5 Stylish items for size 80cm boys 【3 Shopping tips for choosing the right clothes】


"One-year-old boys move a lot, so it's hard to change clothes."
"I'd like to change from a romper to a separate type soon, but what should I buy?"
Do you have any problems like this?
We will introduce how to choose 80 size children's clothes for boys and essential items.
It is full of recommended coordinates that look fashionable.

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3 nice points about 80 size children's clothes for boys


The 80 size graduated from rompers and became a separate type. The width of coordinates spreads.

  1. 80 size can be worn for a long time
  2. Separate type can be selected
  3. Perfect for baby gifts!

Now let me explain the three points in detail.

Point 1: Can be worn longer than 50 to 70 sizes

The 80 size is generally made for ages 1 to 1 and a half.
Since the baby's growth settles down from around 1 year old, it can be worn for a long time compared to 50 to 70 sizes, which grow steadily!
One of the reasons why babies can wear it for a long time is that when they start crawling and toddling, the baby's body, which was previously puffy, will become a little slimmer.
Compared to clothes up to size 70, which quickly run out of size, clothes of size 80, which can be worn for a long time, tend to remain in memories and photos.
I want to carefully choose one that I can have attachment to.

Point 2: You can also choose a separate type for the 80 size

Up to size 70, rompers were the main item, but from size 80 onwards, you can also choose a separate type that is divided into tops and pants.
It's fun to think about coordination with a lot of choices.
Babies around the age of 1 move a lot, so it can be difficult to keep still when changing diapers.
If you use separate clothes, you can quickly remove the baby's trousers from behind.
When changing diapers becomes difficult, try changing from rompers to separate types.

Point 3: Perfect for baby gifts!

If you want to give clothes to celebrate the birth of a baby, we recommend the 80 size. Fast-growing babies can wear it from around 6.7 months, and slightly smaller babies can wear it after 1 year old.
When gifting baby clothes, it is necessary to consider the age and season, but it is quite difficult.
Size 80 is often worn around 1 year old, so it is OK if you choose clothes for the season when your baby was born.
I'm sure she will be happy if you give her a slightly different kind of clothes that she wouldn't buy.
Around 1 year old can enjoy going out, so if you go out with the clothes you gave as a gift, the person who sent it to you will be happy.

3 tips on how to choose 80 sizes of boy's children's clothes without fail


Children's clothes for boys have fewer choices than girls. Many moms rely on mail order.
Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing children's clothing.

  1. Check not only the size but also the size chart
  2. Choose baby-friendly materials
  3. Choose a unisex color

How to choose ①: Check the size chart

Even with the same 80 size, depending on the manufacturer, there is a difference in whether it is loose or tight.
For tops, check the width, length, and sleeve length to choose the right size.
Length is especially important! Babies have bulging bellies, so the longer length will cover your tummy completely.
For pants, check not only the waist and length, but also the rise. Choose a length that covers the diaper properly.
It is recommended to secretly measure the size while the baby is sleeping.

How to choose ②: Choose a material that you can spend comfortably

Babies often begin to walk around the age of one. There are more opportunities to go out to parks, etc., and you may sweat a lot.
Choose a material that breathes and absorbs water, such as cotton.
Stretchy cotton sheeting material is also recommended for ease of movement.
Choose a soft material that will make your baby feel comfortable.

How to choose ③: Choose a unisex color

1-boys-tops-sweatshirts 1-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Beige sweatshirt for boys and girls

Refreshing colors such as blue and green are perfect for boys, but they give a slightly safe impression.
If you use unisex colors such as beige, gray, and white, it will look fashionable. Accent colors also stand out.
For example, how about a beige sweatshirt paired with denim-like leggings and a simple knit hat in warm colors such as orange?
The unisex color makes it easy to coordinate with your sister or mom!

5 recommended items for boy's children's clothing size 80


Five recommended items for energetic boys who move a lot. We'll also give you some tips on how to wear them.

  1. Versatile T-shirt
  2. Trainer that can be used in 3 seasons
  3. Simple leggings that go with anything
  4. Poncho or vest that is easy to put on and take off
  5. Overalls that make you feel like a baby

Recommendation ①: T-shirt that can be used as an inner layer

2-boys-tops-longsleeves 2-boys-tops-longsleeves

Baby size 100% cotton musical instrument series drum print T-shirt

A versatile T-shirt that can be used regardless of the season.
In addition to long sleeves and short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves are surprisingly convenient. The sleeves don't get dirty easily, so it's perfect for when you don't know what to wear in spring and autumn.
Even in winter, the heated room can feel hot for a 1-year-old boy. If you wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and a shirt made of warm materials such as corduroy, you can wear it even in winter.

Recommendation 2: Sweatshirt that can be used in 3 seasons, spring, autumn and winter

3-boys-tops-sweatshirts 3-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Baby size logo embroidered sweatshirt with pocket

Depending on the material of the sweatshirt, it can be used for a long time in spring, autumn and winter. Wear it alone in spring and autumn, and layer it in winter.
Wear a turtleneck T-shirt under a loose sweatshirt to keep you warm even in winter.
If you tuck a striped turtleneck T-shirt into a simple sweatshirt, it will be a focal point and fashionable.

Recommendation 3: Leggings that are great for daily use and going out

4-boys-bottoms-pants 4-boys-bottoms-pants

Baby size rib knit material 10/4 length stretch pants

No matter how many simple leggings you have, they are very useful.
It's stretchy and easy to move around in, and I'm happy that it's affordable! There are many color variations, so you can have a wide range of fashion.
Denim and chino pants are cute and fashionable when going out, but the material is hard and difficult for babies to move.
If you make the top with a collar, you can use the usual leggings for going out.

Recommended ④: Poncho and vest that are easy to move and wear

Babies around 1 year old are very active. It is also difficult just to change clothes.
Ponchos and vests that are easy to put on and take off are useful.
The poncho has a strong image of a girl, but if it is around 1 year old, it will be cute even if a boy wears it ◎. It has no sleeves and is well ventilated, so it can be used not only as a protection against the cold, but also as a sunshade in the summer.
Babies around 1 year old may take off their outerwear even if it is cold because it is difficult to move. The best doesn't interfere with your baby's movements.
A knitted vest and collared shirt are perfect for a traditional outing, while a down vest and T-shirt are casual and slightly mature.

Recommendation ⑤ Baby-like overalls

Of course, the growth of a baby is a joy, but it can also make you feel a little lonely, saying, "I was wearing a romper just a little while ago...".
Overalls are recommended for such people. It will look cute and still look like a baby.
If you wear oversized pants, you might worry that they will slip off or make it difficult to move, but overalls have shoulder straps, so you can buy a slightly larger size. I am happy that I can use it for a long time.

3 Fashionable Children's Clothing Coordinations of Size 80 for Boys


Around 1 year old when the opportunity to go out increases. I want to enjoy fashion to the fullest.
Here are some recommended outfits that look great in photos.

  • Set up and be fashionable at once
  • Layered shirts and T-shirts
  • Matching outfits that make you smile just by looking at them
  • Coordination 1: Set up to be fashionable at once

    The set-up that does not require coordination is an item that attracts attention.
    If you set up a difficult top and bottom patterned outfit, it will be fashionable at once.
    Sports brand jerseys such as Nike and Adidas are also available from 80 sizes.
    It's very cute with a design that looks like an adult's jersey has become smaller!
    Matching coordination with dad is also cool. The top and bottom can be used separately, so you can have a wider range of fashion.

    Coordination 2: Layered coordination that combines fashion and temperature control

    5-boys-tops-sweatshirts 5-boys-tops-sweatshirts

    100% cotton embroidered bear Fleece sweatshirt with chest pocket

    Shirts are recommended for layered outfits.
    Match a check shirt with a simple sweatshirt for a gorgeous look.
    If you wear a white shirt over a T-shirt, you will instantly feel like an older brother.
    Collared shirts are recommended for going out as they create a neat look.

    Coordination ③: Matching coordination with brothers and sisters

    6-boys-tops-shortsleeves 4-boys-tops-shortsleeves

    100% cotton airplane print T-shirt

    Separate-type clothes come in a wide variety of sizes, making it easy to coordinate with other outfits.
    It's cute even if you're wearing the exact same twin outfit with your big brother, and if you're with your sister, you can also have a partially matching link outfit ◎.
    For example, why don't you match the pattern and color of your baby's top with accessories such as your sister's hair band and bag?
    Matching outfits with older brothers and sisters will look great in photos, and it will be fun to be fashionable!

    Boys' 80 size children's clothing has a wide range of fashion!


    80 size clothes are recommended for babies between 1 and 1.5 years old. You can also choose a separate type to expand the range of coordination.
    Choose comfortable materials and sizes for babies just starting to walk.
    It is recommended because it is easy to put on a poncho or vest.
    Let's enjoy fashion with 80 size clothes that can be used for a long time!