【The Complete Guide】4 Tips on shopping for kids pants


Children's trousers are often worn all year round.
We often hear stories of failures, such as those that were too small to be worn even though they worked hard to choose them, or that they were carried over to the next season.
But once you learn the technique of choosing trousers, you can rest assured. Don't hesitate and get a fun shopping time.

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5 recommended trousers for children's clothing


Here are two pants that are recommended for girls and three pants that are recommended for boys.
If there is a product you are interested in, please take a look at the overview.

Recommended trousers ①: 9/4 length pants [girls]

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Musical Note Embroidery Denim Knit 9/4 Length Pants

Stretchable material.
There is also a slit in the hem, so the ease of movement is outstanding.
We also recommend denim knit musical note embroidered pants that are a staple of autumn clothing

Recommended pants 2: Full-length long pants [girls]

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Full length long pants with super stretch material ribbon

These are full-length long pants, but they are easy to wear because they are stretchy.
The point is the pop color and the ribbon on the front.

Recommended Trousers ③: Logo Print Long Pants [Boys]

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Baby Size Vehicle Series Train & Logo Print Long Pants

Cut-and-sew knit pants that are popular with children who love vehicles.
A must-have item for children who move a lot because it is elastic and has a full elastic waist.

Recommended trousers ④: 10/4 length stretch pants [Boys]

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

10/4 length stretch pants with logo pocket

These basic pants come in two colors that are easy to match.
The sturdy texture and stretch make it a must-have item for going out or going to kindergarten.

Recommended trousers ⑤: [Boys]

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

10/4 length stretch tapered pants

Stretch twill pants with an elastic waist that are easy to put on and take off.
Slightly brushed, stretch material. The cute bear on the patch is attractive.

4 tips for choosing trousers for children


There are surprisingly many criteria for choosing trousers for children.
However, there are so many that it can be difficult to know what to choose.
Let's take a look at these four rules first.

  1. Size
  2. Ease of wearing
  3. Price
  4. Design

Point ①: Size

There is a quick reference table for children's clothing sizes by age as "Japan's average size".
Based on age and average height, 〇 inches is set as a suitable size for 〇 years old.
However, I would like to point out that there are individual differences in size. Check the following to help guide your selection.

  • Waist: There are thin types and chubby types, so it is good to have size adjustment
  • Rise: If the rise is deep, it is difficult to see the underwear.
  • Inseam: Even if the height is the same, the leg length is different
  • uyg

Depending on the characteristics of the child, you may choose one or two sizes up.

Point 2: Easy to wear

Easy to wear is important for babies when moms change their clothes and kids when they put on and take off by themselves. Also, choose trousers with an adjustable waist.
Please refer to the following points for ease of wearing trousers.

  • Not too tight
  • Reasonable space
  • Length is not too long
  • The fabric is not too hard
  • The fabric does not stretch too much

n nursery schools and kindergartens, there are more opportunities to put on and take off by yourself.
Some children will start crying if it is not easy to put their feet through and easy to raise to the waist.
Don't miss the "ease of wearing" for your child to gain confidence.

Point ③: Price

Children's clothes that quickly run out of size.
If it's only for a short period of time, let's make do with a cheap one. However, there is always the problem of worrying that it will be damaged soon.
There are various opinions, but it seems that there are many people who use it for each purpose.

  • Inexpensive children's clothes for playing in the park or going to kindergarten
  • High brand children's clothes for going out

It is also recommended to buy children's clothing that feels expensive during the sale period.
By shopping wisely, you can get quality materials at great prices.

Point ④: Design

Children's clothes have a lot of cute designs.
I understand that you want to dress her in something elaborately made, but let's review it again.

  • Is the material suitable for children?
  • Is it easy to wash?
  • Gorgeous design that is easy to catch
  • Trouser hem cord

The gorgeous design that is easy to get caught may lead to an unexpected accident. There is also a case where the hem of the pants has been caught in the door of the train.
Always keep safety in mind.

Appropriate number of children's pants and when to let go


Children's trousers continue to grow as they grow, but considering the storage space, I think it's true that you want to mix and match with the minimum stock.
Having siblings makes the storage problem even more acute. Let's aim for a storage beauty by referring to the appropriate number and the timing of letting go.

Appropriate number of children's clothes

During the baby period and kids period, there are many times to change clothes, so clothes tend to increase.
If you select each season, you will have to prepare several pairs, so we recommend trousers that can be worn all year round.
When you start attending nursery school or kindergarten, you will also need to bring a change of clothes. The number of clothes to be prepared varies depending on the kindergarten, but here is a reference for the number of clothes to change.

  • 0-2 years old 3 pieces / day
  • 3-4 years old 2-3 pieces/day
  • 5-6 years old 1-2 pieces/day

The pants you wear on the day and the change of clothes you bring the next day are also added here.
As you get older, you change your clothes less often, but because you move around actively, you may get dirty or torn.
In summer, you change clothes more often than in winter. Let's adjust each time considering age and season.

It's time to let go of children's clothes

Are you worried about when to dispose of this clothes every season?
If you decide when to let go of oversized children's clothes, you won't get lost.

  • Perfect size, cucumber
  • Faded
  • It is twisted and deteriorated
  • There are stains that do not come off even after washing

If you put it off later, it will only make it harder for moms to manage.
If you decide the rules in advance, you can make decisions quickly.
It is also recommended to secure a space by saying "This is the only place for storage!"

Let's become a good mom by shopping without wasting children's pants!


If you know the 4 rules for choosing trousers, you can get trousers that you can use right away without hesitation.
The storage area will also be refreshing, and the clothes to dispose of will be reduced.
Activities to reuse and recycle instead of throwing away are attracting attention.
It seems that thinking about what to do with children will also be an opportunity to think about the global environment.