Stylish clothes for boys entrance ceremony 【For each age groups】


You want to send boys off in cool coordination at the kindergarten entrance ceremony.
Children's clothes can be purchased at various places such as online shopping sites and popular brands, so many people may not know what to prepare.
However, if you keep a few points in mind, you can easily create a cool coordination that is perfect for the kindergarten entrance ceremony.
Here are some tips for choosing children's clothing.

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4 points when choosing clothes for boys to wear at the entrance ceremony


When you attend the entrance ceremony, you may be wondering if you are floating compared to the surroundings.
For a boy's kindergarten entrance ceremony, dress him up in fashionable clothes that are a little more formal than usual.
When making your choice, consider the following four points.

  1. Formal design
  2. hings with subdued colors
  3. Easy to move
  4. ust right size

Point 1: Formal design

The first thing I want you to think about is whether the design is formal enough for the kindergarten entrance ceremony.
Avoid character clothes or anything flashy with car or dinosaur illustrations all over, and opt for simple designs.
A shirt with a collar will give your look a more formal look.

Point 2: Subdued colors

For shirts, pants, and outerwear, it would be nice to have monotone colors such as black or gray, or subdued colors such as navy or brown.
Even if there is a pattern, it is safer to stick to a thin check or stripe.
If your child is particular about colors and patterns that they like, try incorporating them casually with accessories such as neckties and handkerchiefs.

Point 3: Easy to move

When choosing clothes for energetic and naughty boys, it is also important to focus on ease of movement.
For example, if it is a jacket, it is stretchy and easy to move your arms.
It is important to choose clothes that children do not feel cramped, such as choosing formal pants with elastic waists.
For boys who are potty training, it is also important whether the pants are easy to put down.

Point 4: Just the right size

For normal children's clothes, you may want to buy one size larger so that you can wear it for a long time.
However, it is best to choose clothes that are just the right size for the kindergarten entrance ceremony.
Formal attire can look sloppy if worn in a larger size.
If you don't feel like it's a waste, you can also rent or buy second-hand items.

Kindergarten entrance ceremony coordination for boys [Baby version]


For 0-year-old and 1-year-old babies, there may not be a solid entrance ceremony.
However, if you wear baby clothes that you normally use, you may end up floating.
Let's check what kind of coordination you should do.

A little more formal than usual

For babies, it's okay to wear baby clothes for going out that are a little more formal than usual.
If you follow the selection points and choose something with a calm color, it will be more like an entrance ceremony.
If the nursery school does not have an entrance ceremony, casual clothes are fine, but please dress your child in clean clothes that are free of dirt and pills.

Formal-style rompers too!

Romper-type baby clothes are recommended for those who want to change clothes easily.
There are many items on sale that give a formal impression just by wearing one, such as a shirt with a tie or a cardigan.
A romper with snap buttons on the feet makes it easy to change diapers and clothes.

Boy's Kindergarten Entrance Ceremony Coordination [Infants Edition]


At the age of 2 or 3, some boys will be particular about their clothes.
I would like to choose cool children's clothes and make the important kindergarten entrance ceremony a memorable one.
Kindergartens and entrance ceremonies for children aged 3 and over may require children to wear uniforms, so be sure to check the guidance from the kindergarten.

Suit style with a jacket

A suit style is recommended when you want to put out a sense of tightness that puts adults to shame.
Tie your shirt and tie and put on a jacket for a cool formal look.
Half-length pants will make you look childish, while long-length pants will make you look more mature, so please choose the one that suits your taste.
If you choose a set that includes a jacket, pants, and shirt, it will be easier to coordinate.

Go semi-formal with a vest

Boys who want to move and are sensitive to heat may not like a formal jacket.
In such a case, try coordinating a semi-formal style with a collared shirt and vest.
If you choose a tie-style design shirt or add a tie that fastens with a button, it will be more suitable for the entrance ceremony.

It is also possible to incorporate items that can be used everyday ◎

For moms and dads who say, "It's a waste to buy clothes to wear only for the kindergarten entrance ceremony," try incorporating simple items that you can use everyday.
Straight long pants and half pants, and bottoms in subdued colors can also be used as everyday wear.

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

10/4 length stretch pants with logo pocket

Four selections of accessories necessary for the entrance ceremony


Four selections of accessories necessary for the entrance ceremony
Accessories are also important to make the entrance ceremony look cool.
We will explain the points of choosing accessories unique to formal occasions.

  1. Shoes
  2. Socks
  3. Necktie
  4. Style

Accessory ①: Shoes

When it comes to formal shoes for boys, the image of loafers is strong, but sneakers are fine for toddlers.
However, it is better to choose a simple design such as black or gray as much as possible.
If the sole is the same color as the main body of the shoe, it creates a sense of unity and makes for a cool outfit.

Accessory ②: Socks

It is safe to use monotone socks such as white or black.
If you want to play with colors, you can try adding some color to your socks.
If you choose socks with a pattern, it's a good idea to keep it in one point.

Accessory ③: Necktie

Wearing a necktie with a boy's formal outfit gives him a mature look.
In addition to a straight necktie, you can also try a stylish bow tie.
It's an item that you can put a little bit of color in like socks, so please make good use of it.

Accessory ④: Style

A formal style is recommended for babies who are too young to wear a tie.
There are many fashionable designs on sale that look like a button-down shirt with a tie.
It also works as a countermeasure against regurgitation and drooling, so it's killing two birds with one stone.

Let's wear cool children's clothes for the boy's kindergarten entrance ceremony


The kindergarten entrance ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for children.
It will be an exciting day for children as they can take commemorative photos with their families and chat with friends they meet for the first time.
Please choose cool formal clothes and have a nice entrance ceremony so that you won't regret it later when you look back at the photos.