with the zipper completely closed, or you can open it up and wear it as a cover-up, making it an attractive item that can be worn in many different ways.

Type of hoodie ②: Pullover hoodie

A classic hoodie worn over the head.
Some have strings coming out from the base of the hood and some don't.
There are various types of kimonos, from long-sleeved to short-sleeved, and fabrics, so you can wear them according to the season.

Type of hoodie ③: Hoodie dressv

A one-piece hooded hoodie is perfect for active girls.
A convenient item that completes your outfit with just one piece.

5 points when choosing a hoodie for children's clothing


How should I choose when I want my child to wear a hoodie?
First of all, I will tell you how to choose a stylish hoodie that your child will like.

  1. Material
  2. Functionality
  3. Color
  4. Feeling of size
  5. Brand

Point ①: Material

When choosing a hoodie for your child, check the material first.
In the warm season, we recommend a 100% cotton hoodie that is soft to the touch and absorbs sweat quickly.
There is also a sweatshirt type with a towel-like pile lining.
For cold or windy days, check out the "windbreaker" made of polyester material, which has excellent cold and wind resistance.
Please choose the right material according to the season.

Point ②: Functionality

It is also an important point that the child's constitution and the function according to the usage situation are attached.
For kids who love to move around energetically, choose a stretchy one that doesn't restrict movement.
It is recommended to wear a type that absorbs water and dries quickly when you sweat a lot, and a type with UV protection when the sun is strong.
If you want to use it as an outerwear for nursery school or kindergarten, choose one with a hood that can be stored or removed.

Point ③: Color

Color selection is also important for hoodies, which tend to be the main part of coordination.
If you want a versatile piece that you can easily match with any outfit, choose a monotone color such as black or gray.
If you choose a color that stands out, such as red or yellow, it will be a cute and childlike outfit.
Hoodies with all-over patterns are also available, so you can choose the one that your child likes.

Point ④: Size

The appeal of a hoodie is that it can be worn even if it is slightly oversized.
If it's just the right size, it's smart, and if it's a larger size, it's a more casual style.
However, if the sleeves are too long, please roll them up.

Point ⑤: Brand

When choosing a hoodie, check out overseas fast fashion brands such as GAP and H&M.
There are many sizes and colors available, and many items with sophisticated designs are on sale.
The design with the brand logo printed is simple and easy to match, and it looks stylish, so it is recommended.
Of course, you can choose items from brands that moms and dads and children like!

3 recommended children's outfits with hoodies [for boys]


A hoodie that can be worn as both outerwear and tops is a strong ally for energetic boys.
Let's check how you can wear it.

Coordination 1: Casual coordination by wearing over a striped T-shirt


A striped T-shirt goes well with a plain zip hoodie.
Try wearing denim or earth-colored pants for a casual look.
It is also recommended for link coordination with moms and dads.

Coordination 2: Pair with a vest for naughty boy coordination

If you want to spice up a simple pullover hoodie, pair it with a vest.
It's easy to put on and take off, and it's a nice point that it's easy to adjust your body temperature.
If you add patterned pants and a hat, you will become a cool naughty boy.

Coordination 3: Wearing a leading-class hoodie with an outdoor style that puts adults to shame

boys-outerwear-hoodies boys-outerwear-hoodies

Hood Detachable Zip-up Pocket Windbreaker

A stylish outfit with a bi-color mountain parka as the main item.
Combine it with khaki pants and a cap to transform into an outdoor boy that puts adults to shame!
The impression changes depending on the innerwear, so you can mix and match.

3 recommended children's outfits with hoodies [for girls]


A hoodie tends to be casual, but you can also wear it girly depending on the item you match it with.
Here are some recommended parka outfits for girls!

Coordination 1: Cute coordination with a checkered skirt

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

hood detachable zip up hoodie

For a girly look in a hoodie, pair it with a checkered skirt.
Even with a simple hoodie, it becomes a cute style at once.
The ribbon attached to the inner is also cute.

Coordination 2: Wearing patterned pants for a tomboy girl outfit

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

Hood storage round collar zip-up hoodie with ribbon frill

A lively outfit with patterned pants.
A pastel colored hoodie will brighten up your face.
It's easy to move around in, so you can wear it to the park, but the ruffles and ribbons make it look girly.

Coordination 3: Mature coordinating in similar colors

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

Zip-up parka jacket with detachable hood

A fashionable outfit with a hoodie, skirt, and shoes in blue-gray.
The white of the inner and socks shines, giving a clean impression.
When coordinating with similar colors, it is best to use darker colors such as monotones and earth colors.

Incorporate a hoodie into your children's clothing and be fashionable!


A hoodie that becomes the focal point of your outfit just by wearing it.
If you have one, your child's range of dressing will surely expand.
Get a hoodie with a cool and cute design and try to become a fashion expert with your child.