【Boys size 90cm】7Brands to buy cool and stylish two-piece outfits and coordinating skills.


A setup that brings out the cuteness of children.
If you have one set, you can easily create a stylish outfit.
"Where do you sell stylish setups?"
"I want to do a link coordination with my parent and child!"
"It's cute, but the coordination may be one pattern..."

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, we will introduce 7 brands where you can buy a stylish set for a 90cm boy.
I chose a brand that develops “casual” and “formal” items.
I will also tell you the points to wear the set up that tends to be the same coordination.

table of contents

[90cm/Boy] 7 Brands Where You Can Buy Stylish Set Up Children's Clothing


We have selected 7 brands with a wide range of 90cm setups.
Here are the 7 brands we are introducing.

  1. H&M
  2. ZARA
  3. Catherine Cottage
  5. moimoln
  6. Gap
  7. adidas

Let's talk about each brand.

Brand ①H&M

H&M is a fast fashion brand from Sweden.
We develop items with high reasonable design.
There are plenty of 90cm setups, including casual, formal, and even character ones.
There are a variety of designs, from H&M's innovative patterns to simple designs.
The feature is that the width of the design is wide.

Brand ②ZARA

Zara is a fast fashion brand from Spain.
We develop items that are conscious of reasonable trends.
Like H&M, we have items for a wide range of age groups, from babies to adults.
The 90cm setup has lots of casual and high-looking items.
There are also characters that are perfect for boys.
Recommended for those who want a casual and stylish setup.

Brand ③ Catherine Cottage

Catherine Cottage is a strong brand for formal items.
You can buy quality items at reasonable prices.
I think this brand has a strong image of girls' dresses, but they also have a lot of boys' suits.
There are stylish items with a strong formal feel, as well as items with a casual taste that can be used for outings.
Comes in handy at formal occasions such as kindergarten entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and dinner parties.


MIKI HOUSE is known as a Japanese luxury brand.
It is a brand characterized by good quality and POP design.
As for the setup, there are plenty of formal wear. It gives off a neat and childlike cute impression.
This brand is recommended for those who are looking for a cute formal set with good quality.

Brand ⑤moimoln

Moi Morn is a Korean children's clothing brand inspired by Scandinavian style.
Popular with Korean moms who like natural coordination.
There are many designs with gentle color schemes, and cute patterns that are childlike are perfect for small boys.
Recommended for those who want a cute set with a natural taste.

Brand ⑥Gap

Gap is a popular American brand.
We have a wide range of items from babies to adults.
There are many basic items, and many people may think of T-shirts and hoodies with brand logos.
There are plenty of basic sweat items for setup.
Plain colors, patterns, and character items with a casual taste are available.

Brand ⑦adidas

Adidas is a German sports brand.
Sneakers are popular, but children's wear is also available.
The jersey is popular as a setup, and it is often used for sports mix coordination.
The stylish 3-Stripes item is easy to match with other items.
If you wear it as is, it will look too sporty, so we recommend pairing it with a neat or casual item.

[90cm boy] 5 points to mix and match set up children's clothes


From here, I will explain the points to mix and match the boy's setup.
There are five points below.

  1. Choose a dark color
  2. Change tops or bottoms
  3. If you have a front-opening top, change only the inner layer.
  4. change shoes
  5. Wear small items

Let's dive into the details.

Point 1: Choose a dark color

​​If you are choosing a setup for the first time, dark colors such as navy and gray are recommended.
Easy to match with other items and can be used regardless of the season.
For formal setups, black is difficult to use on a regular basis because it gives a crisp look.
Black is also cool, but if you want to use it not only for formal occasions but also for going out, it would be better to choose other dark colors.

Point ② Change tops or bottoms

The setup is easy and fashionable, but it tends to be the same coordination.
It's a good idea to use the top and bottom separately to expand the range of coordination.
For example, you can arrange it like this:

    [Formal setup]
  • When using the top alone: change the length of the bottom
  • When using the bottom alone: Layering a cardigan or vest
    [Casual setup]
  • When using the top alone: Layering a clean outerwear, changing to denim material or black pants
  • When using the bottom alone: Change the design of the top (simple/colorful/plain/patterned)

Point 3: If you have a front-opening top, change only the inner layer

In the case of a front-opening top, you can change the impression just by changing the inner layer.
For example, I have the following items:

  • T-shirts (simple/colorful/plain/patterned)
  • Hoodie (simple/colorful/plain/patterned)
  • Shirt (simple/colorful/plain/patterned)

Even with a formal setup, wearing a hoodie as an inner layer will instantly create a casual outfit.
If the front doesn't open, it's good to show off the inner from the hem.
Change the color and pattern of the inner and wear the set up.

Point 4 Change your shoes

For a formal setup, a change of shoes can also help.
For formal occasions, you can wear leather shoes, but when you go out, you may wear soft sneakers.
You can enjoy a cute casual outfit by combining sneakers with a formal setup.
It looks cute when paired with casual design items such as shorts.

Point ⑤ Wear accessories

It is also recommended to change the atmosphere of the outfit with a hat and socks.
It is standard to choose accessories that match the taste of the outfit, such as matching a knit hat with a sweatshirt, but you can also choose accessories with a different taste.
If you unify the color of accessories, the coordination will come together and be fashionable.

90cm set-up For boys who wear fashionable children's clothes


This time, we introduced a brand where you can buy stylish setups for boys.
Different brands have different setup characteristics.
Please choose according to the taste and use of mom and dad.
We would appreciate it if you could refer to the points of mixing and matching that we introduced this time and mix and match the set up in style.