【Sizes 90-160cm】How to choose kids sweatshirts? Our Top3 Boys sweatshirt picks!


A sweatshirt that is a staple item for autumn and winter.
If you have one stylish sweatshirt, you can expand the range of coordination.
"I want a stylish sweatshirt that can be used for going to kindergarten, going to school, or going out."
"What's the perfect sweatshirt for this chilly season?"

Isn't there some people who think about it?
This time, I will tell you 4 points when choosing a boy's trainer.

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3 Reasons Why Boys Need Trainers For Children's Clothing


Sweatshirts are versatile as children's clothing for boys.
First of all, I'm going to tell you 3 reasons why boys need trainers.

Reason why a trainer is essential ① Functionality is good

Functionality is important for boys on the move.
Trainers are used not only as fashion items, but also as sports items, and are said to have the following functions.

  • elasticity
  • Hygroscopic
  • water absorption
  • cold protection

Because it is used in sports scenes, it is easy to move around and does not get stuffy.
It is durable and cold resistant, so it is useful in autumn and winter.
With a trainer, boys will be able to move around freely.

Reason why trainers are essential 2. Comfortable to wear

There are two types of fabric for trainers, and both are comfortable to wear.

  • Urake
  • Brushed back (Urakimo)

The back hair is also called another name back pile.
It is woven in a loop shape, and you should feel like you are touching a towel.
It features a gentle texture.
The fleece lining is made by knitting the fleece lining, giving it a soft look.
It's soft to the touch and has plenty of volume.
Both are excellent materials that gently wrap your child's skin.

Reason why trainers are essential ③ Easy to mix and match

The sweatshirt has a simple design with a crew neck as the mainstream, so it is easy to match with other items.
If you choose a fleece lining, you can wear it alone in spring and autumn, and you can wear layers in winter without looking bulky.
Even just one piece of fleece lining can keep you warm.
It's also nice to wear a long T-shirt in different colors to show off.
Easy to match with all kinds of bottoms such as denim and sportswear.
It doesn't have a hood, so you don't have to choose an outerwear.
It is easy to coordinate with the children's clothes you have on hand.

4 points to choose a boy's children's sweatshirt


From here, I will tell you 4 points about what kind of trainers to choose for boys' children's clothes.

Selection point ① material

As mentioned earlier, there were two types of sweatshirt fabrics: "fleece lining" and "fleece lining."
Both are nice to the touch, but people have different likes and dislikes.
The “fleece lining” is suitable for children who are sensitive to heat and those who experience itchiness or skin problems with the lining.
If you sweat while wearing the fleece lining, it will remain as it is, so you may get cold and catch a cold. Since children's body temperature is high, basically we recommend sweatshirts with fleece lining.
On the other hand, "fleece lining" is suitable for children who live in cold areas or who cannot wear warm synthetic fiber innerwear due to skin conditions.
The fleece lining has high heat retention, so it can be used as a countermeasure against the cold.
Choose materials that are comfortable to wear according to your child's preferences and circumstances.

Point to choose②Size

Regardless of age, size is important when choosing clothes.
When choosing children's clothing, first check the size chart for ages to understand the standard size.
If you buy it in a store, you try it on, but if you buy it online, you measure yourself at home.
Here are some things to consider when buying a trainer.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Sleeve Length

Once you know the size above, let's search for the product on the mail order site.
When I find a good one, I look at the size chart of the product.
It is a good idea to check if there is a perfect fit before or after the standard size you checked first.
Just the right size is best, but if you're unsure about which one, choose the larger one.

Selection point ③Does the child like it?

If the child is small, there may be many families who choose children's clothes according to their parents' preferences.
However, when I become an elementary school student, I gradually come to like it.
Although there are individual differences in the strength and age at which people start to be picky about colors, I think you will find a color you like.
It would be a waste if the children's clothes you bought were said to be "not my favorite color" or "difficult to move" and you hardly ever wear them.
If you think that your child's obsession is beginning to be seen, it's a good idea to choose with your child.
You should be happy when you can wear your favorite clothes.

Point to choose ④ Can it be hand-me-down?

I think many people have experienced the phenomenon of "I can't wear the children's clothes I bought last year...".
If you have a younger brother, you may want to wear them as much as possible depending on the condition of the clothes.
If you're thinking of hand-me-downs, the trick is to choose something as simple as possible.
It can be shared between men and women as long as it is plain in monotone color and has no decorations such as frills.
Character design trainers that small children love are not suitable for hand-me-downs.
There is a high possibility that it will not be possible to mix and match clothes due to trends and children's likes and dislikes.

3 Fashionable Trainers for Boys


This time, we have carefully selected three fashionable trainers for boys.

Recommendation 1: Nordic pattern x Dinosaur for a warm feeling

1-boys-tops-sweatshirts 1-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Nordic Pattern Dinosaur Motif Collared Fleece Animal Series Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt with a warm Scandinavian impression.
There is also a cute dinosaur on the chest.
It has a loose design with large buttons.
The point is the collar that looks like a shawl.
It's not a hood, so it's easy to match with outerwear.
On chilly days, you can raise the collar to keep your neck warm.

Recommendation ② Siblings in different colors! For stylish coordination

2-boys-tops-sweatshirts 2-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Tri-color sweatshirt with pocket and logo

A stylish sweatshirt designed in three calm colors.
The left chest pocket and patch are accented.
You can enjoy fashion without being too simple.
It can be used in a wide range of outfits such as casual and sports MIX.
It is also recommended to have siblings in different colors.

Recommendation 3: A simple and stylish logo for a mature look

3-boys-tops-sweatshirts 3-boys-tops-sweatshirts

Logo sweatshirt with zip pocket

A trainer that can be used for both commuting to kindergarten/school and going out.
The simple logo design on the chest is fashionable.
Two colors are available, each with a different impression.
Red is recommended for boys who want to give an energetic impression, and blue is recommended for boys who want to give a mature impression.
It's soft like a towel, so it's never too hot.
You will be comfortable even in a heated room.

To the boy who is stylish with a children's clothes trainer!


This time, we recommended trainers for boys' children's clothing.
If you hold down the points of how to choose which I introduced this time, you will be able to mix and match.
You can also find trainers that your child will feel comfortable wearing.