9 Girls clothing selections for size 160cm 【9 useful styling points】


Girls who wear children's clothing size 160cm are at an age where they are approaching the young adult age.
There must be parents who want to know the points for styling girls in the upper grades who are becoming mature to wear children's clothes.
In this article, we will introduce 9 stylish children's clothes recommended for girls who wear size 160.

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9 Stylish children's clothes in size 160


In this article, will introduce 9 selections of children's clothes that we would recommend to girls who wear size 160.
There are various types of children's clothes, such as clothes that are easy to mix and match, and clothes that look mature.
Fashion-conscious girls who wear size 160 should find a outfit they like.

① Striped docking dress with ribbons

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

A docking dress with a striped pattern

A docking dress with a striped pattern.
Striped clothes are simple and easy to mix and match, so it is useful to have one.
There is a pocket for daily essential items like hair ties and handkerchiefs that can easily be carried around.

② Original checkered docking dress with ribbons

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Tuck dress with original check pattern ribbon

A docking dress with moononnon's original plaid pattern.
The cute and gentle design is sure to be useful not only for everyday wear, but also for various formal occasions such as weddings and school events.
You can enjoy various outfits such as matching a turtleneck sweater inside or wearing a cardigan.

③ Retro checkered cache-couer dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Retro plaid cache-court tuck dress

Retro plaid dress.
The plaid pattern with a retro feel is fashionable.
It has a cache-coeur design, to give a mature look, and is perfect for girls who wear children's clothing size 160.
Baby size is also available, so it is fashionable and fun to coordinate sisters.

④ Junior size 100% cotton A-line gathered tiered dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Junior size 100% cotton A-line gathered tiered dress

Tiered dress made of 100% cotton.
The trendy dusty color makes it a stylish item.
Because it is made of 100% cotton, it can be worn even in the hot summer, and is extremely comfortable!

⑤ Frilled neckline shirt with musical note embroidery

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Musical note embroidery frill neck T-shirt

A stylish T-shirt with frills and ribbed fabric at the neck.
The simple design of the T-shirt is attractive because it is easy to match with bottoms of any design and is easy to mix and match.
It is recommended to wear a T-shirt tucked into a skirt or pants for a stylish look!

⑥ Gathered hem T-shirt with ribbons

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Gathered frill T-shirt with ribbon

A gathered frilled T-shirt with ribbons on the switching material.
The volumey silhouette of the hem is very cute.
This is available in black and navy, so it is useful on days when there is an art class at school.

⑦ Scalloped culotte pants

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

scalloped culottes pants

Culotte pants with a scalloped design.
The hem has a scalloped design for a stylish look.
The simple design makes it easy to mix and match.

⑧ Checkered culottes made in Japan

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

Checkered culottes pants made in Japan

Checkered culotte pants.
The soft and toned-down colors make it perfect for girls who prefer to wear mature looking clothes.
Culotte pants are easy to move in and are easy to exercise in, so they are suitable for school wear.

⑨ Diamond pattern knitted cardigan with pearl buttons

girls-outerwear-cardigans girls-outerwear-cardigans

Knit cardigan with diamond pattern knitted pearl buttons

Knitted cardigan with a diamond pattern.
Diamond pattern knitting and pearl buttons will look mature, stylish and adorable!
A knit cardigan can be worn quickly when it's chilly, so it's convenient to have one.

9 points for 160 size girls to wear children's clothes stylishly


There are some points that girls who wear size 160 should keep in mind to look fashionable.
If you hold down these points, you will be able to dress like a fashionable girl.
Here are 9 points for girls in the upper grades who wear a size 160 to dress up stylishly in children's clothes.

  1. Take interest in adult fashion
  2. Be aware of trends
  3. Utilize setups and dresses
  4. Buy clothes that are easy to mix and match
  5. Style your innerwear
  6. Styling your hair
  7. Look up to fashionistas
  8. Apply makeup
  9. Wear accessories

Point 1: Take interest in adult fashion

If you are a girl in the upper grades, it is also recommended to buy clothes with an awareness of adult-like fashion.
If you choose children's clothes with simple designs and calm or dusty colors, you can create a mature and stylish image.
If you choose clothes with an adult fashion in mind, it will be easy for you and your child to coordinate with each other and enjoy fashion together.

Point 2: Be aware of trends

Incorporating a trendy design will give you a stylish look at an instant.
Check magazines and the internet to see what kind of designs are trending.
Trendy designs are constantly changing, so we recommend purchasing at affordable price shops.

Point 3: Two-piece sets and dresses

It is also a good idea to use two-piece sets and dresses to make children's clothes look stylish.
The sets and dresses completes the outfit on its own, so it is also recommended for fashion beginners.
It is sure to be a big help on busy mornings or when it is difficult to decide on what to wear.

Point 4: Buy clothes that are easy to mix and match

Buying clothes that are easy to mix and match is also an essential point for styling your clothes every day.
In particular, clothes with basic colors and designs are easy to match with various clothes and are versatile.
Buying and keeping several clothes that are easy to mix and match is useful because it expands the range of coordinating your outfits.

Point 5: Style your innerwear

Fashionable girls, don't forget to style your innerwear.
Elementary school girls are still at an age where they exercise actively, so their underwear may be visible without realizing it.
If your innerwear looks stylish at a glance, your fashion-conscious friends will be able to take notice of you!
Wearing cute innerwear will make you feel better.

Point 6: Styling your hair

It is important not to forget to arrange your hair in order to complete your look.
No matter how stylish your clothes are, if you don't do anything with your hair, it will leave you with a dull impression.
If you're not good at arranging your hair, just add hair accessories such as headbands and hair ties that match your clothes.

Point 7: Look up to fashionistas

The best way to become a fashionable person is to look up to a fashionable person.
Just copy the fashion of magazine models, actresses, store clerks, and friends close to you.
If the role model is someone close to you, it's even a good idea to ask them for advice on how to dress.

Point 8: Apply makeup

It is also a good idea to try applying makeup in situations where it is acceptable.
You can instantly look fashionable just by applying a little lipstick or eyeshadow.
If you are worried about your skin, we recommend using a makeup set that is gentle on the skin for children.

Point 9: Wear accessories

In order to make children's clothes look stylish, it is also recommended to incorporate accessories in your outfit.
Fashionable accessories such as rings, necklaces, hats, and sunglasses for juniors are sold at various stores.
Since there are many affordable items, it is also recommended to try to improve your fashion with accessories.



Many girls who wear 160 size children's clothes admire mature and fashionable clothes.
It is also recommended to aim for a fashionable girl by picturing a woman you want to look like for hints on hair arrangement, accessories, and makeup.
Dress up in children's clothes and enjoy various fashions every day!