10 stylish outfits for size 130cm boys 【Have fun with clothes you like】


Most of the children who wear children's clothing size 130 are attending elementary school.
Since the color and design you like will appear, you will have more to worry about how to coordinate your outfit.
This time, we will introduce recommended outfits for boys who wear size 130.

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10 recommended outfits for boys with children's clothing size 130


Boys' outfits tend to have a heavy impression, such as black and brown, so let's choose bright colors and enjoy fashion.
Even boys like pink and yellow, and there may be unexpected discoveries.
It will be easier for you and your child to decide on a theme, such as pop clothes for spring and summer, and chic clothes for autumn and winter.

Recommendation ①: 100% cotton striped T-shirt

1-boys-tops-longsleeves 1-boys-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton striped T-shirt

A long-sleeved T-shirt that can be used as a mast no matter how many pieces you have.
The striped pattern is an excellent item that goes well with any bottom.

Recommendation 2: 100% cotton 9/4 length cargo pants

2-boys-bottoms-pants 2-boys-bottoms-pants

100% cotton 9/4 length cargo pants

The 9/4 length pants make your feet look neat, so they are easy to match not only with sneakers, but also with summer sandals.
The loose silhouette creates a relaxed look.

Recommendation ③: 100% cotton logo print relaxed silhouette T-shirt

3-boys-tops-shortsleeves 3-boys-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton logo print relaxed silhouette T-shirt

A short-sleeved T-shirt at an affordable price.
All colors are easy to match, so you can match them with different colors. Heavy rotation no doubt.

Recommendation 4: Knit denim shorts with original logo patch pocket

4-boys-bottoms-shortpants 4-boys-bottoms-shortpants

Knit denim shorts with original logo patch pocket

These shorts are simple and easy to match. It keeps you cool, so it is also useful for home time.

Recommendation 5: Three-color sweatshirt with pocket and logo

5-boys-tops-sweatshirts 5-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Three-color sweatshirt with pocket and logo

It is a trainer with a color scheme switching design.

Recommended ⑥: Washed denim knit full-length pants for both men and women

6-boys-bottoms-pants 6-boys-bottoms-pants


Indigo dyed knit denim pants. The material is not stiff, so it is easy to move.
The waist part is fully elastic, but it does not wrinkle and can be worn in a well-balanced manner.

Recommendation 7: 100% cotton bi-color design T-shirt

7-boys-tops-longsleeves-1 7-boys-tops-longsleeves-1

100% cotton bicolor design T-shirt

Bi-color T-shirt with a trendy feel.
A long T-shirt that gives a mature impression is a must-have item that can be used from the beginning of autumn to the middle of winter.

Recommendation ⑧: 10/4 length cargo pants with fine brushed lining

8-boys-bottoms-pants 8-boys-bottoms-pants

Slightly brushed back 10/4 length cargo pants

A must-see for boys who love to play outside!
Moisturizing fleece material protects against cold air.

Recommendation 9: Warm back shaggy sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket

9-boys-tops-sweatshirts 9-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Warm back shaggy sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket

A trainer with a large kangaroo pocket as an accent.
The high neck is loose around the neck so you don't feel annoyed.

Recommended ⑩: Stretch twill full-length baker pants with slightly brushed back

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Slightly brushed back stretch twill full-length baker pants

Baker pants are said to be indispensable for boys' fashion nowadays.
It is one of the versatile items that can be matched with any outfit. Even if you roll it up.

Six ways to choose children's clothing 130 size


Even when he reaches elementary school, the boy is full of energy.
I play and move my body as much as possible during my breaks.
There are also physical education and calligraphy classes, so check the following six points before choosing.

  • easy to move
  • It is difficult to see dirt
  • Easy to wash or care for
  • Easy to change clothes
  • There is a pocket
  • Personal preferences

It's convenient to have a pocket to put masks and handkerchiefs that are essential for life.
The key is "personal preference". Even in the lower grades, you will be motivated to choose yourself.
Let's incorporate your own preferences so that you can choose clothes smoothly in a hectic morning.

Children's clothing 130 size 5 sets ready


Every time you go up in size, the number of times you change clothes often decreases.
However, if you spend a lot of time in plain clothes, it is safe to have a certain amount of stock.

5 sets of tops and pants

Have at least 5 sets of tops and trousers for each season.
It seems that they change clothes after returning home, and sometimes bring a change of clothes in the summer.

I want 2 sets of outerwear

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

Slightly brushed back stretch twill full-length baker pants

Outerwear is essential besides tops and trousers.
Having at least two sets for each season will give you peace of mind.
There are 3 points to choose

  • light
  • thin
  • warm

Outerwear has a heavy and bulky design, but it is not suitable for commuting to school.
The heavy luggage can be a burden and difficult to manage in the classroom.
Choose outerwear that you can wear without stress.

Children's clothing size 130 confirms boys' likes! Let's enjoy the time we choose together


Choosing clothes by yourself increases 'self-affirmation'.
But remember, kids are new to fashion.
You may end up choosing pattern-plus-pattern coordination or clothes that don't have a sense of the season.
If you convey the points well, a fashionable senior boy will be born.