【Sporty fashion】5 childrens clothing brands to shop for!【Must-buy items and styling tips】


Street fashion is popular with girls regardless of age or gender.
“I want to buy streetwear for my child, but I don’t know much about it…”
"What is your favorite fashionable children's clothing brand?"
“What points should beginners keep in mind?”

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, we will introduce 5 street-style children's clothing brands for girls.
I will also explain the essential items of street fashion and tips on how to wear them.

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[Street Style] 5 Children's Clothing Brands Recommended for Girls


This time, we have carefully selected 5 streetwear children's clothing brands for girls.
From royal road brands to reasonable and life-sized brands.
We will introduce Japanese, Korean and American children's clothing brands.
If you are interested in street casual, city style, and sports mix, please check it out.

Recommended 1. ANAP KIDS and ANAP GiRL

A children's clothing brand where you can purchase fashionable items at reasonable prices.
ANAP KIDS has cute POP items ranging from 90 cm to 135 cm.
When you reach the upper grades of elementary school, you can enjoy street casuals at ANAP GiRL.
Size expansion is 135 cm to 165 cm.
This brand is recommended for girls who like trendy and cute outfits.

Recommended ② ZIDDY

ZIDDY is a street casual children's clothing brand.
Reasonable pricing is also a nice point.
Available in sizes from 130cm to 160cm, it is popular with girls in the upper grades of elementary school.
We have a wide range of items, from girly items to strong items.
Recommended for girls who like mature and cute outfits.

Recommended ③ LITTLEDEPT

LITTLEDEPT is a Korean children's clothing brand with a classic vibe.
We have sophisticated items for girls and boys.
With sizes ranging from 130 cm to 165 cm, it is perfect for children in the upper grades of elementary school.
You can enjoy urban fashion that even adults will want to wear.
It is a brand that feels cuteness in its simplicity.

Recommended ④NIKE

The famous sports brand NIKE is also recommended.
Sports brands are an integral part of street fashion.
Nike is one of the most popular brands when it comes to sneakers.
It's cute even if it's a matching parent and child.
We also have a large selection of children's clothing.
If you incorporate it into street fashion, the coolness will increase.

Recommended ⑤X-girl Stages, X-girl

X-girl Stages is famous as a streetwear brand for girls.
Colorful and cute items give an active impression.
Available in sizes from 50cm to 140cm, it can be worn by children from 0 to 8 years old.
When you grow up, you can enjoy adult street casual at X-girl.
Recommended for girls who want to be both cool and cute.

3 must-have items for girls' street-style children's clothing


There must be some people who say, "First, I want to have the minimum necessary items."
From here, we will introduce three items that you definitely want to have when doing street fashion.

Essential Item ① Hoodie/Trainer

Hoodies and sweatshirts are essential items for street fashion.
It can be used in spring, autumn and winter, and it can be worn with other outfits.
The point you want to be careful about when wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt is the size.
The impression of the outfit changes dramatically depending on the size.
In general, it's recommended to wear just the right size, but for street fashion, oversized clothes can also be worn cutely.
Choose a snug size or an oversized fit, depending on your preference.
If you keep the colors and designs simple, you can create a mature look, and if you make them flashy, you can create a fresh and cute outfit.

Essential Item ② Sweatpants

Sweatpants are also a useful item.
Depending on the combination with other items, it can be used for coordination other than street.
If you choose black as the color, you can wear it like an adult.
Recommended for those who are worried that it will look like loungewear.
If you want a stylish outfit, go for the slender type.
Choose a loose type if you want a relaxed look.

Essential item ③ Sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have item for street fashion.
The following brands are popular.

  • NIKE
  • Vans
  • New Balance
  • adidas

Please look for your favorite sneaker model.
Make your presence felt from your feet and enjoy street fashion.

3 tips for girls to dress up in children's streetwear


There are no rules in street fashion, but there are tips on how to dress.
Here are three tips for girls to wear street fashion.

Tip 1: Stick to the silhouette

As you can see from the essential items mentioned above, street fashion consists of simple combinations.
If you want to dress simple items in style, first of all, stick to the silhouette.
It is also standard to create a loose silhouette with top and bottom.
If you make the top loose and the bottom slim, the silhouette will be sharp and stylish. You can also pair skinnies with an oversized hoodie.
Choose your item size carefully and enjoy a variety of silhouettes.

Tip 2: Create an accent

If you add one accent to your outfit, it will become fashionable at once.
Accents include:

  • Bring in an item with a flashy design
  • wear a cap
  • have a shoulder bag

simple and look like loungewear, it would be a good idea to incorporate items with eccentric colors or large logos.
Recommended for children who like active coordination.
If you use accessories, the street feeling will increase.

Tip 3: Add cute items

If girls enjoy street fashion, try incorporating fresh items.
For example:

  • trapezoidal skirt
  • line socks
  • neon color items

You can enjoy a cute street casual look by incorporating the above items.
Please try items that you think are a little eccentric.

Show off your personality with a children's clothing brand that's perfect for street girls!


This time, we have introduced 5 recommended streetwear brands for children.
For girls who want to become street girls, we recommend that you choose from the three essential items introduced this time.
However, culturally influenced street fashion is constantly changing and has no definition.
First of all, it is a good idea to keep three tips on how to dress and dress your child in items that they like.