10 cool outfits for size 150cm boys 【Styling points and shopping techniques】


Have you ever felt that "childish and cute clothes no longer suit you in the upper grades of elementary school"?
If you feel uncomfortable with the coordination so far, it's proof that your child has grown up.
This time, we will explain in detail everything from recommended items for children's clothing in size 150, how to wear them, to tips on how to enjoy shopping with boys.

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10 recommended items for boys with children's clothing size 150


Here are some recommended 150 size items for boys.
A detailed explanation of the combination that looks fashionable and the tips of how to wear it!

Recommendation ①: 100% cotton guitar print musical instrument series T-shirt

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton guitar print musical instrument series T-shirt

A versatile item that can be used with any number of simple logo T-shirts.
The casual guitar motif is mature and fashionable.
For those who are concerned about white stains, we recommend using it as an inner layer for shirts and hoodies. If you choose gray, dirt will not stand out so much.

Recommendation 2: 100% cotton message logo print T-shirt

boys-tops-shortsleeves boys-tops-shortsleeves

100% cotton message logo print T-shirt

Children's clothes for boys tend to be dark colors such as black and green. Brighten up with a vitamin-colored T-shirt.
It is also recommended as an inner layer for a dark colored hoodie or windbreaker.

Recommendation 3: Three-color sweatshirt with pocket and logo

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

Tri-color sweatshirt with pocket and logo

Fashionable sweatshirt with 3 color switching and patch & pocket on the left chest.
The fabric is not too thick, so it's perfect for boys who move a lot and tend to sweat!
Keep it simple with denim or black leggings.

Recommendation 4: Warm fleece sweatshirt with collar

boys-tops-sweatshirts boys-tops-sweatshirts

Warm fleece sweatshirt with collar

A fleece lined sweatshirt with a zipper around the neck that allows you to enjoy two ways of wearing it.
Pull up the zipper and raise the collar for a stylish look, or lower the collar for a neat look.
The point is the casual logo patch on the back.

Recommendation 5: Bi-color zip-up jacket with long-sleeved pockets

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

Bicolor zip-up jacket with long sleeve pockets

Chic color windbreaker. It is an item that plays an active role at the turn of the season.
It's not bulky, so it's easy to put in a school bag or locker, and it's perfect for boys who don't like to manage their clothes.
Functionality is also perfect with a large slider and pocket.

Recommended 6: Logo embroidery zip-up MA-1 pocket nylon blouson

boys-outerwear-jackets boys-outerwear-jackets

Logo Embroidery Zip-up MA-1 Pocket Nylon Blouson

A zip-up blouson with a decorative pocket on the shoulder.
Why don't you try coordinating with a knit hat and high-top sneakers for an American casual look?
I'm also happy with the color that doesn't stand out from the dirt!

Recommendation 7: Super stretch thin shorts

boys-bottoms-short-pants boys-bottoms-short-pants

Super stretch thin shorts

Stretchable shorts for easy movement.
It can be used for 3 seasons in summer, as well as in spring and autumn with leggings.
Enjoy a sporty outfit with leggings, a cap, and a body bag.

Recommendation ⑧: Stretch baker pants

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

stretch baker pants

Baker pants made of soft fabric.
Baker pants are the origin of work pants worn by bakers, and feature large front and back pockets.
It has a relaxed silhouette, so it is recommended for boys who don't like tight clothes.

Recommendation 9: 100% cotton 9/4 length cargo pants

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

100% cotton 9/4 length cargo pants

Nine-quarter length pants featuring a loose silhouette and pockets with flaps on both sides.
In the summer, we recommend a relaxed outfit with Gurkha sandals and a straw hat.
The 9/4 length makes it look great with sandals.

Recommendation 10: Unisex 10/4 length denim knit pants

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Unisex 10/4 Length Denim Knit Pants

Soft knit pants. Perfect for children who don't like regular denim because it's hard.
These pants have a good fit and are stretchy, making them easy to move around in.

3 Basic Information on 150 Size Boys' Children's Clothing


If you check the basic information before purchasing children's clothing for boys in size 150, you can make a successful purchase.
There are 3 basic pieces of information.
I will explain each one.

Basic information ①: Check the size chart

This is a size chart for children's clothing 150 sizes.

boys girls
Height 145-155 145-155
Chest 70-78 70-78
Waist circumference 58-66 56-63
Waist circumference (hip) - 76-84

Reference: JIS standard boy clothing size, girl clothing size
Boys and girls don't look that much different in the size chart, but it's about time that the shoulder width, waist, etc. show gender differences.
In addition to size 150, check the length, sleeve length, shoulder width, and other size details to choose the perfect size.

Basic information 2: 150 size is recommended for upper elementary school students.

According to a statistical survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average height of an 11-year-old boy is about 145cm.
Although there are individual differences, it can be said that the 150 size is made for upper elementary school students.
Moo non non's size 150 is aimed at 11 to 12 year olds, but please check each product page for easy-to-understand size details.

Basic information ③: Boys in upper grades of elementary school like simple and functional clothes!

In the upper grades of elementary school, some boys feel embarrassed by flashy colors and patterns. He tends not to stand out too much in his clothes.
Choose basic and clean clothes rather than unique fashion.
Functionality is also an important point, such as having pockets and being warm even when worn alone.

6 things to keep in mind when choosing 150 size boys' children's clothing


Although they are in the upper grades of elementary school, there are still many boys who are still active and sometimes mischievous.
Choose clothes that hold six points.

  1. Safe and easy to move
  2. Easy to change clothes
  3. Comfortable
  4. Functional
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Your favorite taste

① to ⑤ are the basic points when choosing clothes for elementary school students. You want to avoid hoods and cords as they can get caught on something.
Many boys find zippers and buttons troublesome because they often change clothes for physical education or lessons.
When they reach the upper grades of elementary school, they become picky about clothes bought by their parents. Be sure to check your personal preferences as well.
Boys tend to get their clothes dirty and torn even in the upper grades of elementary school. If it's clothing that respects the person's opinion, it seems that they will have the feeling of "wearing it carefully".

Three points to make boy's children's clothes 150 size fashionable


When you are tall enough to wear a size 150, you will look better with mature coordination than if you were up to a size 140.
There are only three points to make 150 size children's clothes fashionable. It's a simple technique, and it's going to be a cohesive coordination.

  • f you choose simple and basic clothes, you can feel clean.
  • Thoroughly adhere to the three-color rule
  • Check the size frequently

Point 1: Simple and basic

Choosing clothes that are simple and basic will naturally give you a clean look.
First of all, if you have basic items, it will be easier to coordinate.
Simple trainers, T-shirts that can be used as innerwear, black skinnies and denim pants made of soft materials are recommended.

Point 2: Observe the 3-color rule

Limit yourself to three colors in one outfit.
The "rule of three colors" is the basic law of fashion and design.
Just follow this and you will have a cohesive look.
Not all three colors are OK. Keep primary colors such as red and yellow to one color in one coordination. Avoid getting too flashy.
For example, how about coordinating a black sweatshirt and khaki skinny pants with a yellow knitted hat?
It's simple, but the yellow accent color makes it pop a little.

Point 3: Check the size frequently

Checking the sizes of children's clothes frequently is an iron rule.
Even if the clothes themselves are fashionable, if the sleeves and length are short, they will look uncool.
On the other hand, the size is too big, and even if you wear it with the sleeves and hem folded up many times, it will give a disappointing impression.
Tops that are just the right size or slightly larger, and pants that are just the right size can be worn stylishly.
It may be hard to notice that children's clothes are being sized down every day, but people around them are surprisingly watching. That's the point I want to draw your attention to.

3 tips when shopping for 150 size children's clothing with boys

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Choosing your own clothes is the first step towards independence.
Not only children who are particular about clothes, but also children who are not interested in fashion can make new discoveries by shopping together.
I will tell you a little trick so that both children and adults can shop with satisfaction.

  • Determine only the minimum rules and do not deny them
  • Research on personal preferences
  • Pick up shops so you don't get tired

Tip 1: Set rules in advance

It is important not to deny when shopping with children.
Set the rules in advance.
For example, if you decide to "choose only tops for patterned items and plain trousers", you will not be confused with your coordination.
It is smooth if you decide the budget that can be used for one shopping. You can also learn the difficulty and importance of shopping within your budget.
If you don't deny the clothes your child chose, but ask them why they chose that clothes, you might find something new.

Tip 2: Check your preferences

Let's research your favorite taste together on apps such as Instagram and WEAR.
If the parents have a good grasp of the child's tastes, it will be less likely to lead the child to the tastes that the parents like.
Research is a chance to discover an unexpected side of children! You can kill two birds with one stone by shortening your shopping time.
Even children who are not very interested in clothes may be able to wake up to fashion.

Tip 3: Pick up a store to buy

Large shopping malls are lined with children's clothing stores.
Let's pick up a certain amount of shops to see.
If you go to the trouble of shopping with your child, I want you to choose one item that you will be attached to.
When you get tired of window shopping at random, you may decide that "this is enough".
Resist the urge to make a decision after seeing everything, and give priority to reducing shopping fatigue.

Choose 150 size boy's children's clothes that will make both children and adults happy!


Children's clothes of size 150 are recommended for upper elementary school students.
When it comes to 150 size, it's time to look good with simple and slightly mature coordination.
Keep a stylish impression by checking the size out frequently.
Don't forget to prepare in advance when you go shopping with your child.
Let's enjoy various coordination with children's clothes of 150 sizes.