3 Stylish sweatshirts for girls that aren't fleece 【3 Shopping points in choosing what to buy】


“Which is better, brushed back or fleece?”
"I can't find a stylish sweatshirt with fleece..."

Some of you may be worried about this.
There are two types of fabric for trainers: brushed back (Urakimou) and fleece (Urake).
This time, we will introduce 3 fashionable fleece trainers for girls.
We will also tell you three points on how to choose, so please refer to it when choosing a trainer for girls.

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3 benefits of choosing trainers that are not brushed lining for girls' children's clothes


There are two types of trainers: fleece lining and fleece lining. Fleece lining is popular for children's clothing.
From here, I will tell you three benefits of choosing fleece trainers for children's clothing.

  1. Can be used for commuting to kindergarten and school
  2. Gentle feel like a towel
  3. Easy to mix and match

Advantage 1: Can be used for commuting to kindergarten and school

Some nursery schools and schools forbid lining.
This is because the classrooms are heated and the temperature is adjusted.
If you wear a fleece lining and move around, you will sweat.
The fleece lining is cold resistant, but does not absorb sweat.
If you sweat and let it sit, you'll get sick.
Fleece trainers are perfect for kindergarten and school uniforms because they are easy to move around in and regulate your body temperature.

Advantage 2: Gentle feel like a towel

The lining is smooth and gentle to the touch.
If you look closely at the fabric, you can see that it is woven in loops.
You will feel like you are wrapped in a towel.
On the other hand, the brushed back is fluffy and soft to the touch.
Both feel good on the skin, but if you don't like the feeling of tightness or feel itchy, choose the fleece sweatshirt.

Advantage 3: Easy to mix and match

Fleece trainers are attractive because they can be worn for a long time from autumn to winter.
In autumn, you can wear it in a variety of ways, such as wearing it alone, or pairing it with a long T-shirt or rib turtle as an inner layer.
In winter, you can add it to your autumn outfit and match it with an outerwear.
Children living in extremely cold climates will need fleece-lined children's clothing, but in other regions, we recommend layering with fleece-lined trainers.
It doesn't have a lot of volume and doesn't get bulky, so you can wear it in layers without feeling uncomfortable.

If you want to buy children's sweatshirts for girls without brushed lining after November, mail order is easy!


"I'm looking for fleece sweatshirts in stores, but I can't find them."
Isn't there some people who are in trouble?
If you want to buy fleece sweatshirts after it gets cold, mail order is recommended.
For mail order, you can easily narrow down the fleece lining with the search function of the site.
You can't go wrong if you measure the size carefully before purchasing.

[Children's clothes that are not brushed lining] 3 fashionable trainers for girls


This time, we have carefully selected 3 fashionable fleece trainers for girls.

Recommendation 1: Cute basic items

1-girls-tops-sweatshirts 1-girls-tops-sweatshirts

Flower & Logo Print Frill Fleece Trainer

A cute sweatshirt with a flower motif and ribbon on the chest.
The hem is frilled for movement, so you can wear it more cutely with pants style.
When it gets cold, you should match the rib turtle with the inner.
It would be nice to combine it with a soft color such as ivory, or tighten it with black.
A basic item that can be worn in many different ways.

Recommendation 2: Gorgeous with striped frills

2-girls-tops-sweatshirts 2-girls-tops-sweatshirts

Logo lame print ribbon stripe pattern frill fleece sweatshirt

A stylish sweatshirt with a chest logo and ribbon.
Rhinestones are scattered around the logo.
The striped frills on the hem are accented, and you can enjoy a gorgeous coordination.
It would be nice to add sharpness to the silhouette with pants style.
For sisters, we recommend coordinating with different colors.

Recommendation 3: Great for mixing and matching outfits! Let's enjoy girly coordinates

3-girls-tops-sweatshirts 3-girls-tops-sweatshirts

Logo embroidery ribbon fleece sweatshirt

A simple sweatshirt with colorful and elegant embroidery.
Comes in a variety of colors that give a soft and gentle impression.
It's perfect for kids who like girly outfits.
It's easy to wear, so when it gets cold, it would be cute to match it with a ribbed turtle inside.
I'm happy that I can easily match it with the clothes I have because I don't choose the bottom.

If you want to buy a sweatshirt that doesn't have brushed lining for girls' children's clothes, it's autumn!


From here, we will explain when to buy a fleece sweatshirt at the store.

In winter, the lining also comes out, so it is difficult to find

Many people who are looking for fleece trainers in stores may have a hard time choosing items.
In winter, lined trainers are also sold, so you have to turn over a huge amount of products one by one to check the fabric.
There must be a lot of people who have had the experience of being tired of shopping because they couldn't find their favorite sweatshirt.

Easy to find around September to October

If you want to buy a fleece sweatshirt at a store, we recommend looking for it in the fall.
Fleece trainers are usually sold around September or October.
Buy your favorite fleece sweatshirt from an early stage before the number of fleece-lined items increases.

3 points to choose children's sweatshirt for girls


If you're going to buy a new fleece sweatshirt, you want to choose one that you can mix and match and is perfect for your child.
From here, I will tell you three points to choose a hair trainer for girls.

  1. Is it easy to match with the clothes you have?
  2. Is the size suitable?
  3. Is the child's favorite clothes?

Point 1: Is it easy to match with the clothes you have?

Trainers have a simple design, so they are basically easy to mix and match, but some children's clothes for girls have unique designs.
If you want to mix and match, it is a good idea to check whether it is easy to match with the bottoms and outerwear you have.
Innerwear worn under trainers, such as long T-shirts and turtle ribs, can be purchased relatively cheaply.
It is a good idea to prepare several in different colors after buying a sweatshirt.

Point 2: Does the size match?

Children grow fast, so you tend to think about buying a larger size, but basically we recommend just the right size.
However, if you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger one.
When buying clothes in stores, we try them on, but when buying online, we always check the child's size.
Check the following three items.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Sleeve Length

When you find a product you like, check the size chart on the online shopping site.
Please refer to the three items mentioned above to choose the perfect size for your child.

Point 3: Is the clothes your child likes?

It's not uncommon for girls to become picky about clothes at an early stage.
Some children may say that they don't wear clothes that they don't like.
It's a good idea to shop with your child so that you don't waste your hard-earned clothes.
If you have a product with a design that your child will like, suggest it to them.
If you buy it on a mail order site, you should show the image.

For children's clothes, wear sweatshirts that are not brushed on the back to become a stylish girl!


This time, I would like to recommend stylish hair trainers for girls.
If you follow the selection points introduced this time, you will be able to wear the fleece sweatshirt that is perfect for your child.