10 popular childrens clothing brands with English word printing 【5 popular and stylish items】


If you wear children's clothes with English logos, your coordination will be fashionable at once.
Since there are so many types, many people may not know where to look for them.
This time, we will introduce popular brands that carry a wide variety of children's clothing with English writing, as well as recommended items.

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5 recommended items for children's clothing written in English


First of all, we will introduce recommended items written in English.
Just match it with the clothes you have and you will have a nice coordination.

Recommended item 1: Bicolor is cool! long tee with logo

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton bicolor design T-shirt

A bi-color long T-shirt with a stylish design that has a line with an English logo written in the center.
Just match it with denim or plain pants to transform yourself into a fashionable boy that puts adults to shame.
Recommended for boys who want to grow taller.

Recommended item 2: Admiring the detailed design ♡ Sweatshirt

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

Logo sweatshirt with zip pocket

The zipper pocket on the chest is cool!
It has a sturdy pocket, so you can put a handkerchief or a stone you picked up.
Please pay attention to the logo design that is simple but has a strong presence!
The fabric feels like a towel, so you can spend a comfortable time indoors.

Recommended item 3: Can be used in any scene! LOGO STRETCH PANTS

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

10/4 length stretch pants with logo pocket

Simple pants with excellent stretch and easy to wear.
There is a tag with English written on the pocket of the buttocks, and the back style is firmly decided!
The sturdy fabric is easy to move around in, so it's recommended for going out or playing!
They come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can wear them together with your siblings!

Recommended item 4: The embroidered logo on the chest is too cute ♡ Ron T

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Flower Ribbon Dress Logo Embroidery Ballet Shoes T-shirt

A T-shirt with a logo that is perfect for girly coordination.
If you look closely, the logo and ballet shoes are all embroidered!
Also pay attention to the pretty flowers sewn into the dress♡
By all means, please wear it with a skirt for a cute look.

Recommended item 5: With brand logo perfect for gifts ♪

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Embroidered brand logo gift ribbon shoulder gather sweatshirt

A mature sweatshirt with the moononnon brand logo written in the center.
Around the logo, many presents are embroidered.
A fun item that makes you feel happy just by wearing it.
It is also recommended as a Christmas or birthday present.

10 popular brands of children's clothing written in English


Now, let's take a look at the brands that actually carry a lot of children's clothing with English written on them.
If you can't find your favorite item, please refer to it.

  1. GAP
  2. H&M
  3. NEXT
  4. moononnon
  5. Bebe
  6. Kladskape
  7. apres les courses

Brand ①: GAP

GAP is a famous brand whose motto is to make comfortable clothes.
If you want to buy GAP children's clothing, we recommend T-shirts and hoodies with the brand logo on them.
We have a wide range of items from baby sizes to adult sizes, so you can coordinate with your parent and child or siblings.

Brand ②: H&M

Swedish apparel brand H&M is one of the most popular brands in Japan.
The feature is that there are many clothes with unique designs that are not found in Japan.
You can find a design that you like, whether it has an English logo casually or something with a strong impact.

Brand ③: NEXT

Headquartered in England, NEXT is a popular brand that has stores in Japan as well.
In addition to simple items, there are plenty of items with unique patterns that are not found in Japan.
Of course, you can also find a lot of cool children's clothes with English logos.

Brand ④: moononnon

"moononnon", which has stores in department stores nationwide, is a brand that develops high-quality items with particular attention to detail.
Boys love vehicles and dinosaurs, while girls love flowers and ribbons.
There are many English logos that are embroidered, so it is recommended for those who want a higher-grade item!

Brand ⑤: Bebe

Kobe's children's clothing brand "Bebe" also offers a large number of high-quality items.
There are many clothes that are stylishly designed with brand logos.
If you are looking for children's clothing with an adult-chic image, check it out.

Brand ⑥: Kladskape

Kladskape is a high-quality brand recommended for boy moms.
There are many children's clothes with patterns that are popular with boys, such as trains, working cars, and dinosaurs.
We also recommend items with a casual brand logo.

Brand 7: apres les courses

“apres les cours” is a brand that every girl mom should check out.
Pastel colors, dull colors, and other colors that girls will love♡
If you're looking for a girly brand with casual English in it, check it out.


"BABY DOLL" has a lot of items with a childish and bright impression.
If you choose clothes with the brand logo boldly written, it will be an impressive coordination.
Clothes with bright colors such as red and yellow are perfect accents.

Brand ⑨: BREEZE

If you are looking for a children's clothing brand with good cost performance, "BREEZE" is recommended.
We are developing American casual style items that put adults to shame.
There are things that are boldly entered in English, and things that are casual.


BRANSHES is a cute and stylish casual brand.
We have stylish children's clothes that will be the focal point of your coordination.
There are a wide variety of clothes, from clothes with a large brand logo to clothes with a little writing on the shoulder.

A total of 5 types of children's clothes written in English


Some people want to use English casually, while others want to make a bold statement.
There are various types of children's clothes with English written on them.
Let's check what type of English clothes you're looking for.

  1. It is written as a large logo on the top
  2. It is casually written on the top
  3. It is written on the back style of the tops
  4. It is written in the back pocket of the bottom
  5. It is written as a whole pattern

Type 1: A large logo is written on the top

The first is a pattern with large letters written in English on the top.
If you choose items with brand logos, even children will have a slightly fashionable impression.
It's also a good idea to look up the meaning of English and find something that is perfect for your child.

Type 2: Casually written on the top

Many of the tops have English logos written casually on the chest and sleeves.
It is a recommended item when you want to match the pattern with the bottom.

Type 3: Written on the back style of the top

Some clothes have English logos on the back.
If you don't want to loose your back style, try looking for this type.

Type ④: Written in the back pocket of the bottom

Clothes with casual English written in the back pocket of the bottom are also nice.
Rather than a simple bottom with nothing written on it, it will be a coordination that makes you feel more particular.

Type ⑤: Written as a whole pattern

If you choose an item with English written as the whole pattern, it will be an impressive style.
If you find yourself in a rut about your coordination, give it a try.

Fashionable children's clothing with English written on it!


Children's clothing written in English is an item that enhances your usual coordination.
Please refer to the brands and items introduced in this article and choose stylish clothes that are perfect for your child.