10 French childrens clothing brands 【4 French-style items you can buy in Japan】


"I want simple but stylish children's clothes"
"I don't want to wear it with my friends"
French children's clothing is recommended for those who have such troubles.
French children's clothing has the same stylish design as adults, but it's easy to match with other outfits.
In this article, we will introduce popular French children's clothing brands and recommended French-style items that you can buy in Japan.
Please use this as a reference and try out a stylish French-style coordination.

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Features of French children's clothing


Children's clothes made in France are characterized by simple designs that are elegant and mature.
Rather than flashy clothes with vivid colors, there are many items in chic colors and dull colors.
The fabric is of good quality and feels nice and comfortable.
There are also many items with stylish designs that are similar to those for adults.

10 popular children's clothing brands in France


First, check out some of the most popular children's clothing brands in France.
There are also famous brands that have stores in Japan.

  1. Petit Bateau
  2. bonpoint
  3. jacadi
  5. Tartine et chocolate
  6. Cyrillus
  8. IKKS
  9. Sergent major
  10. Du Pareil au meme

Brand ①: Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is a famous French children's clothing brand in Japan.
The timeless design that incorporates the latest trends is attractive.
An array of exciting items that are simple yet show off your senses.
There are also stores in Japan, so if you are nearby, you can pick it up and choose it.

Brand ②: bonpoint

"Bonpoint", which is attractive for its high quality and delicate details, is very popular among fashionable mothers.
It is a long-established brand that is loved all over the world, especially in Paris.
Especially, there are many clothes for girls, and there are many cute items such as limited edition Liberty pattern and fashionable plaid pattern.
If you're aiming for a mature Parisian girl, check it out.

Brand ③: jacadi

"jacadi" sells French-chic children's clothing from newborns to around 12 years old.
A long-established brand founded in Paris in 1976.
We develop a large number of high-quality clothes that incorporate the essence of modernity while valuing tradition.
The feature is that there are many items that use organic cotton.

Brand ④: BONTON

"BONTON" develops simple and casual daily wear.
This is a brand created by the son of the founder of "bonpoint" introduced earlier.
There are many children's colored clothes, so it is recommended as a point of coordination!
We also sell stylish miscellaneous goods and interior goods.

Brand ⑤: Tartine et Chocolat

"Tartine et Chocolat" was founded in 1977 with the concept of making chic and beautiful clothes.
Valuing traditional French design, we sell stylish clothes that suit modern children.
A must-see cute collection using the original Liberty print pattern!
If you are looking for high-quality clothes that can be used for going out and fashionable, please visit the shop.

Brand ⑥: Cyrillus

Founded in 1977, “Cyrillus” is a long-established brand characterized by sophisticated designs.
In addition to children's clothing, we also carry a wide range of women's, men's, and lifestyle goods.
We also have clothes that can be coordinated by parents and children.
There are many items that are easy to match with your own clothes with gentle colors.


"BONHEUR DU JOUR" is a brand from Paris created by a designer who used to work in the textile industry.
With the desire to wear fashionable and high-quality clothes, we are developing clothes made of high-quality materials.
There are many items with delicate embroidery and elegant patterns, and boasts a high level of design that puts adults to shame.

Brand ⑧: IKKS

"IKKS" is a brand that sells cool and mature items.
With its subdued colors and stylish design, you'll be able to create a fashionable style that you won't believe is children's clothing.
We also carry items for men and women.
This brand is recommended for those who are looking for cool children's clothing.

Brand ⑨: Sergent major

The brand "Sergent major" combines elegance and cuteness.
We have children's clothing in elegant French colors.
Newborn size items and warm toys are also available.
It's also perfect as a gift for baby showers.

Brand ⑩: Du Pareil au meme

"Du Pareil au meme" is a children's clothing brand known by the nickname "DPAM".
We have a lot of unique, cute, and childish items.
A colorful shop that is fun just to look at, such as dinosaurs and animal patterns that boys like, and floral patterns and ribbons that girls like.
There are more than 180 stores in Europe, but it has not landed in Japan.

Recommended French-style children's clothing items [Boys]


For those who say, "French children's clothes are cute, but I'm worried about shipping costs," we'll introduce French-style items for men and women from high-quality Japanese brand "moononnon"!
When choosing French-style children's clothing for boys, it's a good idea to choose muted colors and stylish designs.

Recommended item 1: accent the hem and sleeves! Border T that is easy to match

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton striped T-shirt

A stylish striped T-shirt with switching colors on the cuffs and hem.
Just pair it with simple items such as denim or khaki chino pants for a cool look.
Simple black and colorful blue, two colors with different expressions.
In particular, blue is attractive for its stylish coloring that is somewhat reminiscent of France.

Recommended item 2: Relaxing ♪ winter color sweatshirt

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Recommended item 2: Relaxing ♪ winter color sweatshirt

A sweatshirt that combines the dinosaur pattern that boys like with the Nordic pattern that is popular with moms.
The muted colors of French style will make your winter coordination chic.
It has a sturdy collar, so you can stay comfortable even in the cold season.

Recommended French-style children's clothing items [Girls edition]


When choosing French-style children's clothes for girls, girly designs such as floral patterns and checks are the correct answer!
If you want to make it look more French, try subdued colors.

Recommended item 1: French doll-like tartan plaid dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Tartan check dress with ribbon made in Japan

A short-sleeved dress with calm Bordeaux and a cute tartan check pattern.
Cute design with moderate flared silhouette and girlish puff sleeves.
I also feel the attention to detail in the ribbon on the high waist.
If you pair a white collared blouse with tights, you'll look like a French doll.

Recommended item 2: Culotte pants with a cute flower pattern in a dull color

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

Floral corduroy culottes pants

Culotte pants with a soft floral print in a dull French color.
An excellent bottom that can be worn with a dark colored top for French chic or a bright colored top for a refreshing look.
Items that are not flashy but catch your eye will be the focal point of your outfit.

Let's enjoy coordination with French children's clothing


French children's clothing has many stylish items that put adults to shame.
Enjoy coordinating your everyday outfits by skillfully combining French-style items available in Japan!