9 School clothes for size 120 girls 【Go to school with your favorite clothes】


In the first grade of elementary school, many girls wear children's clothing size 120.
There must be many people who want to prepare school clothes soon, but do not know what kind of children's clothes to choose or how many pieces they need.
This time, we will introduce 9 recommended school clothes for girls with children's clothing size 120.
I will also tell you how to choose school clothes and the number of children's clothes necessary for school clothes.

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9 recommended school clothes for girls with children's clothes size 120


Are you worried about what kind of children's clothes you should prepare for school clothes that you need every day?
Here are 9 recommended tops, bottoms, and outerwear for school clothes that are perfect for fashionable girls.

Recommendation ①: Hand-drawn style illustration print ballet shoes ribbon fleece trainer

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Hand-drawn style illustration print ballet shoes ribbon fleece trainer

Trainers printed with ballet shoes, musical notes, and tiaras that girls love.
The fleece lining material feels good against the skin, making it perfect for chilly autumn and winter.
Even children who don't like the cold will be happy to wear it.

Recommendation 2: Frilled T-shirt with border pattern ribbon

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Frill T-shirt with border pattern ribbon

Simple striped T-shirts are popular because they are easy to match with various bottoms.
The three-dimensional ribbon on the shoulders and the peplum on the hem make it very stylish.
It is also attractive that you can wear it for a long time by wearing it alone in spring and autumn and wearing a cardigan in winter.

Recommendation ③: 100% cotton floral tea cup motif T-shirt

girls-tops-shortsleeves girls-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton floral teacup motif T-shirt

A short-sleeved T-shirt with cute teacup embroidery.
There must be many girls who like clothes with three-dimensional designs.
The 100% cotton is gentle on the skin, and the fact that it can be washed in the washing machine is also a great point.

Recommendation ④: Culotte pants with double knit ribbon

girls-bottoms-short-pants girls-bottoms-short-pants

Culotte pants with double knit ribbon

Culotte pants with a cute ribbon on the hem.
The waist part is fully elastic, so it does not feel constricting, and the material is easy to move around in, so it is recommended for active children.
On a cold day, you can also pair it with colorful spats.

Recommendation ⑤: Denim Knit 10/4 Length Pants with Musical Note Embroidery

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Musical Note Embroidery Denim Knit 10/4 Length Pants

Denim knit pants with embroidered musical notes.
It has a pocket, so it is perfect for school clothes for girls who want to carry a handkerchief or tissue around.
The stretch material allows for easy movement, so you can spend your school life comfortably.

Recommended ⑥: Wide pants with pockets, check pattern, 3/4 length

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Check pattern 3/4 length wide pants with pockets

3/4 length wide pants with check pattern.
Not only does it look stylish, but it is also easy to move around in, which is a great point to wear as school clothes.
Elementary school girls who prefer mature clothes are also likely to be satisfied.

Recommendation 7: Zip-up hoodie with detachable hood

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

hood detachable zip up hoodie

A cute zip-up parka with flower motifs and embroidery.
The hood is removable, so you can wear it safely to school.
It's a zip up, so it's attractive to be able to wear it quickly by yourself.

Recommendation ⑧: Mini fleece cardigan with ribbon and frills

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Mini Fleece Cardigan with Ribbon & Frill

Cardigan with ribbon and frills.
It's convenient to have a cardigan that you can easily put on when it's cold.
The fabric is sturdy, so I'm happy that it won't wrinkle even when stored in a school bag.

Recommended 9: Frilled collar zip-up warm cotton coat with ribbon

girls-outerwear-coats girls-outerwear-coats

Frilled collar with ribbon Zip-up warm batting coat

A cotton jacket coat with plenty of frills and ribbons. Light and warm due to the filling.
It's up to 160 cm, so it's cute to go to school in matching coats.

Children's clothing 7 points on how to choose school clothes for girls size 120


When preparing school clothes for your child, it is important to know the points of how to choose.
If you hold down the points firmly, you can prepare school clothes that both children and mothers will be satisfied with.

  1. Is it easy to change clothes by yourself?
  2. Are there any concerns about safety?
  3. Is it easy to clean?
  4. Is the dirt conspicuous?
  5. Is it easy to move?
  6. Is there a pocket?
  7. Is it something you like?

I will explain each one.

Point 1: Is it easy to change clothes by yourself?

When preparing school clothes, choose children's clothes that are easy to change by yourself.
When you become an elementary school student, you tend to change clothes by yourself, such as wearing sports clothes during physical education, or changing clothes when you are sweating.
There are times when you have to change clothes in a hurry during breaks, so make sure you can put on and take off smoothly.

Point 2: Are there any concerns about safety?

Since elementary school students become more active than before, it is important to consider the safety of their clothes.
If the hem of the trousers is too long, there are cases where the hem is stepped on and falls, and there are cases where the string or hood gets caught in playground equipment, etc., leading to an accident.
When choosing school clothes, be sure to check whether there is any danger when wearing them.

Point 3: Is it easy to clean?

When choosing school clothes for children, it is important to consider whether they are easy to care for.
By choosing clothes that can be washed in the washing machine, you can wash them every time you wear them without feeling burdened.
Also, clothes made of materials that dry easily or do not wrinkle are easy to care for.

Point 4: Does the dirt stand out?

Especially for children in the lower grades of elementary school, clothes that do not show dirt are recommended.
In daily school life, there are always accidents that accidentally stain clothes, such as getting paint or markers on them, or getting muddy from falling on the schoolyard.
If you choose clothes with dark colors or colorful designs, you can rest assured that the dirt will not stand out.

Point 5: Is it easy to move?

In elementary school, there are many opportunities to exercise, run, and play in physical education, so it is important to emphasize ease of movement.
No matter how stylish and cute your clothes are, if they are difficult to move in, they will be stressful for your child.
Ease of movement is important for a comfortable time at school.

Point 6: Is there a pocket?

When it comes to elementary school students, some children choose school clothes based on whether the clothes have pockets.
In addition to handkerchiefs and tissues, there are many items that girls especially want to carry around, such as bandages and hair clips.
There is also a way to use a moving pocket, but it is more convenient to have a pocket because it feels troublesome to put it on or you may forget to put it on.

Point 7: Is it something you like?

When choosing clothes, it is also important to consider whether it is something that you like.
By the time they reach elementary school, many girls will have a clear idea of their favorite designs and colors.
Commuting to school will be more exciting if it is your favorite children's clothes.
It is recommended to listen to your child's opinion and have fun together when choosing clothes.

Number of sheets required for children's school clothes


Children's clothes for commuting to school are safe if they have 5 sets of top and bottom.
If you prepare 5 days of school from Monday to Friday, you don't have to worry about running out of things to wear even if you can't do laundry every day or if your clothes don't dry.
If you choose clothes that are easy to mix and match, fashionable elementary school girls can enjoy various coordinations, so it is recommended.

Children's clothing size 120 Girls' school clothes should be comfortable! Prepare your favorite clothes and enjoy going to school!


When it comes to school uniforms for girls who wear children's clothing size 120, the important point is whether they can spend their time comfortably at school.
If you are a child who wears 120 size children's clothes, there should be many children who are fashionable.
Let's make elementary school life more fun and exciting by preparing the number of sheets necessary for attending school while focusing on the person's preference.