【Girls size 80cm】5 Cute and Stylish childrens clothes for girls and the best clothing brands!


Many people enjoy going out with their families on holidays.
You want your child to wear fashionable clothes.
"I can't find fashionable 80cm size children's clothes..."
"Which brand do you recommend?"
"I want to know how to choose children's clothes with good cost performance!"

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, we will introduce 5 fashionable 80cm children's clothes for girls.
We will also tell you how to choose recommended brands and clothes, so please refer to it when choosing children's clothes.

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[80 cm] 5 fashionable children's clothes for girls


This time, we have carefully selected 5 stylish children's clothes of 80 cm.
We have a perfect design for a little girl.

Recommendation 1. The elegant fleece sweatshirt has the power to mix and match ◎

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Baby size dress style embroidery & flower motif & fleece sweatshirt with ribbon

A fleece sweatshirt that can be worn in spring, autumn and winter.
The embroidery on the dress with ribbons and flowers is elegant.
Perfect for girls who love princesses.
Available in navy and ivory colors that are easy to match with other items.
Try pairing it with a variety of bottoms, from highly designed skirts to simple pants.

Recommendation 2: Dress up in a stylish girly outfit

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Gathered dress with check pattern ribbon

A cute checkered jumper skirt with a soft A-line style.
The point is the ribbon on the chest and the switching design.
When it gets cold, it's a good idea to layer tights and outerwear.
You can wear it cutely by using a light-colored rib turtle as an inner layer.
If you add accessories such as a hat, you can take your girly outfit to the next level.

Recommendation ③European-style coordination with a retro plaid pattern

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Double Knit Original Plaid Ribbon Dress

A gorgeous dress with a retro check pattern.
You can easily coordinate with European style with just one piece.
It looks cute when paired with a ribbed turtle or a frilled shirt to keep it from being too tight.
Leather shoes such as loafers are recommended. Add a sense of fun with design socks.
The bright design will make your event stand out.

Recommendation ④ Leggings with a tulle skirt are perfect for small girls

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

9/4 length leggings with baby size 3-tier tulle skirt

Rib spats with a cute design.
Because it is elastic, it is easy to wear and easy to move.
A cute outfit is completed with a tulle skirt with 3 tiers of frills.
It looks gorgeous on its own, so it goes well with simple tops.
It will be easy to match with your clothes.
The waist part uses two thin elastic bands, so you don't have to worry about the elastic breaking in half during washing.

Recommended ⑤ Can be used in the cold season! Keep warm with a hooded cape

girls-outerwear-coats girls-outerwear-coats

Warm Microfleece Ribbon Hood Detachable Cape

A fleece cape with excellent heat retention.
It can be used as a cold protection item for children.
The fluttering decoration and ribbon on the hem are cute.
The pink girly round collar gives a soft impression.
The point that is glad that I can remove food to a use.
A useful item for the cold season.

7 Fashionable Children's Clothing Brands for Girls with 80cm Sizes


We have carefully selected 7 fashionable children's clothing brands for girls that offer 80cm sizes.
Here are the 7 brands we are introducing.We have carefully selected 7 fashionable children's clothing brands for girls that offer 80cm sizes.
Here are the 7 brands we are introducing.

  1. devilock
  2. Petit Bateau
  6. Kids Beams
  7. moononnon

We have gathered together luxury brands with high safety and brands that are said to be "reasonable but high in quality".
Check it out if you like casual, classical, natural, and pop genres.

Children's clothing brand ① devirock

    Genre: Casual

Devilock is a Japanese children's clothing brand.
You can buy casual and fashionable clothes at reasonable prices.
Kids sizes are also available, so brothers and sisters can coordinate with each other.
There are also unisex items, so you can hand-me-down between men and women.
You can choose your favorite colors and patterns from a wide variety of variations.

Children's clothing brand ②Petit Bateau

    Genre: Classical

Petit Bateau is a French children's clothing brand.
You can buy children's clothes with elegant and simple designs.
It is also recommended as a gift because it has stylish items.
The point that is glad that cloth is strong.
Many of the clothes are slim, so depending on the item, you may want to go up one size.

Children's clothing brand ③PAIRMANON

    Genre: Natural

Pear Manon is a Japanese children's clothing brand.
You can buy natural and fashionable children's clothes at reasonable prices.
There are plenty of unisex items, so brothers and sisters can coordinate with each other regardless of gender.
Unusually for baby clothes, you can also coordinate with mom and dad.
This brand is recommended for those who like natural fashion with loose silhouettes and those who want to enjoy link coordination.

Children's clothing brand ④BRANSHES

    Genre: Natural

Blanches is a Japanese children's clothing brand.
You can buy natural and fashionable children's clothes at reasonable prices.
It is a brand that sticks to original fabrics and has a wide variety of items in earth tones.
Baby sneakers are also on sale.
Accessories such as bibs and socks are also stylish, so please check them out.

Children's clothing brand ⑤MIKI HOUSE

    Genre: Pop

MIKI HOUSE is a Japanese children's clothing brand.
It is known as a luxury brand with good quality both at home and abroad.
There are colorful items such as red, which is the key color of MIKI HOUSE.
Active and child-like cute coordination is completed.
This brand is recommended for those who value quality.

Children's clothing brand ⑥ Kodomo Beams

    Genre: Casual

Kodomo BEAMS is the kids label of BEAMS, a popular select shop in Japan.
You can buy casual and fashionable children's clothes.
Recommended for moms and dads who love BEAMS.
It is fashionable to wear clothes with the same taste as a parent and child.
We also have reasonably priced and cute accessories such as socks and accessories for children.

Children's clothing brand ⑦moononnon

    Genre: Classical

Munonnon is a Japanese children's clothing brand.
You can buy elegant and fashionable children's clothes.
Not only can it be worn for going out, but it is also easy to use when you want to create a proper feeling such as a dinner party.
In addition to the intricate design, they are also particular about quality and functionality, making them great gifts.
This brand is recommended for those who like gorgeous girly fashion.

Three points to keep in mind when choosing fashionable 80 cm children's clothes for girls


When buying outing clothes from a children's clothing brand, you want to choose items that are as good as possible.
Even more so if you're buying slightly more expensive items.
Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing children's clothing.

  1. Material
  2. Ease of wearing
  3. Is it a children's clothing brand with good quality?

I will explain each point.

Point ① material

It is said that children's skin is susceptible to external stimuli due to its imperfect barrier function.
It is easy to feel itchy when dry.
For outing clothes that you want to wear for a long time, it is safe to choose materials that are gentle on the skin.
The recommended materials are organic cotton and 100% cotton.
Because it feels good, it gently protects the skin of children.
Even reasonably priced brands sell 100% cotton children's clothing.

Point ② Easy to mix and match

The most versatile clothes are those that can be worn in all seasons except summer.
Specifically, there are thin cardigans and fleece trainers.
Choosing clothes with less volume makes it easier to layer.
Dark colors, white, and ivory are easy to match with other items.
It is best to avoid character designs and choose simple ones.

Point 3: Is it a high-quality children's clothing brand?

We recommend that you choose children's clothing from brands that are recognized for the quality of their fabrics.
If you choose a fabric with low durability, it will stretch and shrink quickly after washing, and the cost performance will be poor because it will pill.
I have to buy again several times in a short period of time.
If you want to use it for a long time, we recommend that you stick to the durability of the fabric along with the material and design.
Check out the reviews on the shopping site.

Fashionable children's clothing brand with 80cm size, perfect clothes for girls


This time, we introduced fashionable 80cm children's clothes for girls.
The design is perfect for little girls, so you can wear it cutely.
There are various brands that sell fashionable baby clothes, from reasonable ones to luxury ones.
Please refer to the recommended brands and how to choose clothes introduced this time, and check out the brands in the genre that moms like.