5 Best camping outfits for children 【5 Selection tips and points per season】


Spending a day in nature can be a great experience for children.
However, some people may be wondering, "I want to go camping with my child, but what should I wear?"
In this article, we will explain how to choose children's camping clothes and share recommended items.
Please use this as a reference and enjoy camping with the whole family.

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Kids Camping Clothes


Camping, which spends a day outdoors, requires clothes for different purposes.
Let's check the type of the clothes you should prepare.

  1. Clothes to wear during the day
  2. Clothes to wear at night
  3. Clothes to wear when sleeping

Type 1: Clothes to wear during the day

The first thing you need is casual clothes that you can wear during the day.
During the camp, we often move actively, such as doing athletics or having barbeques.
Choose clothes suitable for the temperature and weather of the day.

Type 2: Clothes to wear at night

Campsites are often located in the mountains, so it can get cold at night.
In addition to the clothes you wear during the day, it's a good idea to bring outerwear that you can layer.
In the winter, hats and scarves may be required depending on the location.

Type 3: Clothes to wear when sleeping

When camping outdoors, pay attention to what you wear when you sleep.
Of course, there is no heating, so you need to adjust your body temperature with innerwear or pajamas.
Depending on the child's age, use a sleeper to prevent the body from getting too cold.

5 Recommended items perfect for camping


Now let us introduce our best, high-quality children's clothing for camping at "moononnon"!

Item 1: Perfect for outdoor activities! Bi-color hoodie

girls-outerwear-hoodies girls-outerwear-hoodies

Hood removable zip-up hoodie

A zipped hoodie with a cool outdoor atmosphere.
Versatile colors that are easy to match with any color pants!
This hoodie has plenty of pockets and a removable hood.
If it gets dirty, it can be washed in the machine.

Item 2: Warm fleece lining♡Simple and easy to match!

girls-tops-sweatshirts girls-tops-sweatshirts

Warm fleece sweatshirt with collar

With a simple design, this sweatshirt is easy to coordinate with other outfits.
The inner fleece material is perfect for the cold season and will keep you warm even at night.
The high-necked collar will prevent the wind coming through.
You can adjust your body temperature by opening and closing the zipper, so it's the perfect item for camping outdoors.

Item 3: Durable and easy-to-move pants

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Full length stretch pants with logo pocket

It stretches well making it easy for your energetic kids to run around.
With calm black and khaki colors, these comfortable stretched pants can be used for everyday wear.
These full length pants are made of sturdy fabric that does not expose your ankles, and are great for outdoor activities.
If it gets dirty, you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

Item ④: Padded vest convenient to adjust body temperature!

girls-outerwear-vests girls-outerwear-vests

100% Cotton Ribbon & Frilled Round Collar Floral Lined Padded Vest

A vest is useful to have for outdoor activities when it is difficult to adjust body temperature.
This is a casual down vest, but with ribbons and floral patterns for a girly style.
The fluffy balloon silhouette and round collar with frills gives a cute  and sweet accent.
Recommended for young girls who want to stay active and cute!

Item 5: Colored stretched pants

girls-bottoms-pants girls-bottoms-pants

Full length long pants with super stretch material ribbon

Long pants in beautiful colors that will brighten up the campsite.
Stretches well and is easy to move around in any scene.
The ribbons attached on the pockets are a stylish accent.
It can be used not only for camping, but also for casual wear.

5 Tips for choosing kids campingclothes


For those who are wondering if they can go with the clothes they have on hand or don't want to go out of their way to buy them, here are some tips for choosing what to wear when going camping.
These are also useful tips for adults.

  1. Easy to move in
  2. Functionality
  3. Clothes that can get dirty
  4. Colors that stand out
  5. Bring plenty of change of clothes

Point 1: Easy to move in

First and foremost is that it is easy to move around in.
At a campground full of nature, there are many wild activities that kids will do.
They will try jumping into the river, climbing a tree, or sliding down a slope.
Ease of movement is very important for such active child.
Choose clothes that stretches or are not too tight so that they can move around without worrying about their clothes.

Point 2: Functionality

Clothes with functions that match the season, such as water absorption and quick drying in the summer and heat retention in the winter, come in handy.
At campsites without air conditioning, you have to adjust your temperature with clothes.
Try to choose clothing that has features that make your child feel comfortable.
It's better to have a pocket because they will want to pick up nuts and stones from the forest to take home.

Point 3: Clothes that can get dirty

Don't bring new favorite clothes to camp.
It's only natural that your clothes get dirty when you play in nature.
It is recommended that you choose casual clothes instead of going out clothes so that you can ignore slight dirt.

Point 4: Colors that stand out

Campsites are often located in the woods, so if your children get lost, it may be difficult to find them.
Wearing reds, yellows, and other colors that stand out from nature makes it easier to see where your child is.
It is also recommended to use a color that stands out for small items such as hats, shoes, and bags.

Point 5: Bring plenty of change of clothes

Most campsites do not have facilities for washing clothes, such as washing machines and dryers.
Bring plenty of change of clothes so that you won't be in a situation where you don't have any clothes to wear tomorrow.
It's a good idea to have a ziplock bag to store your dirty or wet clothes.

[Seasonal] Notes on kid's camping clothing 


What to wear when camping depends on the season and weather.
Here is a list of things to keep in mind for each season.

  1. Spring: Clothes that are easy to adjust your body temperature
  2. Summer: Comfortable clothes even if you sweat
  3. Autumn: Clothes that can handle sudden cold weather
  4. Winter: Clothes that can protect against the cold

① Spring: Clothes that are easy to adjust your body temperature

There are many days with pleasant weathers or temperatures, but spring can have sudden changes in temperature.
Make good use of vests and hoodies, and choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off.
It can still be cold in the morning, so don't forget to bring your outerwear.

②Summer: Comfortable clothes even if you sweat

Even in the woods, when you move around in midsummer, you sweat a lot.
Bring an extra change of short-sleeved clothes so you can change quickly.
Clothes that absorb moisture and dry quickly will reduce the number of times you need to change clothes.
A hat or a UV protection hoodie are also helpful.

③Autumn: Clothes that can handle sudden cold weather

Autumn can be warm during the day, but it can get very cold at night.
It is safe to bring outerwear with padding and sweatshirts made of brushed material.
Kids often play in fallen leaves, so make sure they wear full length pants or long sleeves to protect their skin.

④ Winter: Clothes that can protect against the cold

The most important thing for winter camping is protection from the cold.
Prepare tops and pants with brushed lining for the cold nights.
If your neck and hands and feet get cold, it's easy to feel cold, so use a scarf, gloves, and a neck warmer to protect yourself.
Sneakers you usually wear can make you feel cold, so it is recommended to wear outdoor shoes or boots for the nighttime.



Prepare your kid's clothes well and enjoy camping
If you want to enjoy camping with your children, choosing clothes is very important.
Camping is normally in a location where you can't easily bring a change of clothes, so you want to be well prepared.
Keep the points introduced in mind to enjoy camping in all seasons with your children to the fullest!