【For Boys】5 Stylish outer wear for preschool! Popular brands and items


When the seasons change, there should be many people who are worried about children's outerwear.
Kindergarten clothes should also be fashionable.
However, some nursery schools have designations such as "no hood" and "not too thick".
"I don't have outerwear to use at kindergarten..."
"Where can I buy one?"
"I want something stylish that is perfect for children!"

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, we will introduce 5 stylish outerwear for boys that can be used at kindergarten.
We will also tell you how to choose popular brands and items.

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[Boys] 5 recommended children's outerwear


This time, we have carefully selected 5 stylish outerwear for boys that can be used at kindergarten.
I choose clothes that are casual and can be used for going out.

Recommended ① Ease of movement ◎ For outdoor coordination

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

Hood removable zip-up hoodie

A windbreaker with an outdoor feel.
It is light and easy to wear, so it is recommended for children who move around outside.
If it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine.
The two-tone color and logo on the left chest are stylish.
The simple design makes it easy to match with other items.
It is a good idea to remove the hood when using it for kindergarten.

Recommendation ② Chic color variation! Dress cool with a blouson

girls-outerwear-jackets girls-outerwear-jackets

Logo Embroidery Zip-up MA-1 Pocket Nylon Blouson

It is an orthodox blouson.
It is easy to use not only as a kindergarten outfit, but also for going out.
The simple design makes it easy to mix and match.
It comes in two colors, black and khaki.
You can enjoy a mature street outfit.
You can also wear a sweatshirt or hoodie as an inner layer.
Wear it cool with denim and black pants.

Recommended 3. Great for mixing and matching outfits! casual fleece blouson

girls-outerwear-jackets girls-outerwear-jackets

Warm back brushed jacket with logo embroidered patch & pocket

A blouson with a warm fleece lining.
The emblem on the left chest is a cute focal point.
The collar, sleeves, and hem are stylish with black ribbing.
The dark color makes it easy to match with other items.
Pair with a casual hat when going out.
Enjoy a cute casual outfit.

Recommendation ④ Smooth texture! cute boa jacket

girls-outerwear-jackets girls-outerwear-jackets

Boa zip-up jacket with logo patch

A cute boa jacket with a fluffy feel.
The logo on the left chest is one point.
The dark color makes it easy to match with other items.
Create an I-line silhouette with slim black pants for a stylish look.
When it gets cold, it's cute to wear a vest.
It comes in a wide range of sizes, so it's cute to coordinate with siblings who are older than you.

Recommendation 5: Checked boa jacket for a more stylish look

girls-outerwear-jackets girls-outerwear-jackets

Check pattern warm boa zip up jacket

It is a boa jacket with a plaid pattern that looks like winter.
A foam boa is used for the lining, and it is particular about its soft touch.
It is easy to use as an outfit for going out, and it will be an accent for a simple outfit.
You can easily complete a stylish outfit with just one piece.
It will make your outfit look more casual.
It is also a great point that you can wash it completely.

[Boys] Top 5 Outerwear Brands


We have carefully selected 5 popular brands of outerwear for boys.
Here are the 5 brands we're introducing.

  2. Patagonia
  4. NIKE
  5. adidas

Let's talk about each brand.


The North Face is an outdoor brand.
Although the brand has many adult fans, it also offers items for children.
As an outdoor brand, it is highly functional and perfect for children who move around.
The stylish design makes it easy to wear when going out.
Recommended for moms and dads who love The North Face.
It is also good to enjoy parent-child coordination together when going out.

Brand ② Patagonia

Patagonia is also an outdoor brand, so it is highly functional and easy to move.
There are also plenty of items for children.
It features a colorful design and is worn by a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.
A particularly popular item is the Retro X series.
Check it out if you're looking for cute fleece and vests.
Stylish accent color design.
It's cute to wear a link coordination with your parent and child when you go out.

Brand ③ UNIQLO

Uniqlo is a Japanese fast fashion brand.
It is reasonably priced, but it is said to be highly functional.
There are items that are easy to use for commuting to kindergarten, such as down with a removable hood and down that is light enough to be folded into a small size.
The simple design makes it easy to match with other items.
Since it is a standard kindergarten uniform, it is often worn with other children, but it is recommended for those who value cost performance.

Brand ④NIKE

Nike, a world-famous sports brand, is popular for its high functionality and stylish design.
Sneakers are very popular, but outerwear is also available.
There are also items for children, such as down jackets and windbreakers.
The simple brand logo and sophisticated design are cool.
In addition to sports scenes, it is also used for sports MIX coordination.
Recommended for those who value the high functionality and brand power unique to sports brands.

Brand ⑤adidas

Adidas is also a sports brand, so it is highly functional.
We also have a wide range of children's outerwear, from down jackets to jerseys.
Speaking of Adidas, it is a three-leaf brand logo and three lines.
There is a brand power that is immediately recognizable as Adidas.
It has urban items, and like Nike, it is often used for sports MIX coordination.

[By boys and outerwear] Points to note when choosing children's clothing


From here, we will explain the points to note when choosing outerwear for boys for each of the following three items.

  1. Heavy outerwear
  2. Windbreaker
  3. Vest

Let's take a look at the considerations for each option.

① Precautions for heavy outerwear

In winter, down jackets and blousons line the shelves.
Down is useful when it gets really cold, but it also has the disadvantage of being too thick and difficult to move.
A padded jacket is recommended for boys who move around.
It's warm enough to play outside, and the price is affordable.
If you wear thick clothes and play outside, you may sweat and catch a cold.
When choosing heavy outerwear, choose one that is not too thick and has good breathability.

② Precautions for windbreakers

A windbreaker is also one of the recommended outerwear for boys who move around.
It can be used in seasons other than the middle of winter, and it is also a nice point that it can be used for a long time.
As it is difficult for wind to pass through, it can be used in the chilly season.
If you are worried about your clothes getting dirty when playing outside, you should choose dark colors such as black or navy.
It is easy to match with other items, so it is easy to use for everyday wear.
Highly visible and colorful colors are recommended for children to use outdoors.
You can wear it cutely even if you wear it everyday.
You should also check if it is machine washable.

③ Best precautions

It's best to be able to easily regulate your body temperature when the seasons change.
Even just the torso changes the warmth dramatically.
It has no sleeves and is easy to move around in, making it perfect for boys who move around.
No more dirty sleeves.
Material selection is important when choosing the best.
If you choose a thin one, you can use it for a long time.
You can wear it in layers under your outerwear, so it can be used not only in spring and autumn, but also in winter.
Down material is good for winter.

Stylish children's outerwear for boys to kindergarten


This time, we would like to introduce stylish outerwear for boys.
We have selected items that do not have a hood or can be removed, and items that are not too thick, so they are easy to use when going to kindergarten.
Because it is a stylish design, it can also be used as an outing wear.
Outdoor brands and fast fashion brands are popular for kindergarten clothes, but it's also a good idea to look at sports brands.
If you also check the children's clothing brand, you won't wear it with the surroundings.
Moononnon has a large selection of stylish children's clothing for boys.
We also have sale and affordable items, so please consider it as soon as possible before it is sold out.