Our Top 4 favorite childrens dresses for girls!【9 reasonable brands to shop at】


Kids dress for formal occasions such as kindergarten entrance ceremonies, recitals, and weddings.
There are gorgeous children's dresses, and there are simple children's dresses that are close to formal.
It is good to choose according to the atmosphere of the place where you participate and the taste of your child, but there may be some people who do not know where to buy in the first place.
This time, we would like to introduce moononnon's recommended items for formal occasions.
Moononnon, a children's clothing brand, offers both classic dresses and formal dresses.
We will also tell you 9 recommended brands where you can purchase kids' dresses at a reasonable price, so please use it as a reference for choosing kids' dresses.

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Recommended items for kids dresses


First of all, we will introduce moononnon's recommended kids dresses.
We have carefully selected kids' dresses that are close to formal and classic kids' dresses.
This item is perfect for an important day such as a kindergarten entrance ceremony, recital, or wedding.

Recommended 1. Perfect for piano recitals ♪ Musical note pattern dress [Size 120-160]

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Musical note dress made in Japan

It is a kids dress that is close to formal with a neat and clean atmosphere.
The bright blue color is recommended for children who like fashion that is not too sweet.
The skirt has a white musical note print, perfect for piano recitals.
It can be used not only for formal occasions, but also for going out.
It has a zipper on the back and is easy to put on and take off.
Pair with a cardigan or bolero.

Recommendation 2: Classy x energetic! A bit different switching dress [120-160 size]

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Made in Japan Floral switching dress with frills

A formal kids dress with an elegant floral skirt and bright red color.
The large ribbon at the switching part is an accent.
The ruffles on the shoulders add to the cuteness.
A white blouse should be worn as an inner layer.
It can be used for various formal occasions such as outings, dinner parties, and weddings.
It has a zipper on the back and is easy to put on and take off.

Recommended 3. Feeling like a princess ♡ Refreshing light blue short-sleeved dress [size 120-150]

girls-formalwear-formaldresses girls-formalwear-formaldresses

Layered style tulle switching dress with flower motif

It is a light blue color kids dress that can be a little princess.
A gorgeous outfit is decided with one piece.
It is recommended for occasions such as weddings where you want to be extravagantly gorgeous.
The rear view is also particular, and the switching part has a large ribbon.
It has a zipper on the back and is easy to put on and take off.

Recommended 4. Elegant with a simple design ♪ Tulle tuck dress [size 100-150]

girls-formalwear-formaldresses girls-formalwear-formaldresses

tulle tuck dress

It is the kids dress of the simple design.
It's perfect for those looking for a classy dress that isn't too flashy.
The point is the soft silhouette and the large ribbon.
Available in 3 colors: off-white, pink, and red.
It has a zipper on the back and is easy to put on and take off.

9 brands that develop kids' dresses at low prices


From here, we will introduce 9 brands that offer kids dresses at low prices.

  1. moononnon
  2. Catherine Cottage
  3. Weileenice
  4. aoe child
  5. honey-kids
  6. Mignon
  7. Classy

We have collected brands with various tastes, so if there is a brand that interests you, please check out our online shop.

Brand ①moononnon

At moononnon, in addition to classic kids dresses, we also have kids dresses that can be used for formal outings.
Recommended for those who like timeless and elegant items.
There are girly ones like floral patterns and frills, as well as refreshing ones like striped patterns.
It can be purchased at stores nationwide and online.

Brand②Catherine Cottage

Catherine Cottage is a brand that develops formal children's clothing.
We have a wide variety of both classic kids dresses and formal kids dresses.
There are children's dresses with various tastes, from cute ones to elegant ones.
You can purchase it online.

Brand ③Weileenice

Weileenice is an American children's clothing brand.
We have a wide range of gorgeous princess-like dresses for kids, ranging from chic to cute.
There are also formal kids dresses that are easy to use for going out.
We have a store on Amazon.

Brand ④aoechild

aoechild is an online shopping site for Korean children's clothing.
Basic royal road kids dresses and formal kids dresses that are easy to use for going out are available.
There are many types of leather shoes that can be used for formal occasions, so you should be able to find your favorite pair.
You can purchase it online.

Brand ⑤honey-kids

Honey-kids has a wide variety of formal kids dresses that are easy to use for going out.
There are a wide range of designs from basic to trendy.
I'm sure you'll find an item with your favorite taste.
You can purchase it online.

Brand ⑥ Mignon

Mignon has an abundance of elegant royal road kids dresses.
Perfect for fancy occasions such as weddings.
Wearing it will make you look like a princess.
We have a store on Rakuten.

Brand ⑦Classy

Classy is a site where you can rent wedding invitation dresses.
There is a wide range of sizes available, so it would be a good idea to rent with your mother.
Children's dresses are rich in simple things that are closer to formal.
You can get a complete set of haori, shoes, and even socks.


FORPEND develops classic kids dresses and has a wide variety of colors.
We have a wide range from bright colors to chic colors.
You should be excited by the variety of gorgeous items.
We have a store on Amazon.


TYHTYM develops cute princess dresses that look like they've jumped out of a picture book.
There are plenty of brightly colored items.
Wearing it will definitely make you feel like the hero of the story!
We have a store on Amazon.

Color your special day with kids dresses


This time, I would like to introduce some recommended kids dresses.
Before choosing a kids dress, we recommend checking the atmosphere of the event you are attending.
If it's too flashy, it's better to choose a formal kid's dress.
Formal kids dresses can be used everyday.  
At moononnon, we have a large selection of elegant and stylish formal kids dresses.
There are also sales and affordable items, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible before it's sold out.