What clothes to buy for a 3lb new born? 【3 Important Shopping Tips】


"What size should I choose for 3000g newborn clothes?"
“I want to dress her up in fashionable clothes, but will she soon be unable to wear them?”
"I don't know anything about children's clothes, so if you have any points to choose, please tell me."。

Isn't there some people who think?
This time, we will introduce the perfect clothes size for a newborn 3000g.
We will also tell you about the size changes up to six months after birth and 3 points on how to choose, so you can see which clothes you should buy and how much.
Please use it as a reference when choosing clothes for your baby.。

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Newborn 3000g clothes size 50-60


Choose a size 50-60 for a newborn 3000g baby.
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50 or 60 is up to you

The perfect size for a 3,000g newborn is size 50, but it will become unwearable after about 2-3 months of age.
For this reason, some people buy size 60 from the beginning, thinking, "I won't be going out at first, so I'll buy a larger size."
50 size is recommended if you want to wear just-sized clothes.
However, it will quickly run out of size, so even a cheap one is fine.

clothing size change

Here are the size changes for newborn clothes.

- 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-12 months
size 50-60 size 60-70 size 70-80 size

There are individual differences in the growth speed, so please refer to it as a guide.
When it comes to baby clothes after size 80, the number of brands we handle will increase.

Change in shoe/sock size

A summary of the size changes in newborn shoes and socks.

- 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-12 months
size 7-9cm 9-10cm 10-12cm

There are individual differences in the growth speed, so please refer to it as a guide.

change in hat size

I summarized the size change of the hat of the newborn baby.

- 0-3 months 1-4 months 12 months
size 32-40cm 35-43cm 46-48cm

There are individual differences in the growth speed, so please refer to it as a guide.

Newborn items

Some of you may be wondering, “What kind of newborn clothes are there in the first place?”
There are four main items that you should prepare when your baby is born.

  1. Short underwear
  2. Long underwear
  3. Combi underwear
  4. Two way all

Short underwear is underwear that has a hem down to the waist. Easy to change diapers and layered clothes.
Long underwear is underwear that has a hem that extends to the toes. Like short underwear, it is easy to change diapers.
Combi underwear is underwear that has a hem up to the knees and is used by layering it with short underwear. It is easy to move your feet and will come in handy after 2 months of age.
A two-way all is a wear that opens in the front. Depending on how the button is fastened, it can be worn as a dress or trousers.
When the baby is about two months old, it is a good idea to use it as a coverall by making it into trousers.
If you are wondering what to buy, you will have no problem if you have these four items for the time being.

Three points for choosing clothes for a newborn baby of 3000g


So far, I have explained the size of clothes for a newborn baby of 3000g.
Here are three tips for choosing clothes.

  1. You don't have to prepare a lot
  2. Think about the season
  3. Be careful with materials

I will tell you the details of each.

Point 1: You don't have to prepare a lot

Babies grow fast, so even if you have a lot of newborn size clothes, they won't be able to wear them soon.
It's okay to have a few sheets at first.
Please refer to the necessary number of items for each newborn item.

short underwear 5 sheets
Long underwear, combination underwear 5 sheets
two way all 3 sheets
outer 0 to 1

This is just a guideline, so the amount and items you need will change depending on the season of birth and the speed of growth.
Don't prepare a large amount from the beginning, and buy more when you run out.

Point ② Consider the season

We've rounded up seasonal styles in newborn sizes.

spring ・Short underwear + two-way all
・Short underwear + long underwear + two-way all
summer ・Short underwear + combination underwear
・Short underwear + long underwear
・Short underwear + two-way all
autumn ・Short underwear + two-way all
・Short underwear + long underwear + two-way all
winter ・Short underwear + two-way all
・Short underwear + long underwear + two-way all
・Short underwear + long underwear + two-way all + outerwear (when going out)

In spring and autumn, the temperature changes drastically depending on the time. It is important to wear light clothes in layers so that you can easily control the temperature.
Even in summer, there is a difference in temperature between the indoor air conditioner and the hot outdoors.
It would be a good idea to prepare a short-sleeved two-way all and bring a thin cardigan.
Outerwear such as ponchos and swaddles are essential when going out in winter.
However, if you wear too much, even in winter, you will sweat and become unwell, so make sure to adjust according to the location and temperature.

Point 3: Pay attention to materials

Newborn clothes are usually made from 100% cotton.
It has excellent moisture absorption and breathability, so it can be said that it is a baby-friendly material.
Even though it is called cotton, there are different types depending on the thickness of the thread and how it is knitted.
The thickness and texture of the fabric varies, so be sure to choose the material that matches the season.

gauze ・Recommended for spring, summer and autumn
・Soft touch
・Breathable and easy to dry
・Not very elastic
India ・Recommended for spring, summer and autumn
・Smooth texture
・Breathable and easy to dry
fries ・Can be used all year round
・Soft touch
smooth ・Recommended for winter
・Thick and durable
pile ・Recommended for winter
・Thick and soft texture
・There is water absorption

Arranged in order of thinness from the top
When choosing newborn-sized clothes, choose materials that are appropriate for the season they were born in.

Let's choose clothes that fit a 3000g newborn baby!


This time, I introduced the size of clothes that are perfect for a newborn baby of 3000g.
Basically, it is good to choose 50 size of just size.
However, newborns grow quickly and will be out of size in about 2 to 3 months, so if you think it's a waste, you can choose a size 60.
You won't be able to wear it in a few months, so basically it's recommended to keep a small amount of cheap items.
As long as you buy more as needed, you'll be fine.
Depending on the season in which your child was born, the amount and amount of newborn-sized items you need will vary.
Remember to wear layers to help regulate your body temperature.
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