9 Types of skirts and legging for stylish kids 【Skirts: What and how to wear】


Skirts are one of the essential items for girls.
There must be many parents who want to know the types of skirts that are recommended for thier children.
In this article, we will introduce 9 fashionable skirts and leggings for children.
We will also talk about the types of skirts we recommend for children's clothing and points to be careful when buying and wearing skirts.

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9 Fashionable skirts and leggings for children


There are various types and styles of skirts such as mature, cute, trendy etc, so you should be able to find one that suits your style! 

①Pleated skirt with elastic waist

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

Elastic waist, pleated tuck skirt

An elegant pleated skirt.
The waist is elastic and a stretch fabric is used, so it's comfortable to wear.
This is available in two colors, navy and black.
Both are calm colors, so it's easy to mix and match.

② Tulle skirt

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

tulle skirt

Skirt in tulle.
There must be a lot of girls who love wearing skirts made of fluffy tulle material.
With a trendy tiered design, it is also fashionable.
It can be worn with tops of various tastes, from casual to classic.

③ Pleated plaid wrap skirt

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

plaid pleated wrap skirt

A wrap skirt in plaid fabric.
The calm red color of the check pattern is stylish.
Because it is pleated, it gives a mature impression when worn.
Perfect for girls who want to try a mature style.

④ 100% cotton floral gathered skirt with ribbon

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

100% cotton gathered skirt with floral ribbon

Cute floral gathered skirt.
The ribbon attached to the waist adds even more cuteness.
The simple design makes it easy to match with tops of various designs.
Made of 100% cotton, it is suitable for children with sensitive skin.

⑤ Gingham skirt with musical note print

girls-bottoms-skirt girls-bottoms-skirt

Gingham Check Pattern x Musical Note Print Skirt

A skirt with a gingham check pattern and musical notes.
The mixture of check pattern and musical note printing will make you feel happy just by looking at it.
It is recommended not only for recitals such as pianos and violins, but also for everyday lessons.
Your child will probably look forward to practicing because they wll want to wear this to their lessons!

⑥ Baby size Plaid skirt with cropped leggings

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

Cropped leggings with baby size plaid skirt

The leggings are made of rib material and has elasticity, so it is easy to move in.
There are two thin elastic bands in the waist for stretch.
The elastic bands are strong enough to hold even after washing in the machine.

⑦ Baby size floral skirt with leggings

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

Half length skirt with baby size floral ribbon

A half-length skirt with a cute floral pattern.
With a casually attached stylish ribbon.
The waist is elastic, so even small children can easily wear on and off themselves.

⑧ Baby size layered tulle skirt with cropped leggings

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

9/4 length leggings with baby size 3-tier tulle skirt

The three-layered frills made of tulle material is cute.
Since the skirt is attached with the leggings, it is convenient for busy mornings because you can change clothes quickly.

⑨ Full length leggings with ruffled hem

girls-bottoms-leggings girls-bottoms-leggings

Hem frill 10/4 length leggings

Leggings with a simple design are easy to match with skirts of various designs, so it is useful to have one in your wardrobe.
The casual frills on the hem are fashionable.
Since this is available in various sizes, it is also recommended for sisters to wear together.

5 types of skirts recommended for girls' children's clothes


There are various types of skirts, but what kind of skirt is suitable for children's clothing?
Here are 5 types of skirts we recommend for children.

  1. Skirt with leggings
  2. Salopette skirt
  3. Pleated skirt
  4. Tulle skirt
  5. Denim skirt

Type ①: Skirt with leggings

Skirts with leggings are one of the most popular items for girls.
Since the leggings and skirt are attached, even children who move actively will not have to worry about their underwear showing.
Also, the leggings and skirt are already coordinated, so you don't have to worry about what to wear.
It is easy to wear, so it is also recommended for your kids to wear when going to kindergarten or school.

Type 2: Salopette skirt

A salopette skirt is popular not only for girls but also for women.
If you change the top you wear inside, you can wear it all year round, so you can mix and match.
If you choose a shoulder strap that can be adjusted in size, even children's clothes that tend to run out of size can be worn for a long time.
Moms can enjoy matching outfits with their kids!

Type ③: Pleated skirt

A pleated skirt with clean folds is recommended for girls who prefer mature children's clothing.
Choosing a longer length will create a more relaxed style.
On the other hand, if you choose something with a shorter length and match it with a blouse or cardigan, it will look like a school uniform.
For girls who prefer a shorter length, a pleated skirt with inner pants is a safe choice.

Type ④: Tulle skirt

A tulle skirt using fluffy tulle material.
They are especially popular for young children because they make you feel like a princess just by wearing them.
Even girls who don't want to look to sweet or girly, can wear it in a mature style by choosing calmer colors and longer lengths.
It's also fashionable to wear them with sneakers!

Type ⑤: Denim skirt

Skirts made of denim fabric are easy to match with various tops and are attractive because they are easy to mix and match.
Recommended for active girls as the fabric is durable and stains are not noticeable.
Denim is a fabric that even men can easily wear, so it would be a good idea to try matching outfits with your family.

5 points for wearing skirts


When wearing skirts in children's clothes, it is important to check the following five points.
By keeping these points in mind, you will be able to wear skirts comfortably and safely.

  1. Check the material
  2. Pay attention to the length
  3. Is it easy to hand down?
  4. Prepare items to wear underneath the skirt
  5. Is it easy to move around in?

Point 1: Check the material

It is important to check the material when choosing children's clothing.
For summer, linen and cotton are recommended.
For winter, knit quilts with excellent heat retention are suitable.
Choose materials that are appropriate for the season so that children can wear their clothes comfortably.

Point 2: Pay attention to the length

When choosing a skirt, pay attention to the length.
A long skirt looks mature and fashionable, but there is a risk of you stepping on it and falling.
Also, if the length is too short, there is a risk that your underwear will show.
When purchasing a skirt, it is important to try it on as much as possible to check the length.

Point 3: Is it easy to hand down?

If you have younger siblings, it is a good idea to buy a skirt considering whether it is easy to hand down or not.
A skirt made of denim fabric is especially recommended.
Denim fabric can be worn without being influenced by fashion trends, so it's great that sisters who are far apart in age can wear it as hand-me-downs.
The fabric is also durable, so you don't have to worry about it being too damaged.
Children's clothes that are less damaged can be handed down not only to sisters, but also to relatives and friends.

Point 4: Prepare items to wear underneath the skirt

If your child wears a skirt, it is necessary to prepare an item to wear under the skirt.
In spring and summer, you should wear overpants or short leggings. For children who don't like the heat, we recommend leggings made with cooling material.
Overpants made of wool and leggings with brushed lining are suitable for autumn and winter.
Prepare items to wear under the skirt to prevent your underwear from being seen and to protect against the cold.

Point 5: Focus on ease of movement

When choosing skirts for children's clothing, it is best to focus on how easy you can move around.
No matter how stylish the design of the skirt is, if it is difficult to move around, it can be stressful for the child.
Especially for commuting to kindergarten and school clothes, you should be careful in choosing materials and lengths that are easy to move in.
In order for your child to have fun every day, it is important to choose children's clothes in consideration of ease of movement.



Skirts are an essential item for girls in children's clothing.
It can be used in a variety of situations, such as going to school, outings, and formal occasions.
Wear your favorite skirt and enjoy your favorite fashion!