Girls two-piece sets, the pros and how-to【Our favorite two-piece outfits】


Recently, many fashionable girls are wearing 2 piece outfits.
In this article, we will talk about the benefits of 2 piece outfits for children's clothes and how to mix and match them.

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6 Benefits of girls set up children's clothes


2 piece sets have many benefits for girls who are starting to take interest in fashion.
Here are the 6 benefits of sets for children's clothes.

  1. Easy to coordinate
  2. Top and bottom can be bought in different sizes
  3. Easily makes you look fashionable
  4. Can be worn separately
  5. Can be worn in various scenes
  6. Cheaper than buying separately

Benefit 1: Easy to coordinate

Two-pieces attracts fashionable girls because anyone can easily coordinate it.
Even girls who are new to fashion can become fashion experts instantly, if they choose to wear a 2 piece set!
It's convenient because you can easily choose your outfit in the morning when you don't have time.

Benefit 2: Top and bottom can be bought in different sizes

It is also an advantage that you can purchase separate sizes for the top and bottom.
For small children, there are many cases where one size is perfect for the top, but the pants of the same size are too long.
In particular, if you wear pants that are too long, you might step on them and get hurt, so you want to let them wear the right size.
With a 2 piece, you can choose different sizes, so you can dress your child in the perfect clothes.

Benefit 3: Easily makes you look fashionable

The beauty of 2 pieces is that you can become a stylish girl at an instant!
One of the rules for wearing fashionable clothes is to use no more than three colors.
If you add too many colors to your outfit, it will create a messy image.
On the other hand, if there are not enough colors, it will give a dull look. Three colors are considered to be a well-balanced number of colors.
In the case of sets, many items have the same color on the top and bottom, so it is easy to coordinate within 3 colors.

Benefit 4: Can be worn separately

The set up is also a nice point that you can wear the top and bottom separately.
You can wear it in 3 different ways just by setting it up.

  • Top and bottom together
  • Tops only
  • Bottoms only

A set that can be worn separately is perfect for fashionable girls who want to coordinate differently every day!

Benefit 5: Can be worn in various scenes

Two-piece sets can also be worn in various scenes.
Especially if you choose a dark color such as black or navy, it will be very useful in formal occasions such as weddings and funerals.

Of course, you can wear them as casual clothes also.
Children tend to grow out of size quickly, so many people want to choose clothes that can be worn on as many occasions as possible.
Two-piece sets can be worn in a variety of situations, so you don't have to worry about your children outgrowing the clothes.

Benefit 6: Cheaper than buying separately

Setups are often several dollars cheaper than buying tops and bottoms separately.
Many people want to buy children's clothes at a reasonable price because they get dirty quickly and the size won't fit after a few months.
Setups are also recommended for those who want to buy children's clothes as cheaply as possible.

5 ways girls can mix and match kids 2 piece sets


The fact that you can mix and match your clothes is also favored.
Here are 5 ways girls can mix and match their kids' 2 piece sets.

  1. Choose a basic color
  2. Prepare clothes that match the top and bottom
  3. Change the inner layer
  4. Change hairstyles
  5. Change accessories

Method 1: Choose a basic color

If you choose a basic color, you will be able to mix and match your clothes. Basic colors such as white, black, navy, and beige are easy to match with any color and are easy to mix and match. It is easy to match with patterns, so if you choose a basic color, you can enjoy various outfits.

Method 2: Prepare clothes that match each top and bottom

It is also recommended to prepare several pieces of clothes that match each of the tops and bottoms.
You don't have to worry about not having enough clothes to match your outfits.
If you don't know what kind of clothes you should wear, it's a good idea to ask the store staff when you purchase the sets.

Method 3: Change the inner layer

For tops, it is also recommended to change the clothes you wear inside.
For example, if you choose a white cardigan, you can choose a pastel colored blouse as an inner layer for a girly look, and a striped T-shirt for a casual look.
It would be fun to think of various outfits with your child according to their mood of the day.

Method 4: Change hairstyles

It's a good idea to change not only the clothes you wear, but also your hair arrangement.
There are many types of hairstyles for girls, such as ponytails, twintails, and braids.
If you change your hairstyle, your clothes will also look different. For those who are not good at arranging their hair, we recommend using a headband or hair tie.
If you get creative with your hair arrangement, it will be even more fun to be fashionable.

Method 5: Change accessories

It is also effective to change small items such as shoes, bags, and hats.
Just by changing one accessory, the style of your outfit will change completely.
In order to enjoy fashion, it is a good idea to prepare some accessories that your child likes.

Girl's clothing that can be worn as a 2 piece outfit


Here are some children's clothing that can be set up stylishly.
It can be coordinated neatly or casually depending on the clothes and accessories you match with it, so it is sure to be a hit!

1:Double knit cardigan with ribbon

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Double knit cardigan with ribbon

A cute knitted cardigan with ribbons attached to the collar. Pair with culottes with double knitted ribbons below for a 2 piece set up style.
It is also appealing that you can enjoy mixing and matching by changing the inner layer.
It's convenient to have a cardigan that you can easily put on when it's cold.

2:Culotte pants with double knit ribbon

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

Culotte pants with double knit ribbon

Because of the double knitted material, it is extremely easy to move around in. The best part is that the waist part is elastic.
The simple design makes it great for formal occasions such as dinner parties and weddings.



Two-piece sets for children's clothes have many advantages for stylish girls.
Try purchasing sets for girls and enjoy coordinating your outfit every day!