3 Basics on dressing your kids with style 【3 Accesorry tips and Useful apps】


Cute outfits that keep up with the trend, you'll be longing for!
But it's hard to think of a stylish outfit every morning.
This time, we will focus on the basic techniques to make children's clothes fashionable, and introduce convenient and time-saving apps and experiences that help children grow through clothes.

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3 Basic Rules for Fashionably Coordinating Children's Clothing


The basics of fashionable coordination are simple and basic.
If you follow the basic rules, you can easily create cohesive outfits.

  1. Prepare standard items
  2. Observe the three-color rule
  3. Visualize the clothes you have

Rule 1: Start with standard items

Let's start with simple and basic standard items.
For children's clothing, T-shirts and simple denim are the basics. For girls, you can add a simple dress.
Standard items are easy to arrange and mix and match.
For example, a simple cotton white shirt can be worn over a T-shirt, wrapped around the waist, or ironed to go out.
Based on the best-selling "French people only have 10 clothes" idea, it seems to work well to review the standard items.

Rule 2: Follow the 3-color rule

The "rule of three colors" is a basic fashion technique.
Coordinating with only 3 colors will give you a stylish impression without being too plain.
The technique is simple and easy to implement, but it requires caution. Limit yourself to one primary color, such as red, green, or yellow. If you use more than two colors, the impression will be too lively.
If you use white, black, or navy as a base, use a bright color as an accent color.
For example, if you add pink to a base of white and gray, you can create a French-chic impression. If the percentage of pink is small, it can also be used for boys' outfits.

Rule 3: Visualize your clothes

Knowing what clothes you have in your closet makes it easier to coordinate your outfits.
Let's take a picture of all the items to keep them organized.
Check your camera roll when shopping for new clothes. Think about whether you can combine 1 item with the clothes you have and about 3 outfits.
"I bought it because I thought it was cute, but I couldn't find the clothes to match it, so it was shelved..." will no longer be the case.

3 points for using accessories to upgrade children's clothing coordination


Add accents to the basic simple and basic clothes for a sharp and stylish look.
Enjoy fashion with a little extra accessories at affordable prices.

  1. Use an accent color
  2. Show colorful socks
  3. Incorporate seasonal ingredients

Point 1: Use Accent Colors

Accent colors that add sharpness to your outfit are indispensable for fashion.
About 10% of the total accent color is the best balance, so it is recommended to incorporate it with accessories.
If you use colorful hats, bags, socks, etc., the coordination will be tightened. Use the opposite color of the base color for an easy cohesive look.
Let's add a twist to basic items such as khaki pants and a pink body bag, denim and a yellow knit hat.

Point 2: Show colorful socks

Socks that you want to incorporate as an accent color.
You can get a lot of them at an affordable price, so it's a waste not to use them fashionable! Why don't you dare to show it without hiding it with your pants?
For a white shirt and denim outfit, let the red socks peek out from the rolled-up denim. Pair with a simple slip-on for a sophisticated look.
If you like street casual style, you can wear simple shorts with colorful line socks such as green, yellow, and orange.
Slightly long line socks that peek out from the sneakers will be a fashionable point.

Point 3: Incorporate seasonal ingredients

It is recommended to incorporate seasonal materials with accessories. Even with basic clothes, the mood of the season will increase at once.
In the spring and summer, a straw hat, a bag made of clear material, and Gurkha sandals will give you a light and cool impression.
Spring and summer clothes tend to be simple, such as a T-shirt and shorts, but the use of accessories is the key to fashion.
In autumn and winter, voluminous materials such as knit hats, mouton boots, and fluffy earmuffs create warmth.
To avoid being too bulky, wear skinny pants or a compact silhouette.

3 recommended apps to streamline coordination of children's clothes


"It's hard to think of fashionable outfits every day"
"Children's clothes quickly run out of size and cannot be managed."
Such people are recommended to rely on the app. Fashionable and closet management will save time.

  1. “XZ (closet)” where you can easily find fashionable outfits
  2. "StyleHint" full of ideas for mixing and matching outfits
  3. "JUSCLO" to reduce waste by closet management

Recommendation 1: "XZ (closet)" that will organize a week's worth of outfits

XZ (Closet) offers one week's worth of coordination that matches the weather in the area where you live.
It takes time to take pictures of the clothes you have, but it's hard to think about what to wear after checking the weather forecast in the busy morning. Using the XZ will save you a lot of time.
Even with the clothes I have, I sometimes feel fresh, thinking, "I've found such a combination!" It is also recommended for those who are not confident in fashionable coordination.

Recommendation 2: "StyleHint" where you can search for dressing ideas

StyleHint allows you to easily search for fashionable outfits using items from UNIQLO and GU.
Fashionable's daily outfits using items from familiar brands are sure to be helpful.
You can search by item, so you can find ideas for how to mix and match.
There are many adult coordinations using kids-sized clothes, so it's convenient when you want to coordinate with your parent and child.

Recommendation ③: "JUSCLO" that can visualize the closet

JUSCLO, which allows you to visualize the contents of your closet on your smartphone, is perfect for managing children's clothes that often go out of size!
You can see at a glance which clothes you wear often and which you don't wear, so you don't have to worry about the clothes you bought early and went out of size without wearing them.
It is also convenient that you can shop while thinking about coordinating with the clothes you have.
You can register your coordination in the calendar, so you won't have to worry about wearing the same clothes when you go out and the photos don't look good.

3experiences for children to think about coordination by themselves


Have you ever had the experience of being confused when your child chooses their own clothes?
I want adults to wear fashionable clothes while valuing the sensibilities of children.
Why not bring out a new side of your child with a service that promotes growth through clothes?

  1. Uniqlo's "My First Coordination Experience MY FIRST OUTFIT"
  2. GU's "My first coordination experience MY FIRST OUTFIT"
  3. Authentic fashion experience at KidZania

Experience 1: UNIQLO's "My First Coordination Experience MY FIRST OUTFIT"

Launched in 2017, UNIQLO's "MY FIRST OUTFIT" is a clothing education service that encourages self-development by allowing children to choose their own clothes.
UNIQLO staff will give you a lecture on how to choose clothes, and then you can freely choose clothes.
UNIQLO staff will assist you if you have any questions or if you cannot find an item. Papa and Mama watch from afar.
After arranging the selected clothes, I enter the fitting room by myself, thinking about the coordination. Finally change clothes and show off!
I'm sure you'll be thrilled to see your child skillfully wearing colors that moms wouldn't choose.
If you like simple and basic clothes, Uniqlo's MY FIRST OUTFIT is recommended.
Click here for an overview of UNIQLO's "MY FIRST OUTFIT"

Experience 2: For trendy items, go to GU "My First Coordination Experience MY FIRST OUTFIT"

GU will start offering the same service as UNIQLO in 2022.
Up to 4 people can participate in GU's "First Coordination Experience MY FIRST OUTFIT". We also aim to help people understand diversity by looking at their friends' outfits and discovering commonalities and new discoveries.
It seems that you can see a new side of your child that you don't usually see, such as asking questions to adults other than parents and thinking about the balance of top and bottom yourself.
Let's have a fashionable experience at GU, which has a wide variety of trendy items!
Click here for an overview of GU's "MY FIRST OUTFIT"

Experience 3: Full-scale fashion experience at KidZania

KidZania is a place where you can have a full-fledged work experience. You can also experience fashion at KidZania.
At the theater, you can walk the runway as a fashion model.
After practicing walking and posing, change into costumes and go to the actual stage!
The stage has full-fledged sound and video, and is worth seeing. You can also get a DVD of the performance as a souvenir.
You can't choose your own clothes, but it seems to be an opportunity to have a new perspective of "conveying the charm of clothes."
Click here for an overview of KidZania

If you want to coordinate children's clothes stylishly, hold down the basics and accent them with accessories!


The basics of fashion are simple and basic.
Add accent colors and seasonal accessories to standard items to make them stand out.
When it's hard to think of a stylish outfit every day, you can rely on the app ◎.
It seems that you can discover a new side of yourself by participating in an experience event where children think about their own outfits.