How to shop for boys formal wear 【A Style Guide for 4 occasions】


Have you ever wondered how much you should dress up and when?
Especially for boys, there are few choices and they tend to always have the same style.
This time, we will introduce recommended styles and points to note for boys' formal clothes for each scene, as well as points for using small items that make a difference.

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Suits are the basic formal attire for boys.


The formal attire for boys is a suit. If the color is black or navy, it can be used for any occasion and is versatile.
If you have one, you can mix and match!

4 Main Occasions for Boys to Wear Formal Clothing


There are surprisingly many situations where boys wear formal clothes.
Try to dress appropriately for the TPO.

  1. Entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony
  2. Wedding
  3. Presentation
  4. Legal affairs

Scene 1: Suits for entrance and graduation ceremonies

Suits are the norm for entrance and graduation ceremonies.
Choose muted colors like black or navy. A patterned necktie is also acceptable.
For the entrance ceremony, light colors such as gray or beige are good for spring.
Boys tend to have a similar style, so use accessories such as ties to show off their childishness.

Scene 2: Wedding is black formal

The wedding is a black suit, white shirt, black tie and pocket square. Even a light blue shirt is refreshing and does not violate manners.
Children often play a role at weddings and receptions, such as presenting bouquets and escorting them to change their clothes. Be sure to follow good manners so as not to embarrass yourself in front of many guests.

Scene 3: Recital emphasizes ease of movement

At recitals of pianos, etc., emphasis is placed on ease of arm movement.
It is recommended to wear a vest with your shirt so that you can look good without a jacket.
If it's cold, you can also wear a knit jacket. A navy knit jacket with gold buttons will give you a traditional look.
At the presentation, it is OK to wear the suit a little casually down. Even if the shirt is pink or checked, it will look gorgeous on stage.

Scene 4: A polo shirt is OK for a memorial service

Plain polo shirts are also acceptable for memorial services. Children do not violate manners.
For memorial services where you have to sit still for a long time, focus on comfort.
The color of the polo shirt should be black or navy. No bright colored polo shirts.

3 ways to choose formal attire for boys


When choosing formal attire for boys, choose something that is comfortable and easy to move around in.
Wearing unfamiliar clothes for a long time can be difficult for boys who move a lot. I would like to choose something that is less burdensome.

  1. I choose just size
  2. Choose comfortable materials
  3. Choose shoes according to the outfit and occasion

How to choose ①: Pay attention to the size

For formal clothes, choose just the right size. A larger size will give you a sloppy impression.
You can choose the perfect size for your jacket by checking that the shoulders fit properly.
Be aware that the sleeves made overseas may be longer and thinner than those made in Japan.
Shorts or long pants are fine. If you're concerned about size, shorts are more flexible and don't require hem adjustment.

How to choose ②: Stick to the material

For boys' formal attire, choose materials that are comfortable to wear.
Some children don't like tight-fitting shirts because their necks are tight. The cut and sewn material stretches more than cotton, making it easy to wear.
Check if the pants are stretchable. Stretchy pants are recommended for energetic boys who move a lot.

How to choose ③: Check even the shoes

Choose your shoes according to the suit and occasion. Black loafers are versatile and match any style!
It's perfect for weddings, and it's safe to have one.
For entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and memorial services, new black sneakers are fine.
It's easy to get dirty, so check it regularly to keep it clean.
You can also wear it with short boots for a presentation! Girls wear gorgeous dresses and dresses, so boys should stick to accessories and enjoy the recital style.

The point of formal clothes for boys is to use small items


Boys' formal attire tends to be similar in style. It is the use of small items that makes a difference! Dress in style with attention to detail.

  1. Ties and bow ties
  2. Vest
  3. Suspenders

Point 1: Express your individuality with a necktie or bow tie

A tie or a bow tie can be worn with a suit.
A tie is recommended if you want to look cool and mature, and a bow tie is recommended if you want to create a little personality.
For entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and presentations, choosing a tie or bow tie in your child's favorite color will make it even more memorable!
However, for weddings, wear a plain black tie.

Point 2: The vest is easy to move around in and stylish!

The best style is easy to move your arms, so it's perfect for energetic boys.
If you wear a shirt and trousers, it will look a little dull. If you add a vest, you can create a stylish and neat look.
A knit vest is traditional and cute, while a vest made of the same material as the pants gives a mature and structured impression.

Point 3: Suspenders go well with a bow tie

Suspenders are recommended when you want to stand out from the crowd. Match it with a bow tie for a British gentleman style finish.
Suspenders are not only stylish but also functional.
Children are often unfamiliar with belts, but they can wear suspenders without discomfort. It also has the advantage of making the pants line look beautiful.

Choose formal clothes for boys according to TPO!


Suits are the standard formal attire for boys. Choose size and comfort.
Be careful not to violate the manners according to the color according to the TPO.
Suits tend to be the same as those around them, but please show your child's personality with accessories such as ties and shoes.