7 Dinosaur T-shirts for children 【Top 5 dinosaurs the kids love】


There are many children who like cool-looking “dinosaurs”.
Dinosaurs are sold not only as toys, but also as children's clothing.
In this article, we will introduce recommended children's clothes for those who are worried about "I want to buy clothes for a child who likes dinosaurs" or "What kind of gift would make a child who likes dinosaurs happy?"
We have compiled everything from brands that carry dinosaur-designed clothes to popular dinosaurs, so please use them as a reference.

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7 recommended children's clothes with dinosaurs


Cool clothes that are popular with children are lined up!
Here are some recommended dinosaur items from the high-quality children's clothing brand "moononnon".

Recommended item 1: Create an adult-like impression! stylish sweatshirt

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

Dinosaur Animal Print Fleece Sweatshirt

A stylish trainer with various dinosaurs drawn in a circle, centering on Brachiosaurus.
The sleeves are bi-coloured, making you look like a sophisticated person.
The fleece lining material can be worn not only in the cool seasons of spring and autumn, but also in the winter by layering a shirt.
It has a simple design, so it is recommended for children who want to stretch themselves out and say, "I don't like childish designs."

Recommended item 2: Unique design with a story

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

Dinosaur Print & Vehicle Patch Trainer

This trainer is recommended for children who like dinosaurs and vehicles.
It is a unique design in which a crane truck lifts dinosaur fossils.
The crane car part has an embroidered felt patch, giving you a sense of commitment.
The ribs are firmly attached, so it is hard to let the wind through even in the cold season.

Recommended item 3: Fine embroidery finish! Fashionable Dinosaur Ron T

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

Dinosaur Embroidery Animal Series T-shirt

A playful design with a dinosaur sticking out of your pocket!
The dinosaur itself, as well as the volcanoes and footprints are all embroidered, making it a luxurious item.
Available in two colors, yellow and green, to accent your outfit.
Baby sizes are also available, so siblings can coordinate with each other♪

Recommended item 4: Dinosaurs casually in the camouflage pattern!

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

100% Cotton Camouflage Pattern Dinosaur Motif Animal Print T-shirt

"Where's the dinosaur?"
If you look closely, the camouflage pattern in the center looks like a silhouette of a dinosaur.
Recommended when you want to casually incorporate dinosaurs into your outfit!

Recommended item 5: Dinosaurs among dinosaurs! ? Attractive cool design

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton camouflage pattern dinosaur print animal series T-shirt

A cool T-shirt with a color scheme design on the collar and sleeves.
If you take a closer look at the dinosaur print in the center, you will notice that the details of the art are all dinosaur motifs!
Made of 100% cotton, it is comfortable to wear and is gentle on children with sensitive skin.
The size range is wide, so you can coordinate with your siblings and friends.

Recommended item 6: Impressive emblem and dinosaur silhouette!

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton T-shirt with dinosaur motif

A short-sleeved T-shirt with bright colors that will look great with your outfit.
The pteranodon that became a patch and the dinosaur that became a silhouette are cool!
The line on the chest part makes it even more stylish♪

Recommended item 7: Easy-to-match pants with a casual print♪

boys-bottoms-short-pants boys-bottoms-short-pants

Baby & Kids 100% Cotton Dinosaur Print Animal Series Half Pants

If you want to coordinate your whole body with a dinosaur, check out these pants.
The brand logo and dinosaurs are printed on the simple dull colored pants.
It's a design that doesn't overstate, so it's easy to match with any top.

7 Brands Where You Can Buy Dinosaur Children's Clothing


For those of you who want to see more dinosaur clothes, here are some brands where you can buy dinosaur clothes for children.

  2. petit mine
  4. Rag Mart
  5. SHIPS
  6. Kladeskap
  7. moononnon

Brand ①: BREEZE

"BREEZE" develops playful items packed with commitment.
You can buy children's clothes with a casual and energetic impression at a reasonable price.
They sell not only dinosaur sweatshirts and T-shirts, but also pants.
With a wide variety of types and colors, you are sure to find your favorite!

Brand ②: petit mine

"petit mine" offers items that are perfect for everyday use, adding a childish touch to trendy fashion.
In addition to children's clothes, there are also accessories such as bags and mufflers.
Many of them have simple designs, and many of them are easy to match with items you have on hand.
Check it out if you're a mom who wants to subtly incorporate dinosaurs into your child's clothing.

Brand ③: SLAP SLIP

"SLAP SLIP" deals in European-style French casual clothes for children.
Even though it uses colorful colors, you can complete a stylish coordination with an elegant impression.
There are also clothes designed with boys' favorite cars and dinosaurs together.

Brand ④: Rag Mart

"Rag Mart" is a children's clothing brand that emphasizes comfort while valuing designs that emphasize individuality.
There are a wide variety of items, from a design that stands out with a large dinosaur print to an item with a stylish all-over pattern design.
This brand is recommended for moms who don't want to compromise because they wear it every day.

Brand ⑤: SHIPS

"SHIPS", which is based on the concept of "STYLISH STANDARD", is a popular brand for both men and women.
The kids line also has a wide variety of products, and there are cool items with dinosaur designs.
Many of them have a simple design with dinosaurs added, so even children who have a crush on adults will love them.
Because it is a famous brand, it is also recommended as a gift.

Brand ⑥: Kladeskap

"Kladeskap", which has the theme of nurturing minds through clothes, has many items that boys like dinosaurs and car designs.
There are casual all-over patterns and large prints, so it's perfect for those who don't want dinosaurs to stand out and those who want them to stand out!
There are many bi-color and asymmetric designs, and it is a fashionable brand that stands out from the rest.

Brand ⑦: moononnon

"moononnon" is a high-quality brand that sells children's clothing at department stores nationwide.
They specialize in delicate embroidery, and some even have dinosaurs all embroidered on them.
The colors are easy to match with your own clothes, so you can easily incorporate it into your coordination.
If you're a mom who wants to wear high-quality children's clothes, please check it out.

5 popular dinosaurs for children's clothing design


You may be asked, "What is the name of this dinosaur?" when giving clothes to children.
It's a good idea to remember dinosaurs, a favorite among kids, who often feature in clothing designs.

  1. Tyrannosaurus
  2. Triceratops
  3. Brachiosaurus
  4. Stegosaurus
  5. Pteranodon

Dinosaur type ①: Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus is popular for its short front legs, long tail, and standing posture.
A large carnivorous dinosaur that bites its prey with its thick, jagged teeth.
She often becomes a model for children's clothing, and has a cool and strong impression.

Dinosaur type ②: Triceratops

Triceratops, which means "three-horned face", is characterized by horns on both sides of the face and right above the mouth as its name suggests.
Although it looks like a big and strong dinosaur, it actually lived by eating plants.
The three horns are impressive, so it is often designed for children's clothing.

Dinosaur type ③: Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus, which is characterized by a long neck, is a herbivorous dinosaur with a long neck and a large body.
It is famous as the second largest dinosaur after the recently discovered Argentinosaurus.
If you see a long-necked dinosaur in children's clothing, it's most likely a Brachiosaurus.

Dinosaur type ④: Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur with leaf-like bony plates on its back.
The bone plate on the back seems to have played a role such as distinguishing fellows and regulating body temperature.
Even when it is designed for children's clothing, the bone plate of the back is drawn characteristically.

Dinosaur type ⑤: Pteranodon

Pteranodon is by far the most popular pterosaur with its large crest and long wings.
Strictly speaking, pterosaurs are a type of reptile, but they are treated as dinosaurs in toys and children's clothing.
There are many designs that look like they are flying in the sky, giving you a cool impression.

Let's look cool with dinosaur children's clothes!


We've put together a list of brands that handle children's dinosaur clothing and dinosaurs that are popular with children.
Incorporating a cool dinosaur into your outfit will transform you into a cool and stylish kid.
Please refer to the recommended items and brands introduced and try to find dinosaur children's clothing.