5 Tips on choosing the right coat for kids【8 Popular brands to shop at】


Children's clothes don't fit right away, but you don't want to make a mistake when choosing a coat.
This time, we will introduce how to choose a coat that children like, as well as recommended popular brands.
Please find a nice coat to spend winter happily.

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Six types of children's coats


When it comes to coats, there are many different types.
First of all, let's check the type of coat to see what kind of coat you want to give your child.

  1. Duffle coat
  2. Filling coat, down coat
  3. Knit coat
  4. Mods coat
  5. Boa coat
  6. Raincoat

Coat type ①: Duffle coat

The coat is characterized by floating fasteners called "toggles".
Unlike buttons, it is easy for children to wear by themselves because it is fastened with a toggle through a string.
Duffle coats are available in a variety of materials, including wool, knitwear, and mouton.
It will be a cute and childish style.

Type of coat ②: Padding coat, down coat

It is a coat with high heat retention that contains artificial cotton and feathers inside the coat.
There are many types, such as those that fasten with buttons and those that use zippers.
If you are going to use it in the middle of winter, we recommend a warm padded coat or a down coat.

Type of coat ③: Knit coat

A coat made from knit materials such as wool and acrylic.
An item that changes its expression by changing the thickness of the thread and the fineness of the mesh.
Rough knitwear with a rough mesh is cute, but you need to be careful because it is easy to let the wind through.

Court type ④: Mods coat

The mods coat is based on the military uniform used by the US military.
Casual design based on earth colors such as khaki and beige is attractive.
There are many elaborate designs even for children, and it looks like a fashionable senior.
There are a variety of items, from thin ones that can be worn in spring and autumn, to types that are warm even in the middle of winter.

Coat type ⑤: Boa coat

This coat is made of fluffy sheep's wool fabric.
A boa coat that can be worn with a short length and a mature look.
If you choose a hood with ears, it will look like a cute little animal.

Coat type ⑥: Raincoat

A raincoat, which is one type of rain gear, is also a type of coat.
It is convenient to have one for children who are becoming more active.

Five points for not failing to choose a coat for children's clothing


Coats aren't cheap items, so if you buy one, you don't want to make a mistake.
What points should you pay attention to in order to find a nice coat that your child will like?

  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Functionality
  4. Cold protection
  5. Color

Point ①: Material

Children are more sensitive to materials than adults.
Some people are particular about it, such as "I don't like knitwear because it irritates me" and "I don't like crunchy coats."
First, go to a clothing store with your child and have them try on what kind of material they want.
If you find a material that you like, you can search for similar coats on EC sites or stores.

Point ②: Size

It is difficult to choose the size of children's clothes, but in the case of a coat, it is better to decide whether to wear it for one season or next year.
If you're going to wear it every day during the winter, get something that's just the right size.
If you buy a few and rotate them, it's okay to have a size that has room to spare.
It's a good idea to choose the size assuming that you will wear a lot inside.

Point ③: Functionality

Even in the middle of winter, children enjoy playing outdoors.
It is an important point whether it is easy to move even if you are wearing a coat.
The presence or absence of pockets and hoods is also a matter of preference, so it's a good idea to check.
We also recommend a water-repellent coat, so you don't have to worry about it snowing or raining.

Point ④: Cold protection

Coats are meant to keep out the cold, so of course cold protection is important.
When choosing a coat to wear in the middle of winter, choose one that will keep you warm.
It's a good idea to keep the coat thin and impervious to wind when it's a little chilly in spring and autumn.

Point ⑤: Color

Unlike shirts and pants, you don't buy a lot of coats.
If it is your first coat, choose a simple color such as black, navy, or pink that is easy to match with any outfit.
If it's a second coat or later, it's a good idea to choose a coat with a color or pattern that your child likes.

8 recommended children's clothing brands that sell coats


When choosing a cute coat that suits your child, here are some recommended brands.
Some brands have physical stores, so if there is an item that interests you, we recommend going there to try it on.

  1. devil rock
  2. petite mine
  4. moononnon
  5. GAP
  6. Belle Maison
  7. SHIPS

Brand ①: devilock

Devirock is popular for its casual design and affordable price.
We have a wide variety of types and sizes, such as down coats and boa coats.
There are many simple designs that are easy to match, so it is recommended as the first item.

Brand ②: petite mine

petite mine is a brand with the theme of "clothes that add a childishness to trends".
The line-up ranges from down jackets with cute round shapes to coats designed to put adults to shame.
Children who are particular about fashion will surely be satisfied.

Brand ③: BREEZE

BREEZE is based on the theme of exciting clothes that make you smile just by wearing them.
There are many cool logo designs and bi-color fashionable items.
The price range is easy to pick up, and it is a brand that is kind to moms and dads.

Brand ④: moononnon

Founded 68 years ago, moononnon has stores in department stores nationwide.
It is perfect for girls who like cute items, with fine embroidery and details.
Another great point is that you can visit the store if you are interested.

Brand ⑤: GAP

GAP is a well-known American brand that makes clothes with comfort in mind.
We have a large selection of padded coats and down coats to keep out the cold.
Since they are available in baby sizes and up, the whole family can enjoy matching outfits.

Brand ⑥: Belle Maison

When you think of Belle Maison, you might think of interior design and women's fashion, but they also carry children's clothing.
We offer a wide variety of items, from stylish stadium-style coats to rough knits that are popular with girls.
There are many functional items, such as water-repellent down jackets and heat-storage fleece coats, so be sure to check them out.

Brand ⑦: SHIPS

SHIPS is popular among adults as a fashionable select shop.
Children's clothing is also one rank higher, and fashionable advanced items are available.
In addition to girly boa coats and cool bi-color padded coats, there are also simple items that can be worn by both men and women.
Recommended for moms and dads who want to wear a high quality coat.


MIKI HOUSE is a long-established Japanese brand that sells clothes that are safe and secure, with children in mind.
The rabbit and bear characters are also cute, so you can coordinate them like children.
Eye-catching colors such as red and yellow are also attractive!

Let's get over the cold by wearing a stylish children's coat!


Beat the cold with a stylish children's coat!
If you go out with your favorite coat, the cold should be blown away.
Please keep the points introduced this time in mind and enjoy choosing a coat that your child will like.