Introducing ''moononnon'' What kind of clothing brand are we?


"I can't afford to wear expensive brands, but I don't want to wear what everyone else is wearing.."
"Is it possible to buy high-quality children's clothes at a reasonable price?"
"I want my kids to wear comfortable clothes that don't look too mature for their age."

Moononnon is a brand that is perfect for moms who have such thoughts.
In this article, we will introduce our brands' characteristics and some of our popular items.


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What is moononnon?


Moononnon is a long-established children's clothing brand founded in 1954.
We are a brand where you can buy department store quality items for girls and boys at reasonable prices.
We have clothes that can be worn on formal occasions such as recitals, weddings and family outings.
One of the attractions is the design that brings out the children's cuteness.
The design is not too fancy, but the elegant finish is eye-catching.
It is a high-quality children's clothing that is particular about materials and functionality.

Characteristics of moononnon



Classy and cute design

The characteristic of moononnon is the refined design that is not too extravagant.
Especially, the intricate and detailed embroidery is eye-catching.
For girls, there are many items with musical note and ballet embroidery, in which a new series is released every year.
Recommended for those looking for a blouse or dress to wear to a piano recital.
Boys' items also feature moononnon's unique quality by applying patches and embroidery to popular designs such as dinosaurs and vehicles.
One of the attractions is that the clothes look childlike and adorable while having a  sophisticated design.

Basic items that are not influenced by trends

Moononnon offers tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, and accessories in sizes baby to juniors.
Girl's dresses have a high-quality finish, that can be worn in formal occasions.
We have a lot of basic items that are not influenced by trends, such as check and floral patterns, that are loved by all generations.
These clothes rarely get ruined in the washing machine, so many of our customers can hand clothes down to their younger siblings, family of friends.

Comfortable material

We use materials that are breathable, absorbent, and comfortable to wear.
There are also plenty of 100% cotton items that are gentle on the skin.
In 2023, we plan to sell items using the popular textile brand “Liberty Fabrics” from London.
We will continue to produce high-quality items with carefully selected materials in order to produce high-quality items .


"At preschool, I was told to prepare clothes with pockets, but cannot find them anywhere..." "I want my kids to wear clothes that are easy to wear on and off."
Some moms may think this way.
Almost all of moononnon's skirts, pants and dresses have pockets.
In addition, the back collar and waist includes an elastic band, and the dresses have a back zipper, making it easy to wear on and off.
Many of these functions are valued by mothers who are raising small children.

Wide range of sizes

Moononnon offers items in sizes 80 to 160.
We are a brand with clothing that can be worm for a long time from babies to the upper grades of elementary school.
Products with the same design are available for babies to elementary school students, so you can enjoy cute matching outfits for siblings.
We hold a range of colors, so we recommend matching your kids in different colors!

First class service

We deliver your precious clothes in a neat and clean condition.
Below are some customer reviews we have received.

  • "Both the wrapping and packaging were done carefully. It was a present for a co-workers' grandchild, and she was very happy with it."
  • "Quick and polite! I have made repeat purchases many times. There are many cute items, and I can shop here without any worries.This store is very reliable."
  • "I was surprised at how fast the package arrived. Even though I ordered it in giftwrapping, it was shipped within an hour of ordering. You would think it would be messy because of the speed, but it was so neatly done, and the recipient was very happy with it."

Dresses with repeat customers


Moononnon's most popular items are our dresses.
The flared volumey silhouette, a design that has been cultivated throughout the years in formal dress making, especially attracts our shoppers.
Even in casual dresses that can be used as everyday wear, is also finished with a beautiful silhouette.
We keep the lace and other decorations low key, for an elegant design, which creates a natural, feminine look.
Our beautiful dresses, in which the materials and sewing have been carefully arranged have gained popularity within a wide range of generations.

Moononnon colors children's everyday life


Moononnon is a children's clothing brand that has continued to create items that has put much time and effort in design, materials, and functionality and has been loved for many years.
We hold time sales twice a month at our official online shop, a chance to get high-quality items at a reasonable price!
Also, if you follow our social media, you will receive notification on sales and special deals.
Please check out our official online shop and take a glimpse into our collection.