Formal outfits are the way to go for boys wedding attire【The best outfits and price range for each age group】


A wedding to attend with children. The first thing that comes to my mind is what kind of clothes should my boy wear.
Just like adults, there are manners that you should keep in mind when dressing for children.
In order to convey the feeling of celebration, we have compiled a list of how to choose clothes that are suitable for the occasion, and also by age and price range.

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Formal setup is recommended if you are attending a wedding with a boy


The trick to choosing clothes for boys or weddings is to keep the following three points in mind.

  • Collared shirt
  • Jacket
  • Vest

Pants can be either long type or half type.
If you prepare a formal 4-piece set, you will have a wonderful coordination, so it will be a perfect score for fashion. You can also shorten the time to choose.
Also, if you set it up, you can take off your jacket, so you can wear it in any season.

Children's clothing etiquette for boys at weddings and examples of failures


When attending a wedding, formal attire is the norm, even for children.
If you have a uniform that you wear at kindergarten or elementary school, you can attend in uniform. However, it is forbidden to feel safe just because there is a uniform.
Focus on wearing and attending clean.
If your kindergarten or school does not have a designated uniform, or if you want your child to wear clothes instead of uniforms, please refer to the examples of failures and choose clothes.

Uniforms are formal for children at weddings

As mentioned above, the uniform you always wear is formal. First of all, you should check that there are no stains or frays.
Keep it clean by washing or cleaning it.
Don't forget to check your feet. Please prepare shoes suitable for formal wear such as leather shoes. However, small children may not like hard shoes.
When choosing sneakers, try black or dark blue.

[Failure example] Clothes and items to remember

Let me give you an example of a mistake I made when choosing a wedding dress.
Let's keep it in mind so as not to have a bad feeling at the venue.
Mistake #1: Casual clothes
If you attend in casual clothes just because you are a child, you may stand out badly.
Mistake #2: Disguise and cosplay
Children may enjoy it, but costumes and cosplay are not formal.
Mistake #3: White clothes
Wearing white is the privilege of the bride and groom. In the case of children, it is not a violation of manners, but how about coordinating with ivory or beige colors?
*Flower girls may be OK with a white dress.
Failure example 4: Leather accessories and fur materials
It's a small accessory that you'll want to wear in the chilly season, but it's strictly prohibited at celebrations because it reminds you of killing life.

Recommended clothes for 0-3 years old


The point of choosing is "easy to put on and take off".
It is expected that diapers and clothes will be changed during the wedding ceremony, so please be aware of not only the design but also the ease of putting on and taking off.
Example) A tuxedo type in which a shirt, vest, bow tie, etc. are sewn together. Since it does not shift even when it moves, the burden on parents is reduced.
Also, for those who want only pants because they have a vest in their hand, we recommend baby size plaid knit 10/4 length pants.

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Although it is a modest color, it has a strong presence and is available in two colors that are easy to coordinate.
The waist part is fully elastic, so it is easy to wear. The point is that it is soft and stretchy, so it is easy to move.

Recommended clothes for 4-6 years old


The point of choosing is "easy-to-move design".
Since they are at an age where they can move around actively, they may take off clothes that make it difficult for their hands and feet to move.
Since you are at an age when you are still young, if you choose to coordinate with suspenders, it will give a very cute impression.
There are items worn by older children, so for those who want to buy just one item, we recommend full-length stretch pants with a warm brushed lining with a plaid pattern.

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

It is full-length with a sense of luxury.
Excellent compatibility with simple clothes. Stretch material is essential for boys who move around.
You can't get a rash indoors, but we recommend coordinating it with a stylish hat.

Recommended clothes for elementary school students


The point of how to choose is to "feel properly" even though you are a child.
The design also has a mature impression. There is also a stylish tailoring that puts adults to shame, so the fun of choosing spreads.
As the children get older, they are often invited to the after party with their families. However, it may be stiff in a suit. We recommend the super stretch logo embroidered full length for such occasions.

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Basic pants boasting a cool silhouette. A must-have item that can be coordinated even if you change only the wedding pants. You can also use it everyday.

Clothes when a child is nominated for a wedding production


If you are appointed as a flower boy or ring boy at a wedding, basically formal clothes are fine.
Since you are going to be the center of attention, you can ask the bride and groom what they would like to wear.
A wonderful idea may be born by wearing a matching boutonniere.

Let's enjoy the wedding ceremony with a boy who has decided to be cool and formal!


We tend to think that boys only have a fixed style, but playing with the designs and patterns of ties and bow ties, or simply cutting your hair can change your impression greatly.
Let's enjoy the wedding to the fullest with a handsome boy in a formal set.