3 Ways on styling childrens clothes for boys 【Online shopping tips and 3 Easy styling points】


“Boys have less fun choosing children’s clothes than girls.”
"Always tends to be the same coordination"
Have you ever experienced something like this?
This time, I will explain a little trick to make boys' clothes look fashionable and how to shop safely online.
We have also posted specific countermeasures for when you are in trouble, such as when you want a character item.
Let's enjoy fashionable children's clothes for boys!

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3 tips to make boy's children's clothes look stylish


Boys' clothes tend to be safe, but with a little trick you can look stylish.

  1. Wear colorful clothes
  2. Simple shoes are fashionable
  3. Set up

Tip #1: Wear colorful clothes

boys-bottoms-short-pants boys-bottoms-short-pants

Pocket half pants with water-absorbing and quick-drying original patch

Incorporating colorful items into boys' clothes will make them look gorgeous.
It is recommended to try colorful trousers.
If you wear slim colored pants, you can look stylish just by pairing it with a simple plain T-shirt.
For boys in kindergarten and lower grades of elementary school, it would be cute to combine compact shorts such as yellow or green with a loose T-shirt.
Boys' clothes tend to be in calm colors such as navy, khaki, and black. Using colorful items with points also has the advantage of being easy to find in parks and other large areas.

Tip 2: Simple shoes are fashionable

Shoes are indispensable for fashionable coordination.
For everyday use, we recommend simple sneakers that go well with anything.
No matter how stylish your clothes are, you will be left with a disappointing impression with flashy shiny sneakers that use many primary colors.
Boots and Gurkha sandals are also recommended when going out. It's simple yet mature.

Tip 3: Set it up

If you set it up, you don't have to think about coordinating it, and you can be fashionable at once!
Bold patterns are difficult to coordinate with the clothes you have, so it is difficult to incorporate them.
But if you set it up, you can also match the upper and lower patterned upper and upper coordination.
If you wear the top and bottom separately, you can enjoy various fashions by expanding the range of coordination.

3 Ways to Choose When Buying Boys' Children's Clothing Online


Some people may feel uneasy about shopping online because they cannot pick and choose the products.
If you know how to choose, you can buy children's clothes online without fail.

  1. Choose a slightly larger size
  2. Choose materials that are comfortable to the touch
  3. Set a budget for each item

Choice 1: Choose a slightly larger size

When shopping for boys' clothes online, choose a slightly larger size.
Depending on the manufacturer and brand, even if the size is the same, there are differences such as loose or slim.
If you choose only based on the size notation such as 120 or M, you may fail, so be sure to check the size details.
If you measure the width of the shoulders, width of the body, and length of the clothes you have, you can choose the same or slightly larger size.

How to choose 2: Choose comfortable materials

Choose breathable and absorbent materials such as cotton or waffle.
It is important to choose the material for boys' clothes that move a lot and sweat regardless of the season. Stretchy material is also recommended so that you can easily move around and put it on and take it off by yourself.
Please be aware that many children do not want to wear scratchy or hard fabrics.
You can't check the texture of the fabric online, so check the tags of your favorite clothes and choose clothes with similar materials.

How to choose ③: Divide the budget by item

For items that can be used for a long time, such as hats and outerwear, if you set a slightly higher budget, the fabric will not be damaged or torn, and as a result, it will last longer.
T-shirts, trousers, leggings, and other items that you use daily can be washed without hesitation if you buy them at affordable prices.
Instead of completely separating outing clothes and everyday clothes, you can coordinate more by adding items for going out to your everyday clothes.
For example, items that are difficult to put on and take off, such as button-down shirts with collars, and should be avoided in kindergartens and elementary schools, are recommended for outings.
If you put a shirt over your usual T-shirt and leggings, your usual coordination will be a little different.

3 ways to deal with boys' children's clothes that don't look fashionable


"I want to look fashionable, but my child's taste and budget don't work out."

  1. Enjoy character items out of sight
  2. Prepare a large number of cheap trousers that tend to get dirty
  3. Stick to small items so as not to be one-size-fits-all

Solution 1: Enjoy character items in your underwear

It is recommended to use character items such as underwear, handkerchiefs, and pajamas instead of clothes.
Children's favorite character clothes may not be fashionable from an adult's point of view.
If you don't want to give up on fashion while respecting your child's feelings, let's balance it by incorporating it in the invisible part.
I want to enjoy fashion that makes both children and parents happy!

Solution 2: Get cheap trousers that get dirty easily

It's normal for active boys to get their pants dirty or torn. Let's decide that "trousers are affordable".
It's a waste to stop your child's curiosity by worrying about dirty pants.
It is recommended to prepare a little extra trousers.
It depends on the number of times you wash it, but if you have about 5 sheets, you can rest assured.
Simple trousers and leggings can also be used for going out if the tops are worn outside.

Solution 3: Add fashionable accessories for a de-one pattern

Boys' clothes tend to be one pattern, such as trousers, T-shirts, and trainers.
If you add accessories such as hats and bags, it will be refined at once.
A simple knitted hat or cap is recommended. A small body bag gives a sporty and mature impression.
When choosing accessories, sticking to the material will make you look stylish. For example, caps and bags that are partly made of leather can be used for a long time and look chic.
In winter, the boa material also enhances the mood of the season and looks fashionable.

Let's sell stylish children's clothes for boys well!


It is recommended to buy fashionable clothes for boys at mail order where there are many choices.
If you check the material and size of the clothes you have before purchasing, you should be less likely to make mistakes.
Boys' clothes tend to be one-patterned, but you can make them look stylish by incorporating colorful items and sticking to accessories such as hats and shoes.