What should kids wear to memorial services? The appropriate dress code for boys!


One of the biggest issues I face when I bring my child to a memorial service is the dress code.
"I don't know boys' dress manners..."
“How much heat and cold measures are allowed in summer and winter?”
"The size doesn't fit right away, so I want to get it at the lowest possible price!"

Isn't there a lot of people who are worried about it?
This time, I will explain the dress manners for boys at the time of the memorial service.
If you know the correct dress etiquette, you can attend the memorial service without worrying about being rude to the deceased or the bereaved family.
We will introduce you to the points of coordination and how to get clothes at a reasonable price, so please refer to it.

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Uniforms are acceptable for formal occasions


A memorial service is a Buddhist ceremony to pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased.
Just like adults, children need to be careful about their dress etiquette.
Children can wear uniforms, so if you have a uniform, wear it to attend the memorial service.
Uniforms are formal attire worn by children at ceremonial occasions.
It doesn't matter if your summer uniform is a short-sleeved shirt or shorts.
Even if the colors and patterns look flashy, you can basically leave them as they are.

Points to remember when wearing uniforms for legal affairs

There are two points to keep in mind when attending a memorial service in uniform.

  • tie
  • socks

If your tie is colored, change it to a black tie.
Black socks are best, but if you don't have them, white or gray is fine.
A plain design is good, but if it's a little embroidery, it's fine.
However, sneaker socks that are short in length and knee-high socks that are above the knee are said to be NG.

If you don't have a uniform, prepare mourning clothes!

First of all, let's check the consciousness of the bereaved family's manners.
If you feel that the dress is too strict, it's a good idea to have proper mourning clothes for your child.
However, it is basically said that children do not have to wear mourning clothes.
Especially in the case of infants, there is a high possibility that they will get upset if they stay in unfamiliar clothes for a long time.
If you don't have a strict atmosphere about clothes, prepare by referring to the boy's dress etiquette described later.
First of all, check if there is anything that you can use with the clothes you have.

Do dress etiquette change for memorial services and funerals?

think that the dress manners do not change between Buddhist memorial services and funerals.
If you have items that you wore at the funeral that can be worn, reuse the same items.
After the 3rd anniversary of the death, you may be asked to come in casual clothes, but it doesn't mean that anything is fine, and you should choose clothes with a calm color.
Glossy materials and character designs are NG.
If you can no longer wear funeral clothes, or if you are attending a funeral or memorial service for the first time, please refer to the dress etiquette explained below.

[By Age] Boys' Dress Etiquette


Even when it comes to dress etiquette for boys at Buddhist memorial services, it varies from age to age.
For those who don't have uniforms, I will introduce the dress manners for boys by dividing them into "babies" and "infants/elementary school students".

Boys' dress etiquette ① Babies

It is said that if it is a memorial service for someone other than a relative, it is better to refrain from bringing a baby.
It is a good idea to check local customs in advance.
However, if you are a relative, you can bring your baby with you.
Your baby's clothes should be black or white, but cream or other light colors are fine.
Avoid flashy colors like red and yellow.
Here are some tips for choosing baby clothes:

  • comfort
  • Ease of care

Dress manners should be kept to a minimum, and you should choose clothes that are comfortable for your baby.
If possible, it is safe to wear clothes that you are used to wearing.
Also, it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes just in case something happens.

Boy's dress etiquette ② Toddlers and elementary school students

The items that infants and elementary school boys need at the memorial service are as follows.

  • white shirt
  • pants
  • jacket, vest

Choose muted colors such as black or navy blue.
If you want to be more formal, you can wear a black tie.
For socks, choose solid colors such as black, and avoid sneaker socks or knee-high socks.
Let's be conscious of school uniform style clothes.

What is the appropriate attire for boys in summer and winter ceremonies?


Here are some tips on what to wear in summer and winter.
In the summer, it is considered good manners for adult men to wear a jacket, but children can wear short sleeves or shorts.
You can change the white shirt to a polo shirt.
In winter, you will need a coat to wear over your outerwear.
It is said that there are no strict rules as it is not brought into the venue.
A down jacket is fine, but choose a calm coat as much as possible.
Dark colors such as black and navy blue are recommended.
Make sure to take measures against heat and cold so that your child does not get sick.

what about shoes and accessories?


From here, I will tell you about the etiquette of shoes and accessories for boys at Buddhist memorial services.

You can wear sneakers!

Leather shoes are preferred, and loafers are allowed for children.
If you don't have loafers, your regular sneakers are fine.
Sneakers are also best in calm colors such as monotone colors and navy blue. Basically, plain sneakers that are not flashy colors are fine.
However, avoid items that make sounds when you walk or that have a function that lights up. It is also NG to wear bare feet or sandals.

It is better to refrain from small items

It is safe to avoid carrying small items as much as possible.
If you are not used to carrying small items, you may lose them at the venue of the memorial service.
If you don't want to carry a bag, put a handkerchief in your pants pocket. Choose black or white for the color of the handkerchief.
If you want to carry a bag, choose calm colors such as black or navy blue.
It is better not to wear accessories, but if necessary, let them hold a rosary.
There are also rosaries for children from infants to lower grades of elementary school.
The key is to have as few children as possible.

Where can I buy mourning clothes for boys to use in a memorial service?


Considering that even if you buy mourning clothes, the size won't fit right away, there should be many people who want to buy as cheaply as possible.
From here on, I will show you how to get mourning clothes for boys at the lowest possible price.

affordable price shop

Many people buy children's clothes for Buddhist memorial services at petit plastic shops.
You can get it at a reasonable price at the shops below.

  • Uniqlo
  • Shimamura
  • Nishimatsuya
  • Akachan Honpo

Depending on availability, boys can purchase dark colored jackets and trousers, white shirts, polo shirts and black socks.
It is attractive that you can use it for everyday wear if you choose the design.

mourning clothes rental

If you want to wear a proper mourning dress, but want to keep the price as low as possible, we recommend renting.
It is not uncommon for people to buy expensive mourning clothes but never have the opportunity to wear them, and end up only wearing them once.
If you rent it, you can easily order it online, so you don't have to go to the store.
Considering the atmosphere on the side of the bereaved, if you decide to attend the memorial service in proper attire, consider renting as an option.

Let's attend the memorial service in clothes suitable for boys!


This time, I explained about the dress manners for boys at the memorial service.
There are no strict rules for children, but if you don't have a school uniform, you should pay attention to basic manners such as color and design when choosing clothes.
It is important to choose items that match the season and wear clothes that do not overwhelm your child.
If you want to get clothes for a Buddhist memorial service at a great price, use a petit plastic shop or rental.