What to wear to a funeral? 4 outfit ideas for kids 【What and what not to choose】


When someone close to you, such as a family member or relative, dies, you may attend the funeral with your children.
Misfortune comes suddenly, so some people may be in a hurry, thinking, "What should I wear?" or "I don't have mourning clothes."
In this article, we will discuss dress etiquette when attending a funeral with children.

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Children's Funeral Attire [Commentary by Age]


First of all, I will explain what kind of clothes children should wear when attending a funeral, according to their age.

  1. Infancy
  2. Infancy
  3. Elementary school students
  4. More than junior high school students

Funeral attire ①: Infancy

Dress your infant baby in a simple plain romper.
Babies drool and spit up quickly, so you don't need mourning clothes.
It is best to avoid primary colors as much as possible and choose items in subdued colors such as black, navy, and white.

Funeral attire ②: Infancy

For preschoolers who are over one year old, one option is to prepare mourning clothes.
However, it's time for clothes to run out of size, so it's a waste to wear them only once and put them in storage.
Even if you don't wear mourning clothes, you can wear a simple collared polo shirt or a chic dress.
Depending on the style of the funeral and your relationship with the deceased, you may be asked to wear what you have on hand.

Funeral attire ③: Elementary school students

When you become an elementary school student, you will be able to understand the meaning of funerals.
Avoid casual clothes and wear dark children's clothes that are close to mourning.
It is safe to avoid items with your favorite pattern or character.

Funeral attire ④: Junior high school students and above

If you are a junior high school student or older, it is correct to attend in uniform.
Uniforms are recognized as formal wear, so you can wear them to funerals as mourning clothes.
Make sure that there is no dust or dirt, and be sure to attend in a clean state.

5 tips for choosing your child's funeral attire


From here, I will explain the points when choosing clothes when actually attending a funeral.
If you suppress this point, there is little worry that the child will float at the funeral.

  1. Wear simple clothes
  2. Choose clothes with subdued colors
  3. Choose clothes with collars
  4. Choose simple shoes and socks
  5. Avoid flashy accessories

I will explain each point.

Point 1: Wear simple clothes

Simple coordination is appropriate for a place called a funeral.
Chiffon tulle skirts and hooded hoodies are fashionable, but they are not suitable for remembrance of the deceased.
Choose shirts, pants, and dresses that are not flashy.

Point 2: Choose clothes with subdued colors

The use of color is also an important point.
Mourning clothes for adults are basically black, but children don't have to stick to black.
Choose monotones of gray or white, or dark colors like navy or brown.

Point 3: Choose clothes with collars

For toddlers and older, clothes with collars are best.
It is recommended to fasten the button all the way to the top for a more neat look.
In the cold season, it would be nice to match it with a cardigan or vest.

Point 4: Choose simple shoes and socks

Black shoes are best, but darker colors won't stand out.
Even if you don't have loafers or pumps, sneakers are fine.
However, it is safe to avoid designs that stand out, such as shoes with characters or all-over patterns.

Point 5: Avoid flashy accessories

A funeral is not a place to dress up, so try to avoid accessories as much as possible.
Do not wear fashionable accessories such as hats, fancy glasses, and mufflers.
For babies, choose a style that is as simple as possible.
It's best to keep your hairstyle simple, such as a single knot or a braid.

4 recommended items that can be used for children's funeral clothes


Don't buy new clothes just to attend a funeral.
In such a case, it is recommended to prepare simple items that can be used for everyday wear!
Here are some recommended items from the high-quality children's clothing brand "moononnon".

Recommended item 1: 100% cotton sweatshirt with fleece lining that is extremely comfortable

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

100% cotton embroidered bear Fleece sweatshirt with chest pocket

A stretchy fleece sweatshirt available in two colors, black and dark blue.
If you look closely, you can see a bear embroidered on the chest, giving it a stylish look that can be worn with everyday clothes.
When attending a funeral, it is a good idea to wear a white shirt with a collar underneath.

Recommended item 2: Simple but easy to move! basic pants

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Super stretch twill long pants

Black trousers with good elasticity, perfect for energetic boys.
It's simple, so it's easy to match with any outfit, and it's also great for everyday wear.
If you have one, you can respond to a sudden funeral.

Recommended item 3: A dress made in Japan that can be worn like an adult

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Made in Japan waist switching tuck dress

A dress with an elegant impression with a change at the waist and a casual tuck.
A beautiful silhouette with a sense of firmness, recommended for outings and recitals.
If you pair it with a shirt or blouse, you can wear it as formal wear to a funeral.

Recommended item 4: Easy-to-use simple round collar blouse

girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves girls-tops-blouse-longsleeves

100% cotton simple plain blouse

A simple plain blouse with a cute girly round collar.
You can arrange it freely by matching it with a cami dress or wearing a cardigan over it.
In addition to funerals, they are useful in various situations such as weddings and Shichi-go-san.

Keep your child's funeral attire modest


In the midst of sudden news of death, it's hard to go shopping for new children's clothes to wear to a funeral.
If you prepare simple children's clothes in subdued colors, you won't be in a hurry.
Please hold down the points I introduced firmly and send the deceased firmly.