9 Adorable dresses for size 130cm girls for various scenes and occasions.


"I want to buy a dress that can be used in various scenes"
"I want to know what kind of dress I should buy."
Many people think like this.
This time, we will introduce 9 recommended dresses for girls who are 130 cm tall.
We will also tell you how to choose a dress for each occasion and points when purchasing.

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9 recommended children's dress dresses for 130 cm girls


Girls who wear children's clothes of 130 cm are around the 2nd and 3rd grades of elementary school.
There must be more than a few children who are researching fashion trends and coordination in children's fashion magazines and on the Internet!
We would like to introduce you to a dress that will satisfy even the most fashionable children.

Recommendation ①: Original plaid docking dress

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Original plaid docking dress

A stylish docking dress with a check pattern on the skirt.
Because it is a wearable type, it is easy to wear.
Just put it on and you can coordinate it with your outfit, so it's perfect for school wear.

Recommendation 2: Docking dress with striped ribbon

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Docking dress with border pattern ribbon

A cute docking dress with a combination of border patterns and ribbons.
There are many girls who like boarders.
Due to its casual atmosphere, it is also recommended for school wear.

Recommendation ③: Japanese 100% cotton floral dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

100% cotton floral dress made in Japan

Short-sleeved floral dress with a collar.
Made of 100% cotton, it is gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear.
A flower pattern dress with a gorgeous and cute atmosphere is suitable not only for everyday wear but also for recitals and weddings.

Recommendation ④: 100% cotton floral dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

100% cotton floral dress

A small floral dress with lace on the sleeves.
Because the back collar part uses rubber, it is possible to change clothes quickly.
A skirt with a fluffy silhouette is cool and perfect for hot summer.

Recommendation ⑤: Japanese polka dot pattern flare dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Polka Dot Pattern Flare Dress Made in Japan

Flare dress with polka dot pattern.
The large dot pattern makes an impact and is fashionable.
Because of its elegant atmosphere, it can be worn even in formal occasions.

Recommended 6: Dot tulle docking dress with ribbed cut and sewn ribbon

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Dot tulle docking dress with ribbed cut and sewn ribbon

Docking dress with ribbed cut and sew and dot tulle skirt.
Many girls dream of wearing a tulle skirt that makes them feel like a princess.
The fact that it has a pocket is also a nice point for girls who have a lot of belongings.

Recommendation 7: Musical note dress made in Japan

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Musical note dress made in Japan

A dress with a musical note print.
The refreshing blue color and musical note print are eye-catching.
Recommended not only for piano recitals, but also for dinner parties and weddings.

Recommended ⑧ Plaid gathered dress

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Plaid gathered dress

Plaid dress.
The classic plaid pattern can be used in a variety of situations if you have one.
It also has a zipper on the back, making it easy to put on and take off.

Recommendation 9: Gathered docking dress with ribbon and different materials

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Gathers with Ribbons Different Material Switching Docking Dress

A docking dress with plenty of ribbon on the front.
The fashionable point is that the upper body and the skirt are made of different materials.
It is easy to clean as it is machine washable.

5 points when choosing a girl's children's dress for each scene


Children's dress for girls can be used in various scenes.
Ceremonial occasions have dress etiquette even for children, so you have to be careful when choosing a dress.
Here are some points to consider when choosing one for each scene.

  1. Entrance ceremony
  2. Wedding
  3. Piano recital
  4. Funeral
  5. Commuting to school

Scene 1: Entrance ceremony

Navy, black, and gray are popular colors for entrance ceremony dresses.
If you bring one dress in a subdued color, you can use it for occasions other than the entrance ceremony.
Wearing an embellished headband or frilly socks will make you look cute.
The best time to buy them is around January or February.
If you buy too early, the size won't fit.
Also, if you purchase too late, the product you want may be sold out.
Pay attention to the timing of your purchase and be prepared to wear your favorite dress for the entrance ceremony.

Scene 2: Wedding

For wedding dresses, it is recommended to choose bright pastel colors such as blue, pink, and purple.
Since the leading role is the bride and groom after all, it is necessary to be careful not to be too flashy.
Also, be careful not to wear white clothes, which is the color of the bride, as it is basically a violation of manners!
A white dress is acceptable only when requested to be a flower girl.
If you are worried, it is safe to check with the bride and groom who are the organizers.

Scene 3: Piano recital

At a piano recital, the most important thing is to choose clothes that are easy to play.
If the performance requires pedaling, skirts that are too long should be avoided to facilitate pedaling.
Also, if the back and neck are tight, it will be difficult to move around, so it will be easier to play if you choose something with a certain amount of room.
If it's a bright color and a simple design, you can wear it for everyday outings.

Scene 4: Funeral

It is customary to wear a dress in dark colors such as black, navy blue, gray, or brown at a funeral.
Be careful not to wear clothes with flashy patterns or glossy materials such as satin, as these are bad manners.
If you have a dress with a dark color and a simple design, it's convenient to mix and match at ceremonial occasions!
Even a dress with a calm atmosphere can be worn with a bolero, a cardigan, or a necklace to create a gorgeous impression.

Scene 5: Going to school

A dress that can be coordinated with just one piece is also popular as a school uniform for girls who wear children's clothing 130 cm.
If you choose a dark color that doesn't make dirt stand out, you can spend your time at school without worrying about getting dirty.
Make sure your skirt is neither too long nor too short.
If your skirt length is short, it is safe to wear leggings or spats.

5 points when buying a girl's children's dress


If you know the points when buying children's dress for girls, you can buy the perfect dress for your child.

  1. Try on
  2. Check the size notation
  3. Check materials
  4. Is it possible to mix and match?
  5. Do you like it?

I will explain each one.

Point 1: Try on

When purchasing a dress, it is recommended that you try it on as much as possible.
Even if the size label is the same, the sizing varies depending on the manufacturer and brand, so it is safe to try it on and check the size.
Also, if you try it on, you may be able to discover the color and shape that suits your child.
If you are a girl who wears children's clothes size 130, there should be many children who like to try on.
Please try to match the size while having fun with your child.

Point 2: Check the size notation

If you can't try it on when you buy it, check the size chart.
There are descriptions such as the width, length, and sleeve length on the tag part of the clothes.
Even when purchasing online, the size is always listed, so don't forget to check it!
If you measure your child's body size from time to time, it will be smooth at the time of purchase.

Point 3: Check materials

When choosing a dress, check the material to make it more comfortable to wear.
From spring to summer, we recommend wearing a dress made of cotton or linen, which is absorbent, hygroscopic, and breathable.
Even children who sweat a lot will be comfortable.
From autumn to winter, thick and warm corduroy and pile materials are suitable.
Make sure you choose the right material for each season.

Point 4: Is it possible to mix and match?

Children's clothes that can't be worn soon, I want to choose something that can be worn as much as possible.
If you choose a dress that you can't mix and match for ceremonial occasions, you can only wear it once and end up running out of size.
We recommend choosing something with a simple design or a darker color to make it easier to mix and match.

Point 5: Does the person like it?

When choosing children's clothes, not only dresses, it is important to choose what you like.
If your child doesn't like the children's clothes, they may refuse to wear them and end up not wearing them even once.
Respect your child's opinion and choose your favorite dress together.

Let's buy a dress that is perfect for girls with children's clothing size 130!


Children's clothing Size 130 girl's dress can be worn in various scenes.
When purchasing, it is important to check the size, material, and whether you can mix and match.
While respecting the opinion of the child, purchase a fashionable dress that is perfect for your child.