10 British childrens clothing brands 【British-style items you can buy in Japan】


"Children's clothes overlap with friends"
"I want fashionable children's clothes"
For moms who have such concerns, we recommend overseas children's clothes.
Among them, British brands have a lot of low-priced and well-designed items!
This time, we will introduce popular British children's clothing brands and British-style children's clothing that you can buy in Japan.

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Features of British children's clothing


One of the characteristics of British children's clothing brands is that there are many stylish designs that put adults to shame.
We are developing a variety of designs, from colorful and child-like vivid colors to adult-like classical items.
While there are royal purveyor brands such as Burberry, there are also many brands that are available at relatively reasonable prices.

10 of the UK's most popular children's clothing brands


Now let's take a look at some of the most popular children's clothing brands in the UK.

  1. NEXT
  3. Primark
  4. Jo Jo Maman Bebe
  5. Monsoon
  6. River Island
  7. Cath Kidston
  8. Marks & Spencer
  9. Fat Face
  10. Boden

I will explain each one.

Brand ①: NEXT

"NEXT" offers children's clothing that is reasonably priced and perfect for daily use.
Originally founded in 1864 as a men's brand, it has now expanded from children's clothing to household goods.
From simple items to unique patterns that you can't buy anywhere else, the wide variety of product development is attractive.
Not only girls' clothes, but also boys' clothes have stylish and cute designs.

Brand ②: JOULES

"JOULES" is a large-scale brand that handles not only children's clothing, but also women's clothing and miscellaneous goods.
The cute and unique patterns created by the in-house creative team are attractive.
We sell a lot of clothes with playful designs that will make you want to go on an adventure.
The fabric is also durable, so it's perfect for children who want to be active.

Brand ③: Primark

Primark is a fast fashion brand that carries a lot of clothes with excellent cost performance.
There are many trendy and feminine items, and the women's line is also popular.
We also frequently collaborate with popular characters.
We handle all kinds of products, from shoes and bags to daily necessities.

Brand ④: Jo Jo Maman Bebe

"Jo Jo Maman Bebe" is a royal purveyor brand that was also used by Princess Catherine.
We are developing a lot of clothes with children's colorful colors and animal motifs.
It is a brand loved by the British royal family, but the price is surprisingly affordable.
Recommended for moms who want to enjoy royal fashion at a reasonable price.

Brand ⑤: Monsoon

Monsoon, a children's clothing brand from London, has a lot of cute items to dress up children.
Don't miss the fashionable designs, such as oriental patterns and nostalgic clothes.
It is also famous as a brand with a wide range of formal wear.
If you plan to attend a wedding or party with your child, please check it out.

Brand ⑥: River Island

"River Island" is a high street brand with 300 stores around the world.
We have stylish items that are typical of England.
There are rompers and baby clothes with turbans that look stylish on their own, so you can aim to be a fashion master from the time you are a baby.
It is also a nice point that small items are substantial.

Brand 7: Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston, which features cute floral patterns, is a popular brand in Japan as well.
Items with motifs of small flowers and wild strawberries are popular among people of all ages.
Not only dresses and skirts for girls, but also clothes with dinosaur and car prints for boys!
If you want British brand clothes that are popular in Japan, check it out.

Brand ⑧: Marks & Spencer

"Marks & Spencer" is actually a long-established British supermarket.
The high-quality yet low-priced items are highly evaluated in Japan, and we are developing stores outside the UK.
It is characterized by many classic items that are easy to match with items on hand.
Since it hasn't landed in Japan yet, you don't have to worry about wearing clothes with your friends.

Brand ⑨: Fat Face

"Fat Face" from England is a brand that develops a lot of outdoor clothes.
A lot of clothes that are casual and durable, perfect for daily use!
It is recommended for those who are looking for clothes that can be worn outdoors, such as striped T-shirts and shorts.
Be sure to check out the unique small items as well.

Brand ⑩: Boden

"Boden" deals with standard clothes that are simple but packed with attention.
From standard items that are easy to match with your own clothes, to high-impact clothes that will be the main part of your coordination!
Among the brands we introduced, this is the most expensive category, but you can enjoy high-quality British clothes.

British Style Recommended Children's Clothing Items [Boys Edition]


For moms who want British children's clothes but are worried about shipping costs, we will introduce stylish British children's clothes for men and women!

① The sleeve line is cool! mini fleece sweatshirt

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

Sweatshirt with sleeve pocket style motif with mini fleece line

A stylish sweatshirt with two lines on the left arm.
A fake pocket with a logo on the chest gives a stylish impression.
Also pay attention to the color scheme of the collar and sleeves!
Perfect for boys who are tired of animal and car motifs and want to stretch their legs.

2. Be fashionable with British style checks! warm boa jacket

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

Check pattern warm boa zip up jacket

Adopts a shaded check pattern called ombré check.
The inside has a fluffy foam boa, making it a jacket that can be worn safely even on cold days.
There is no hood, so it is also recommended for commuting to kindergarten.
If you pair it with simple pants and a cap, you can instantly become a London boy♪

British Style Recommended Children's Clothing Items [Girl Edition]


British children's clothing for girls has a wide variety of cute patterns and colors.
Please try to wear it with simple clothes.

① Attractive with monotone color! docking one piece

girls-dress-longsleeves girls-dress-longsleeves

Houndstooth Ribbed Turtleneck Docking Dress

A docking dress with a classical atmosphere.
Available in two colors, black and houndstooth pattern, you can transform yourself into a fashionable girl that puts adults to shame.
You can wear it with black tights for a chic look, or with colored tights for a casual look.
Add accessories such as glasses and a hat to make it look more British.

② Absolutely cute! plaid culottes

girls-bottoms-culottes girls-bottoms-culottes

100% cotton culottes with original check pattern ribbon

Original check culotte pants that can be stylish with any basic top.
The ribbon designed on the side is the point!
If you match it with a lace blouse and socks, you might be a fashionable London girl! ?
It looks like a skirt, but it's easy to move around, which is a nice point.

Enjoy fashion with British children's clothing


British children's clothing has a lot of fashionable items with high design!
Please enjoy British fashion while making good use of British style items that you can buy in Japan.