Helpful hints on how not to wear ugly kids clothings 【Stylish item picks】


"My mom's friends and family told me that my child's clothes were ugly."
"For some reason my child looks ugly"
Have you ever experienced something like this?
Without realizing it, you may be choosing ugly children's clothing.
In this article, we will explain in detail, from points to avoid unfashionable children's clothes to recommended fashionable items.
Let's check it out so that it doesn't become a lame coordination.

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3 characteristics of ugly children's clothing


There are three characteristics of children's clothes that are thought to be "unfashionable".
Let's check it so that you don't choose unfashionable children's clothes without realizing it.

  1. The pattern is unfashionable
  2. Poor design
  3. Use of colors is not good

I will explain each one.

Feature 1: The pattern is ugly

Unfashionable clothes often have strange patterns, such as strange geometric patterns or characters you've never seen before.
If you think that the pattern of this dress is difficult to match with other clothes, be careful!
If you wear clothes that don't match your outfit, you're more likely to be seen as ugly.
However, even patterns that adults might consider unfashionable, such as onigiri patterns and clothes with Japanese messages, can be seen as cute by children.

Feature 2: Poor design

Unfashionable clothes can also be designs that do not match trends.
Things that were fashionable in the past, such as retro designs that were popular a while ago, or things with frills in strange places, are now considered unfashionable.
Clothes that are gifts from grandma's generation or old hand-me-downs tend to be outdated.

Feature 3: The use of colors is lame

Children's clothes often come in bright colors, but if you make a mistake with the colors, the clothes will look ugly.
Be careful with clothes that consist only of similar colors, such as red and pink, light blue and blue.
Even colorful clothes that use too many colors can be perceived as ugly, so be careful.

5 points to avoid unfashionable children's clothes


To avoid unfashionable coordination, it is important to keep five points in mind.

  1. Choose items with simple patterns
  2. Choose items with a basic design
  3. Choose items with colors that are not too flashy
  4. Choose an item that is just the right size
  5. Do not wear worn-out children's clothes

Let's check them in order.

Point 1: Choose items with simple patterns

As mentioned above, if you choose items with strange patterns, your coordination will suddenly become unfashionable.
However, if it is a plain item, it is less likely to be unfashionable.
If you want to incorporate a pattern, choose something simple like a border or check.

Point 2: Choose items with basic designs

It is also important to choose a clean design without unnecessary decorations.
There are many stylish children's clothes with unique designs, such as sarouel pants and puff sleeves, but if you don't wear them correctly, they can look ugly.
If it's straight pants, and a basic sweatshirt or T-shirt for tops, at least it won't look ugly.

Point 3: Choose items with colors that are not too flashy

Many children's clothes are colorful, but depending on the combination of colors, it may look ugly.
If you are unsure about your outfit, stick to one accent color, such as red or yellow, and keep the rest in monotones or subdued colors.
There are some colors, such as fluorescent colors and gold, that stand out as one color, so let's choose objectively whether it's too flashy or not.

Point 4: Choose items that are just the right size

Oversized children's clothing is loose and cute, but if you overdo it, it can look ugly.
You may think that it is a waste because you can only wear it for one season, but if you want to avoid unfashionable coordination, it is correct to wear the right size.
You should stop forcing your child to wear oversized children's clothes.

Point 5: Don't wear worn-out children's clothes

Hand-me-down clothes and second-hand children's clothes are surprisingly damaged.
Are you wearing ripped tops, ripped pants, sweaters full of pills?
If the damage to the clothes is severe, it will give the child a shabby impression.
It is recommended that you discard the clothes that are too old and buy new clothes even if they are cheap.

Three ways to deal with children who choose uncool children's clothes


Have you ever been worried about what to do when your child brought you a very unfashionable clothes?
I will explain what to do when someone asks you for uncool clothes.

  1. Guide to other clothes
  2. Respect children's opinions
  3. Don't buy

Action 1: Guide to other clothes

If you don't have a strong preference for children, it is recommended to guide them to other clothes.
Say to a child who likes fashion, "I think this outfit goes better with your favorite skirt."
For children who love their moms, casually guide them by telling them, "That trainer likes mom more."
Ask your child, "Which one do you want to do?"

Action 2: Respect children's opinions

It is also necessary to accept the opinion when the child does not yield.
If you oppose it too strongly, your child's self-esteem may be hurt.
If the clothes are so ugly that you don't want to use them for everyday wear, it might be a good idea to add conditions such as "Let's wear them when playing at home."

Action 3: Do not buy

Of course, there are ways to never buy.
However, instead of denying it directly, let's gently deny it by saying, "I'll see you next time" or "I won't buy it today."
Instead of buying clothes, it's a good idea to give them small treats or toys.

7 fashionable children's clothing items that aren't ugly


For those of you who don't know if children's clothes are ugly or not, here are some stylish recommended items.
There are many items that are easy to match with the clothes you already have and will elevate your coordination.

Item 1: Looks like a fashionable expert! Layered Long T

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton layered T-shirt with back print

With a layered design that looks like you're wearing multiple shirts, this long T-shirt is perfect for boys who want to grow taller.
There is a number logo on the back, so you can look stylish even from the back.
It is also recommended for moms and dads who don't have confidence in coordinating because there is no need to wear layers!

Item 2: Fleece sweatshirt with cool color scheme

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

Sweatshirt with sleeve pocket style motif with mini fleece line

The two lines on the sleeve and the design of the fake pocket are cool!
The color scheme used on the collar and sleeves is also a stylish point.
Just pair it with your own bottoms, such as denim or chino pants, to complete a wonderful coordination.

tem 3: Loose silhouette and mature look ♪ Baker pants

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

stretch baker pants

Baker pants, a type of work pants said to have been worn by bakers, are now available for kids!
With a loose straight silhouette and large pockets, you can wear it casually yet maturely.
It's stretchable, so it's perfect for kids who want to move around energetically.
Black, which is easy to match with any top, is an excellent item that will never look ugly.

Item 4: A girly dress that can be coordinated with just one piece

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Bustier Small Floral Pocket Docking Dress

A dress is a fashionable item that makes you look cute just by wearing one.
This one-piece dress has a solid color and a floral pattern, and has a special design that makes it look like you're wearing a layered bustier!
The flared design that gently spreads toward the hem enhances your femininity.
The elegant atmosphere is attractive not only for going out, but also for formal occasions such as recitals and parties.

Item 5: Sweatshirt for girls, cute even from behind

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Fleece sweatshirt with piano logo print back ribbon

A sweatshirt with a natural texture and handwritten piano.
A ribbon is attached to the back style, and the back is also decided to be cute.
The fluffy flared design is girly, and it goes great with any bottoms such as skirts, pants, and culottes.
Available in two colors: pure ivory and mature navy.

Item 6: Simple design that can be used as an inner layer

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Musical note embroidery frill neck T-shirt

A long T-shirt made of comfortable ribbed fabric with frills on the neck.
It's simple, so you can wear it under a cardigan or layer it with a cami dress for a variety of outfits.
The embroidery of musical notes is a casual accent.
It is also recommended to have it in different colors.

Item 7: Excellent skirt that goes well with any top

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

Elastic waist, pleated tuck skirt

A plain pleated skirt will instantly make you look more fashionable.
You can wear it with a chiffon blouse for an elegant look, or wear it with a hoodie for a casual look!
The elastic waist is stretchable, so it is comfortable to wear.

Avoid unfashionable children's clothes and aim for fashionable kids!


To avoid ugly children's clothes, it is recommended to choose simple patterns and colors.
Try to add a little bit of childishness to the simple style.
Please refer to the stylish items introduced and complete a wonderful coordination.