4 Tips on styling matching kids outfits 【3 Recommended Items】


Children's clothes are full of cute and cool designs.
There must be many moms and dads who want to enjoy matching outfits.
This time, we will introduce points for matching children's clothes and recommended items for a wonderful matching outfit!
Please use it as a reference and enjoy it with your children.

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Recommended items for matching children's clothes [Boys]


What kind of children's clothes should I choose when I have a matching outfit?
Let's start with cool items for boys.

Recommendation ①: Fashionable master with one piece! Layered T-shirt

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton layered T-shirt with back print

The hem is faux-layered, making it a long T-shirt that looks cool on its own.
The front of the parka style design is also stylish!
There are black and orange, so you can choose different colors for your siblings.
The simple design makes it easy to match with any style.

Recommendation 2: A pocket sweatshirt with a handsome color scheme

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

Tri-color sweatshirt with pocket and logo

If you want a matching outfit, how about a boyish sweatshirt that catches your eye?
In addition to the chic 3-color switching, the pocket with the logo is stylish!
The fabric is not too thick, so you can move easily even if you wear it under outerwear.
Just match the bottoms you have on hand to complete a cool and handsome outfit.

Recommendation 3: Cool and cute jacket with trendy checks

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

Check pattern warm boa zip up jacket

A fluffy boa jacket that is warm even in the middle of winter.
The ombre check pattern with shadows is perfect for active boys.
We recommend pairing it with a plaid skirt or muffler that has a similar taste for a casual matching outfit with your mom.

Recommended items for matching children's clothes [Girls edition]


When you wear matching outfits with a girl, you want to choose cute items.
Here are some recommended items that both moms and children will love.

Recommendation ①: Cuteness 200%! Dress with ribbon

girls-dress-shortsleeves girls-dress-shortsleeves

Gathered dress with check pattern ribbon

Glen check sleeveless dress.
The design has a low waist and the skirt part is soft.
Pair it with a white inner layer for a cute look, or pair it with a black inner layer for a mature look.
Not only the same item, but also different colors will be a wonderful matching outfit.

Recommendation 2: Borderon T-shirt for fashionable girls

girls-tops-longsleeves girls-tops-longsleeves

Frill T-shirt with border pattern ribbon

This long T-shirt is recommended when you want to coordinate with your parent and child.
It is an item that you can enjoy a higher-grade fashion, such as ribbons on the shoulders and frills.
Available in two colors, white and navy, making it easy to find matching items for adults.
You can wear it cutely with any bottoms, such as denim and skirts.

Recommendation ③: Recommended for check coordination! Culottes with frills

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

100% Cotton Original Check Pattern 2-tier Frilled Culotte Pants

These culottes, which look like skirts at first glance, have a girly design with swaying frills.
Even if you pair it with a simple top, it will instantly elevate your outfit to a cute look.
The nice thing about it is that it's thick enough to be worn in any season, and it's made of 100% cotton that's gentle on the skin.
It's also nice to coordinate with boys and dads by matching checks.

Matching coordination with children's clothes, who would you choose?


When coordinating children's clothes, it is important to decide who to match with.
Is there anything to be aware of for each partner you arrange?

Matching parent and child

When you enjoy matching outfits with your parent and child, we recommend starting with one item.
You can start with a simple matching outfit, such as pairing it with denim bottoms or a plain white T-shirt.
It's also nice to try aligning with sneakers of the same brand.

Matching siblings

For matching outfits with siblings, it would be a good idea to purchase the same item.
When choosing clothes of different colors, be sure to listen carefully to your child's opinion so that they don't end up saying, "I liked this color better."

matching with friends

Matching outfits with friends can be cute enough just by matching the taste.
It is recommended that you discuss with the other mother whether they have similar items such as striped T-shirts and denim.
When you buy a new item, carefully look at the reaction of the other party and select the item.

4 points to coordinate with children's clothes


When you enjoy matching outfits with children's clothes, should you prepare exactly the same items?
Even if you don't have the same item, we will teach you the tips for matching outfits that give you a sense of unity.

  1. Prepare the whole body with the same item
  2. Arrange colors
  3. Arrange the patterns
  4. Arrange small items

Point 1: Use the same item for the whole body

It's obvious, but it's a standard to align the whole body with the same item.
If you are siblings or friends, it will not be difficult to get the same children's clothes.
If you're going to go to great lengths to collect items, you'll want to choose items with clear colors and patterns.

Point 2: Align the colors

Even if you don't have the same item, if the color is the same, it will look matching.
It's OK to have something in common: a yellow T-shirt, denim pants, and black sneakers!
When coordinating with colors, it is best to choose simple items with few patterns.

Point 3: Align the patterns

There is also a method of arranging the pattern of the main clothes such as tops and pants.
There are many items such as borders and gingham checks, and they are easy to match.
It is also recommended for moms who want to casually match with their children.

Point 4: Arrange small items

When trying out matching outfits for the first time, try matching accessories such as hats and shoes.
If it's summer, try wearing a straw hat of the same color, and if it's winter, try pairing it with mouton boots.
Choosing items that match the season will also enhance your style.

Let's enjoy matching coordination of children's clothes with children!


When it comes to matching children's clothes, item selection is important.
Even if you are embarrassed to suddenly align your whole body, it should be easy to start with accessories and the same pattern.
Please refer to the points introduced this time and enjoy matching outfits.