3 Ways on how to fix the neckline of childrens clothes【Sewing and remaking childrens clothes】


Have you ever bought clothes that were too big especially around the neckline or clothes that could use some adjustments?
This kind of problem can be solved quickly with a simple method.
You can remake children's clothes that are comfortable and can be worn for a long time by adjusting the neckline.

Table of contents

Tightening the neckline of children's clothes


Don't give up on wearing your clothes just because you're a little worried about how it looks!
Children's clothes have a short lifespan, so all they need are some improvements to last longer.
The "baggy" and sloppy neckline can be quickly transformed into a beautiful silhouette by simply tightening it.
It is also recommended for those who have a slightly larger head and the neckline easily loosens.
For safety and appearance issues, you may forget about it and put it away in the closet or end up throwing it away.

3 Steps to shorten the neckline in children's clothes 


Shortening the neck can be completed in just 3 easy steps.
It can be done quickly by hand sewing, so if you learn the procedure, it will take less than 10 minutes.

Prepare sewing tools

Please prepare the following.

    • needle
    • Thread of the same color as the clothes

※Can also be used with a sewing machine

A colored thread is used for tutorial image


Step 1: Decide the shortening width


When you decide on the shortening width, you should do it with your child.
The important point is whether the head goes through or not.
Begin with imagining the outcome to shorten the work time.

Step 2: Sew about 1cm


The point is to sew up to the edge of the collar.

Step 3: Fold and sew

childrens-clothes-how-to-fix-neckline-5 childrens-clothes-how-to-fix-neckline-6

Fold it so that the width is symmetrical.
It should look like pleating.
Untie the thread when you no longer need to shorten the neck.
If you are concerned about the unraveled part, try washing it.
If the fabric is too thick, it may be difficult to sew by hand.
For heavy fabrics, we recommend using a sewing machine.

Or buy new children's clothes! 6 Recommended T-shirts


If you don't feel like sewing or you're too busy to find time, how about buying some new children's clothes?
Many of our shirts are comfortable and fashionable to wear.
These are all recommended items that can be used daily, going to kindergarten, or going to school.

Item ①: T-shirt with flower pattern teacup embroidery

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

Flower pattern tea cup embroidery T-shirt

A T-shirt with three-tiered ruffles on the sleeves and
gorgeous design of tea cup with floral pattern.
A versatile item that can be worn in both girly and casual styles.

Item ②: Baby size 100% cotton sleeve pleated design T-shirt with floral ribbon

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

Baby size 100% cotton sleeve pleated design T-shirt with floral ribbon

A cute T-shirt with floral ribbon and frills.
The frilled sleeves are especially well thought-out and if you want a girly look, we recommend you wear this in your exact size.

Item ③: 100% cotton girl items print T-shirt

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton small print T-shirt

A T-shirt with a line drawing illustration and three-dimensional ribbons.
Soft 100% cotton material and comfortable to wear.

Item ④: T-shirt with stripe pattern pocket motif

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

T-shirt with striped pocket motif

A blue striped T-shirt for boys.
The yacht embroidery gives a cool summery impression.
You can store small items in the right side pocket such as coins or tissue.

Item ⑤: 100% cotton T-shirt with dinosaur printing

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton T-shirt with dinosaur printing

A must-have T-shirt for boys who love dinosaurs.
The bright colors will brighten up your outfit.
It is a comfortable cotton material.

Item ⑥: Baby size 100% cotton bear print T-shirt

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

Baby size 100% cotton bear print T-shirt

A cute T-shirt with a cute and active polar bear.
It is a nice piece with a unique design that will not match anyone elses outfit.
It's simple, but the color combination is very stylish.



This time, we introduced how to tighten and shorten the neck that even sewing beginners can easily do.

This technique can be done for clothing with beads or other accessories on the front, or sewing the back neckline for boys clothing.
With one trick, you can wear children's clothes for a long time!