Why two-piece outfits are perfect for boys【Reasons and outfit types】


Children's clothes will quickly grow out of size and need to be washed again.
That's why I would be happy if I could coordinate it in a fashionable and cost-effective way.
Here, we will solve the troubles of such mothers with the coordination technique of setup.

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4 reasons why you should set up your boy's children's clothes


Among children's clothes, especially for boys, it is recommended to arrange them in a set up so that you can wear them conveniently.
We will introduce four reasons why you can use it conveniently if you have it as a setup.

  1. The number of items increases by buying a set of children's clothes
  2. The number of coordinates increases
  3. Even if the child chooses children's clothes by themselves, it will not be a strange coordination
  4. Single item can be used

Recommended reason 1: The number of items increases by buying a set of children's clothes

Buying a setup can increase the number of items by itself.
Because it is already combined as a setup, it is because at least 2 or more items are simply aligned.
If the number of sheets increases, it can be used for mixing and washing. Especially active boys often get dirty, so extra change of clothes is necessary.
That's why it's so attractive to buy children's clothes as a set, even if you don't mind having a lot of them.

Recommended reason ②: The number of coordination increases

If you have one setup, you can always increase your coordination.
Since it is already combined as a set up, you can add one more fashionable wardrobe by wearing it as it is.
The combination will be fashionable as it is, so busy moms can save the trouble of thinking about how to wear it when preparing clothes.
A set that is completed as a combination can reduce the hassle of everyday moms by increasing coordination, so let's use it as a convenient item.

Recommended reason 3: Even if the child chooses children's clothes by themselves, it will not be a strange coordination

If the combination is complete in the set-up, it won't be strange even if the child chooses and wears the change of clothes. Because the original set-up is stylishly combined.
When children choose their own clothes, they can not only feel their growth, but also develop their self-determination.
If you set up, the child can choose fashionable clothes by themselves, so the child will be praised by the mother, and the mother will be able to reduce her work, so we will be able to smile each other.

Recommended reason ④: Can be used separately

Even if you purchase it as a set, you can wear each as a single item. You don't necessarily have to wear it as a set at the time of purchase, so you can combine it with items you have on hand.
Each one is an independent item, so you can mix and match the clothes in your closet as a different combination.
If you set up top and bottom, you can't wear a T-shirt because the sleeves are short, but you can still wear pants, so it's perfect for using as a single item.

Introducing five sets of boys' children's clothing by pattern


We will introduce the setup by dividing it into 5 patterns from basic to trend.

  1. Formal setup
  2. Casual setup
  3. Korean setup
  4. Setup brand
  5. Seasonal setup

We will explain each one!

Pattern 1: Formal setup

The first pattern is a formal setup such as a suit.
It can be used for events such as ceremonial occasions and entrance ceremonies.
It is very cute just by wearing the same design as adults in a mini size child.
The timing of wearing is limited, but if you use the item separately, it can be used for a wider range of purposes, so we recommend arranging it for casual down coordination.

Pattern 2: Casual setup

A casual setup like a cut and sewn shorts.
It is the most frequently used one that can be general-purpose for everyday use. We also have various combinations such as jackets and innerwear, hoodies and sweatshirts.
Even if you coordinate and match the single item, it will be a set up, so if you look ahead and purchase it, you can increase the variation as you like.
The items below are single items, but you can mix and match them as a set just by aligning the colors used.

boys-tops-longsleeves boys-tops-longsleeves

100% cotton layered T-shirt with pockets

boys-bottoms-pants boys-bottoms-pants

Slightly brushed back 10/4 length cargo pants

Furthermore, if you use the same brand, you will be able to achieve a uniform and stylish look without any variations in the concept.

Pattern 3: Korean setup

It is a setup of Korean clothes that has been a hot topic recently. There are many clothes that even adults can put to shame, and the models wearing them are also decided perfectly.
There are worries about overseas products such as weak stitching and different sizes from Japanese standards, but it is better to enjoy fashionable Korean setups by referring to word of mouth and reviews.

Pattern ④: Setup brand

There are sports brands such as NIKE and adidas, high-end brands such as Ralph Lauren and THE NORTH FACE, and affordable GAP and H&M.
If you have a favorite brand, we recommend that you check out the new items, as kids brands have sets available even if they are not available all year round.

Pattern ⑤: Seasonal setup

Choose the set-up items according to the season and decide the season of dressing.
The fleece lining is convenient in the cold winter. By enjoying layering, you can change the image and mix and match.
Temperature control is important in spring and autumn, so it would be nice to have an item that can be coordinated as an inner layer when the temperature is low and a main item when the temperature is high.
If you bring different designs and colors from the same store together, you can mix and match, which is convenient.

Where to buy children's clothing for boys? online?


Do you shop for clothes for your children, in-store or online?
Each has its advantages.
I compared the differences so that you can choose what you feel is good in your own environment and way of thinking.

Advantages and disadvantages of physical stores

Not long ago, shopping was all about stores, but now there are more options.
Here are the pros and cons that came out.

  • You can see the real thing
  • Can be tried on
  • I can take it home immediately
  • Get advice from store staff
  • You can use events at stores and department stores
  • It takes time to go to the store
  • The child is in a bad mood
  • Need to prepare to go out
  • It takes time to arrive
  • Becomes luggage

Advantages and disadvantages of online shops

Online shops are now taken for granted, but because they are so convenient, I have summarized the pros and cons of them.

  1. No need to move
  2. No need to carry luggage
  3. No need to worry about the child's mood
  4. Multiple stores can be seen in a short time
  5. No need to prepare to go out
  1. It takes time to arrive
  2. Cannot be tried on
  3. I don't know how it feels
  4. I don't know the details
  5. Cancellation is time consuming

Advantages and disadvantages of recycle shops

We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of using recycle shops, which can be used as reuse, which is an important initiative unique to modern times.

  1. ・ Can be purchased cheaply
  2. ・Can be used without worrying about dirt
  3. ・You can try it on
  4. ・Do not wear with friends
  1. ・Not new
  2. ・It is difficult to arrange trendy items
  3. ・Returns may not be possible
  4. ・Product display is difficult to see

Each has advantages and disadvantages. However, depending on the child's age and home environment, the way you receive it will change.
The important thing is that mom and baby are having fun.
If you like to go out, take a break and go to the store dressed up and enjoy chatting.
If you like to relax at home, you can also choose to pop in and shop while your child is sleeping comfortably in their loungewear.
The most important thing is to choose a way that moms can enjoy choosing children's clothes.

6 ways to use children's clothes you no longer wear


As children grow up, it is difficult for them to wear their clothes for a long time like adults do.
Especially when it comes time to change clothes, there are clothes that make you feel that you can't wear them next year, or that you can't wear them because you're out of size even though you wanted to wear them.
Since it happens almost every season, here are 6 recommended ways to use the features of children's clothes instead of just throwing them away.

  1. Giving children's clothes to relatives and friends who need them
  2. Hand-me-down from my brother
  3. Recycling of children's clothes brought to the store
  4. List on the flea market app
  5. Donation of children's clothes completed at home
  6. Remake children's clothes

Recommended usage 1: Give away children's clothes to relatives and friends who need them

There is a way to give it to relatives and friends who have children younger than the child who wore it.
You don't have to worry about how many clothes you have because they are absolutely necessary clothes.
If you tell us about your experience in mixing and matching clothes and the useful points of clothes, the recipient will be happy to have an image.

Recommended usage 2: Make it a hand-me-down from a brother

It's also good to keep it as a hand-me-down in preparation for the future, as there are siblings below, or as a hand-me-down in case the number of children increases in the future.
If you have children, you will definitely need it, so you can wear it without spending a lot of money each time.
The drawback is that it takes up space for storage. If the siblings are older than each other, long-term storage may cause them to deteriorate and become unwearable, so in that case it would be best to let go.

Recommended usage method 3: Recycling of children's clothes brought in at a store

A drop-in recycle shop allows you to organize items without temporary storage.
Bringing children's clothes that are no longer needed at a stretch can make your house look cleaner.
However, it takes time and effort to carry it, so it may be a burden for some people. In addition, depending on the season of bringing in, there may be no price.
If you're going to take the trouble to bring it in, it's important to do your homework for the season and make a schedule that allows you to organize and earn pocket money all at once.

Recommended usage method 4: Selling on flea market apps

The feature of the flea market app is that you can easily sell items at any amount you want as long as you have a mobile phone.
However, you have to do everything from entering photos and information for listing to arranging delivery yourself. I have to keep it until it sells, so I can't put it away right away, but it's also a good point that I can put a favorite selling price or sell it as a set.

Recommended use 5: Donation of children's clothes completed at home

If you have a lot of clothes that you no longer wear and want to organize them, but don't want to take up the time and effort of taking them to a store or take up space to store them, we recommend donating children's clothes, which can be done with a single piece of cardboard.
All you have to do is fill in a cardboard box, fill it with clothes you no longer need, and send it back. Individual efforts can be made as SDGs.

Recommended use 6: Remake children's clothes

It's reluctant to let go of clothes that hold memories.
If you know you won't wear it but you can't get rid of it, remake it so you can use it.
Cut out beautiful parts from memorable clothes and make them into cushion covers or purses.
By changing the usage and changing it to something that can be used, you can organize it and keep your memories. By cherishing it even after remaking it, you can create even more new memories.

Because it is a boy's children's clothing, the set-up can be used conveniently.


We recommend setting up children's clothes because they are active boys. For boys who often need to change their clothes to get dirty, setup is a way to increase the number of items at once.
The top and bottom are sold separately, so you can combine them into your favorite set.
If you set it up, you can change clothes every day without worrying about the combination, so it can be used as a strong ally for moms who are stressed when choosing children's clothes.